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Mar. 28 - Apr. 11, 2018

Vol. 27, No. 17
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Savage Love

Cock Locked


Rape Isn't Personal in the Film Beauty and the Dogs—It's a Public Problem

Beauty and the Dogs is the first outstanding film I have seen in 2018.

Ready Player One: Turns Out the Revenge of the Nerds Is Pretty Boring

Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs Dazzles


One of Seattle Music's Biggest Names, Brandi Carlile, Is Also One of Its Best-Kept Secrets

Brandi Carlile's latest breakthrough.

Iconic Alt-Rockers the Breeders Return After a Hiatus with a Comfort Blanket of Distinctive Sound

They've got the classic lineup and a great new album, All Nerve.

Striking a Nerve

Q&A with the Breeders' Kim Deal about the band's comeback LP, sisterly chemistry, caring for an ill mother, and more.

Lizzo’s Big Journey

Lizzo is bringing her girl gang to Seattle.

Free Will Astrology

March 28–April 3


Central Comedy Show Is a Reliable Night to Bust a Gut Laughing

The talent goes well beyond the doughy white male status quo.

Catching Up with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Vincent Rodriguez III

Visual Art

An Art Show That's Like Those Special Sunglasses, Revealing the World As It Really Is

Collapse looks at globalization as a continuous environmental catastrophe.


Outgoing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Prepares to Make Trouble

The daughter of badass politico Ann Richards releases a new book.

Jesse Ball’s Elusive Census

It’s like The Road, but about census-taking and Down syndrome.

Michael Bennett's Autobiography Is Part Eulogy, Part Battle Cry

Things That Make White People Uncomfortable is a must-read for Seahawk fans.

Food & Drink

I Love Lecosho So Much, I Ate Here Alone on My Birthday

Harbor Steps' best restaurant is also the perfect place to be at dusk.


All I Wanted Was to Work in Tech. Be Careful What You Wish For.

Down and out in the disruption industry.

Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: "Are you Amused?"


Small Pot Farms Are Biting the Dust

The market in Washington State is set up to favor the big guys.

The Latest Buzz Around CBD

Everyone’s Favorite Cannabinoid Continues to Make the News

Food and Drink 2018

Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Seattle

Tin Umbrella, Zeitgeist, Vivace, Makeda & Mingus, and Sureshot are just some of the places you can find excellent coffee and vibes amid Seattle's bounty.

Our Favorite Bars and Breweries to Drink Craft Beer in Seattle

Holy Mountain Brewing, Beveridge Place Pub and Stumbling Monk are some of the places feature in a city alive with craft brews.

Our Favorite Places to Get Jewish and Israeli Food in Seattle

Hope springs eternal for Seattle's Jewish food scene.

Only the Lonely: Foods You Can't Find Anywhere Else in Seattle

Want to try Bhutanese, Senegalese, Kenyan or Latin American comfort foods? We've got you covered.

Our Favorite Places to Get Seafood in Seattle

Bar Melusine, Walrus and the Carpenter, Emerald City Fish & Chips, L'Oursine, and more places to taste the best of Seattle's marine riches.

Our Favorite Restaurants in Seattle to Get Southern Food and Barbecue

French Quarter Kitchen, JuneBaby, Wandering Goose, and other places to enjoy down-home Southern flavors.

Our Favorite Thai Restaurants in Seattle

The Thai joints you should be trying—including Buddha Ruksa, SOI, Little Uncle, and Mai Thaiku are—in a city where Thai food is more popular than pizza.

Our Favorite Vietnamese Restaurants in Seattle

Pho Bac Sup Shop, Ba Bar, Wicked Chopstix and more must-try Vietnamese food found amid Seattle's plentitude.

Our Favorite Places to Eat Gluten Free in Seattle

Niche, Capitol Cider, NuFlours, Razzi's and other places where you can feel like you're eating normally again—pizza, pastries, and sandwiches included!

The Stranger's Guide to Food and Drink 2018: Well-Done & Rare Edition

Our favorites of Seattle's most bountiful tastes and where to find more elusive flavors.