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Jan. 19 - 25, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 19

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Megan Seling

Raising America’s Sweetheart

An Interview with Courtney Love’s Mother

From Folk to Fake

Keeping It Real—An Essay on Authenticity in the Music Universe

Dub Philosophy

The Method of Mad Professor's Madness

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Champagne Paeans, Choreographed High-Fives, and the Actual Trey Parker

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Father Knows Best

Tim Roda Photographs His Family

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The Man Who Conned Seattle

A Million Little Pieces Author James Frey's July 2004 Audience Review Filled with Fabrications, Falsehoods, Fakery

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Lit from the Inside

Looking for Heat in All the Wrong Places

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False Prophet

How Reverend Ken Hutcherson Launched a Nonexistent Boycott

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Survivors Ready?

Council Narrows Down List of Contenders

Police Beat

The World of Men

History of Violence

Attorney David Osgood Is the Patron Saint of Maligned Nightclubs, but Larry's Might Be His Hardest Case

Wedding March

Should Washington's Gays Accept Civil Unions If Gay Marriage Fails?


Savage Love Web Extra

Savage Love Readers Respond to Spouses Who Want Permission to Cheat

Tranny Blues: Where Is the Trans Ellen?

From The Stranger's Archives, June 1997

False Prophecy

Rev. Ken Hutcherson Told the Associated Press he was Launching a National Boycott of Microsoft, Boeing, and Others. Does This Boycott Actually Exist?

Savage Love Web Extra

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