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May. 23 - 29, 2018

Vol. 27, No. 21
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An Organic Man by Grip Face

Savage Love



First Reformed Is Like Taxi Driver with a Priestly Twist

Paul Schrader's latest meditation on psychotic martyrdom proves he still has tricks up his sleeve.


Los Angeles Has Sun, but Seattle's Music Scene Is Cooler

Erik Blood reflects on how his music has changed since he moved to LA.


How Solomon Georgio Became a Comedy Star

He’s queer, he’s an African immigrant, and, in the age of Trump, he’s blowing up.

Free Will Astrology

May 23–29

Visual Art

Inside the New Nordic Museum Is an Art Show You Shouldn't Miss

Your Norwegian grandma might not like it, but you will.


How Comedy Stopped Being a Genre and Became the Only Way Humans Communicate

A conversation with Planet Funny author Ken Jennings.

Food & Drink

Splurging on Sinful Comfort Food in a Vegan Restaurant

Plum is the place that Stevie Wonder, Tobey Maguire, and other rich people eat when they're in town.


The Loser

Three-time loser Dino Rossi is running for office. Again.

After Evergreen

One Year Later, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying Look Back


Let Farmers Sell Their Own Pot

Under current law, they're not allowed to—and it's killing small businesses.

Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: "Foul Play"