Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 30 - Sep. 5, 2007

Vol. 16, No. 51

Savage Love

One of the Boys


On Screen

This Week's New Releases


Money-Making Machine


Where It's Wetter


The Devil in Miss Jones

I, Anonymous

I Anonymous

Your Kink Stinks


Poster of the Week

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop


For Years Blue

Northwest Top 10

Best Sellers at Local Independent Record Stores for the Week of August 23

Turn You On

João Gilberto

The Pimp vs. the Snitch

Ronald Isley Couldn't Swagger His Way out of Federal Prison

Road Trip

Bug in the Bassbin

DJ Sujinho

Being There

Wilco Woo the Audience at Marymoor Park

The Score

Rust and Renewal

Party Crasher

Fort Rocks

In Through the Out Door

Five Teenagers from Port Angeles and the Future of Classic Rock

Album Reviews

Up & Coming

Fucking in the Streets

Reunions, Closures, New Bands, and Doomed Bars


Why Isn't Jane Eaglen in the Next Ring Cycle?

An Answer

Theater News

Respect the Boss

Visual Art

Does Magic Require Artists?

Sometimes Sitting on Afghans Is Just Sitting on Afghans

In Art News

A Long Love Story



Overlooked Summer Beach Reads

They're predicting a couple days of nice weather—in a row! Grab your sunscreen and toss one of these titles in your beach bag.

Food & Drink

The Feast of Saint Whoever

Cheap, Good Food from Seattle's Lost Little Italy

Chow Bio


Bar Exam


Eat & Tell


The Happiest Hour


Bullying Baird

Last week, Democratic representative Brian Baird came out Against withdrawing troops from Iraq. This week, antiwar activists came out against him.


Shark Attack

Prominent Right-Wing Blogger Goes After His Waiter

In Other News

Police Beat


Beating the Drummer

Homeless Bongo Player Fights to Stay in Fremont

Bush in Bellevue

The President Stumps for GOP Congressman Dave Reichert, Democratic Challenger Profits

Haggard's Hypocrisy

More Revelations About Ted Haggard's Family Values

Dear Science

Crossword Solution

Uncanny X-Word (August 30)

Photo of the Week


Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Uncanny X-Word (August 30)

Get Your War On

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Control Tower

I Love Television

Animals: Not so Nice!

Last Days

The Week in Review



Library Science

'Pierrot le Fou'



Big Tune

'SAM at 75'

'Back of the Line'

Bumbershoot Guide

Gogol Bordello vs. DeVotchka

Gypsy Punk Blows Up

Fergie vs. Jackson Pollock

Great Moments in Urination

Mad Ruins

Wu-Tang Clan vs. the Wu-Tang Plan

The Shins vs. Their Future

The Shins vs. Their FutureChutes (Too Narrow) and Ladders!

What's So Complicated About Bang Bang Rock 'n' Roll?

Art Brut vs. Masturbatory Rock Criticism

Splitting the Difference

The Avett Brothers Make Folk and Pop Get Along

The Politics of Dancehall

Sean Paul vs. White Kids

Inside Man

Lupe Fiasco vs. the Rap Game

New Soul vs. Old

Joss Stone, Ryan Shaw, Soulive, and the Holmes Brothers

Re-Start With

Seaweed vs. Old Age

Country Echoes

The Watson Twins vs. Jenny Lewis's Pop Specter

Critical Circles

33 1/3 Reading & Listening Party vs. Actual Live Music

Artists Are Not Rock Stars

Bumbershoot vs. Visual Arts

Air Conditioning and Obsessive Behavior

Bumbershoot vs. Film

Bumbershoot vs. the Chain-Link Fence

Mr. Bumbershoot, Tear Down This Wall!

Bumbershoot 2007