Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 26 - Dec. 2, 2009

Vol. 19, No. 22

Savage Love

Crossing Over

I, Anonymous


Fantastic Mr. Fox: Wes Anderson Makes a Kids' Movie for Grown-ups

The Road: None More Black

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans: Bad Cop, Bad Cop

Ninja Assassin: Negative Perspiration

Art House

The Exiles


Drunk on Movie Magic


Big Cheese, Little Pond

T.V. Coahran's Bargain-Basement Punk Label

Stillness Is the Move

The xx's Deceptively Quiet, Intimately Close Sonic Spaces

Medicine Man

Macklemore Puts It Down for Real

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Data Breaker

Eric Duncan's Spontaneous Disco Inferno

It's a Hit

New Singles from Dâm-Funk, Solange, and Simian Mobile Disco

Party Crasher

Pork Barrels of Fun

My Philosophy

Jive, Turkey

Poster of the Week

Poster by Mike Klay

The Score

Anti-Xmas Concerts


RIP, Jared SletagerSome sad news for the all-ages music scene this week: On Sunday, November 15, local musician Jared Sletager passed away. He was 29 years old. Over the years, Sletager had played in bands Pregnant, Elphaba, and Gr


Mystery Play

A Thriller About Shakespeare and Bombs

Visual Art

The Beginning of the Middle

The New SuttonBeresCuller: A Review

In Art News

The Strangercrombie Piñatas


Constant Reader

Sarah Palin's Pity Party

A Good Author Is Hard to Find

Memo from Inside the Publishing Industry

Food & Drink

The Butterball Dilemma

Ballard's Gourmet-Burger-and-Ethics Battle

Bar Exam

On the Half Shell

Chow Bio

Robin Leventhal

The Happiest Hour


Meet This Year's Strangercrombie Charities

The Stranger's One-of-a-Kind Gift Catalog Benefits Three Awesome Local Organizations This Holiday Season

The Last One

A Fence, a Family, and a Black Steer


Feeling Burned

Why Did It Take Police So Long to Catch the Alleged Greenwood Arsonist?

Health-Care Deal Breaker

Washington's Senators Won't Vote for Reform Without Abortion Funding

Police Beat

Swine Flu and Cough Syrup

Last Days

The Week in Review


'Bad Lieutenant'

Bars on Thanksgiving

Smash Putt!

'The Yes Men Fix the World'

Cold Cave

The xx


'Freeing the Figure'

I Love Television

Steven Seagal: Femur Snapper

Drunk of the Week

Too Much Bacon!

Dear Science

Is Global Warming Real?

Crossword Solution

Something for Everyone ) Nov. 26

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Something for Everyone Nov. 26