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Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 24

Savage Love

Little Dicks Everywhere

New Column!



Master Class

American Mock-Up

Lars von Trier's Empty Southern Plantation

Movie Times

From Russia with Lub

'Night Watch' Has Fangs and Borscht and Explosions

Ebeneezer Snooze

Life Lessons via God's Own Celluloid

This Week on TV

Film Shorts


Playa Hater

Russians Are Bad

So Is ‘Running Scared’


All Ages Action

Live Music/DJ Listings

Party Crasher

Your Human "Love" Does Not Compute

The Score

Met Opera Auditions

Parties Listings

Band You Love to Hate

My Valentine's Day Date with Ben Lashes

Rocka Rolla

Greetings and Salutations

Border Radio

Roots & Americana

To the Manor Osbourne

Early Man's Primitive Dirges

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop


Class in Session

Data Breaker

Terrestrial Tones

Classical, Jazz & Avant

CD Reviews

The Fantastic Four

Hypatia Lake's Dream Factory

Poster of the Week

Up & Coming

Finding the Road

Rediscovering John Fahey's Folk Wisdom


Theater Listings

Are Icelandic Women Happier?

Eve Ensler on Your Body, Obese Americans, and When It’s Okay to Get Liposuction

Theater News

First Amendment vs. Smoking Ban

On Stage

Sniffing Glue, Finding God, and Humping Gershwin's Leg

Visual Art

Visual Arts Listings

In Arts News

Alien Space Voyage

On Exhibit

Nude Wood, Burning Bush, and Corey Pearlstein's Opening



Cocky Bull

Readings Listings

I Love Seattle More Than You Know

Although I Was a Bit Woozy, I Have to Say

Food & Drink

Paying someone to bring you food

Pamela Fuenzalida

Host/Assistant Manager at La Fontana Siciliana

The Wok-Off

Into the Sizzle Pit with Two Local Wok Masters


Waiter at Beth's Cafe

War of the Crêpes

In Search of Seattle's Most Ass-Kicking French Pancake

Chicken Fight

Ezell's vs. Kingfish vs. Southern Kitchen

Art vs. Dining

A Walking Tour of Seattle's Restaurant Art Offerings

Martini Ideals

Do It Right, or Don't Do It at All

Sane vs. Sexy

Battle of the Local Cookbooks


The Animal in You

With Bestiality About to Become a Felony in Washington State, Charles Mudede Looks Back at the Crime that Shocked the World

Greg Nickels's Secret Plan to Destroy Pike Place Market

The Mayor's Tunnel Is Going to Cost Seattle a Lot—and Not Just a Lot of Money


Gray Matter

When U.S. Tech Companies Cave to Chinese Censors, Who's Really to Blame?

Murray's Law

Regional Bill Contains Good, Bad News for Transit

Police Beat

The Method of Domestic Violence

In Other News

Open Seat

(Un)Sentimental Fools

New Preservationists of Seattle Unite

Key Amendments

Council Member Nick Licata Challenges Sonics Subsidy

Offender Offensive

Which Party Wins on Olympia's Number-One Issue?

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

I Love TV

Stay Golden, Ponyboy!

Celebrity I Saw U


Control Tower

Table for Three

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

A. Birch Steen