Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 2 - 8, 2007

Vol. 16, No. 47

Savage Love

The Sex Is Awesome


On Screen

This Week's New Releases

Perpetual Motion

A Review of The Bourne Ultimatum


Away from Happy Meal Obeisance


The Score


Bug in the Bassbin

Battle of the Megamixes

Party Crasher

Any More Low-Key and It'd Be a Date

Coming Out of the Closet

Deadheads of Seattle Unite!

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop


Against Me! Still Got It

Poster of the Week

Fucking in the Streets

One More Time

Gimme Indie Roots!

The Branding of a Sound

Taking Back the Rentals

Matt Sharp Returns with More Post-Weezer Pop

Album Reviews

Up & Coming


"Funny Beyond the Power of Adjectives!"

A Guatemalan Novelist, "Unoffensive" Mexican Accents, and OtherAdventures in Theater

Visual Art

Suburban Shacks and High-Rises

A Brave New Contemporary Art Project in Bellevue

In Art News

Contemporary Northwest Art Awards


Quick, Lassie, Go Help Timmy

A Disabled Boy, a Golden Retriever, and an Important Lesson

New in Books

Food & Drink

Sushi Times Two

Kisaku Dazzles, Vi Bacchus Fizzles

Chow Bio

Tom Martino

Bar Exam

The Beast Vanquished

Eat & Tell

In the Night Market

The Happiest Hour



Shooting in Iraq

My summer in Kurdistan with a bunch of roughed-up film students, pessimistic American diplomats, and a shortage of actresses.

Freedom Isn't Free, and Neither Are the Drinks

An Evening Undercover at the National Review's Conservative Cocktail Party


This Is Whitey

We Tell You How to Vote

August 21 Primary Election Endorsements

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review


Todd Snider


Progressive Happy Hour

'Crime and Punishment'

Elvez's USO Caberet Extravaganza

The Helio Sequence, Lifesavas, Truckasaurus


Sounds Outside

I Love Television


Control Tower

Control Tower & Kink Calendar

For the Record

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Get Your War On

Dear Science