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Dec. 9 - 15, 1999

Vol. 9, No. 12

Savage Love

Cross Your Heart

New Column!

Cop Talk

I, Anonymous


Watch Her Walk

The Brothers Dardenne's Tough & Lovely Rosetta

Quiet Pleasures

Rolling with Gavin O'Connor's Tumbleweeds

'Green Mile'? Green Bile!

Another Crappy Stephen King Adaptation

This Week on TV

Small-Town Romance

Finding Love Out of Season

Not Beat, Just Tired

The Source Offers Nothing New on the Beats

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The Wistful Accordion Player

Sanford Arms Accordionist Rob Witmer Plays Sad, but Hopeful

The Sweetest Evil

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Bring Southern Gothic Indie Rock to Seattle

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Ho Ho Fucking Ho

A Man Alone Survives the Christmas Theater Onslaught

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Mainstage Seattle

Protest as Public Performance Isn't New to Shy-Town

Shapely Art

Simple Tools, Big Ideas in Local Drawing Show

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The Allegorical Tourist

Jonathan Raban Straddles a Sea and Its Meanings

Book Review Revue

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Food & Drink

Foody Goody

Unbearable Name, Unbeatable Food


Love & War

For a brief moment last week, Seattle became a real city full of conflict, dialogue, and people without shopping bags. Then came the police.

Seattle's New Identity

Bye Bye, Stamper

Seattle's Police Chief Resigns as Pissed Officers Blame Him for Everything That Went Wrong at the WTO Conference

Paul is Dead

Norm's Resignation Ain't Gonna Save Schell's Butt

Boarding Up Boomtown

Without 'Bad Apples,' WTO Protests Wouldn't Have Worked

A Twitch in the Body Politic

The Battle of Seattle Was the Most Encouraging Display of Outrage Americans Have Managed in a Generation

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