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Jan. 3 - 16, 2018

Vol. 27, No. 11
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Illustration by Paul Blow

Savage Love



Lust and Death at Seattle Art Museum's Ingmar Bergman Series

In I, Tonya, Margot Robbie Makes Tonya Harding Human Again

The X-Files’ Surreal Eleventh Season Reckons with Fake News

Top 20 Television Shows of 2017

The programs that managed to captivate us.

The Post Is Steven Spielberg's Ode to the Adversarial Press


Come for the Long-Lost Stravinsky, Stay for the Weird-Ass Ligeti

And of course enjoy the Mozart.

How Spoon Helped Me Find My Seattle Groove

Sometimes the right music hits you just when you need it.

Free Will Astrology

January 3–9


August Wilson's Play Two Trains Running Is All About Money

And it has the saddest happy ending in black literature.

Visual Art

In One Gray Hair, Alison Marks Explores the Tensions Between Tradition and Innovation

The contemporary Tlingit artist reaches all the way to space in her first solo exhibition.


Here's a Chance to Meet David Sedaris, and Hear Rough Drafts of His Latest Writing

The famed diarist comes back to Seattle for a week.

Food & Drink

The Future of Coffee Is in Seattle's Coffee Machines

Two places to try espresso made with state-of-the-art engineering.


We Regret These Errors: Mistakes The Stranger Made in 2017

Our annual cavalcade of blunders, typos, and errors in judgment.

Apologies in Advance

So you've sexually harassed someone...

Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: "G.G. Allin"


I Regret Not Smoking More Weed

What The Stranger's weed columnist's regrets about 2017.

Conjugal Visit