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Feb. 2 - 8, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 21

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Kiss Whitey

A Very Serious Movie About Race Relations in America

Urban Listlessness

"When a Stranger Calls" in Dullsville

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Religion Business

Dance, Ramtha, Dance!

‘What the Bleep’ Is Longer and Loonier than Ever Before

Park City on Prozac

A Whole Lot of Nothing: A Sundance Wrapup

Glorious Decomposition

An Earthy Masterpiece

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Northwest Film Forum's Incoming Program Director

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Jah Wobble's Global Music Revision


The Lonely H


Goodbye to All That

Or, Our Music Editor Gets All Mushy on Her Way Out

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The Politics of Crunk

dRED-i's Mission: Blend Left-Coast Mind and Down-South Booty Bass


Endless Violence, Moving to Austin, and People Who Like to Hear Themselves Talk

Brendan Kiley's interview with Playwright Steven Dietz

Twat and Sweetmeats

David Mamet's 'Boston Marriage'

What Does the Black Man Want?

August Wilson's Final Answer

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Bohemian Rhapsody

One Evictee's Account of the U.S. Rubber Building


We Built This City

Meredith Quartermain Takes It to the Street

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Veggie Dim Sum!

All You Need to Know About Vegetarian Bistro, the International District's Latest Delight


Fuck the State of the Union

President Bush Shoved a Shitload of Lies in our Face Last Tuesday


They didn't hurt anybody—but they allegedly torched empty buildings, cars, and ski resorts. Are environmental extremists terrorists? And do they deserve life in prison?


Counter Intel


In The Hall


Reel Pay?

Is Film Forum Complying with Federal Salary Standard?

Police Beat


The Great Right North

How a Bush Wannabe Became Leader of the Land of Gay Marriage

In Other News...

Number Nine

Sally Clark, Seattle's Newest City Council Member, Outs Her Agenda

Sweet Victory

After Three Decades of Fighting, State Says Yes to Gay Rights. But Will Voters Say No to Tim Eyman?

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