Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 2 - 8, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 25

Savage Love


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Now Without Crack Baby Jokes

The Taming of Tyler Perry's Gun-Toting, Pot-Smoking Grandma

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The Never-Ending Story

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The Mermaid Movie Ain't That Bad


'16 Blocks' of Baby Talk

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Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

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No Fucking in the Streets

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Montreal Dance-Punk Howlers We Are Wolves Will Hunt You and Haunt You

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Animal Collective Go Overboard

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When Being Depressed Was Fun

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Minimal Metallic KO

Orthrelm's Laser-Beam Intensity

America Is a Wild Place

Rising from the Ashes of the Beloved Carissa's Wierd, Band of Horses Are Poised to Release One of the Strongest Debut Albums in Years

Visual Art

In Art News

Stuck in Mexico

Blind on Blind

Dancing in the Dark at Western Bridge

Don't Call It Religious Art

Lauren Grossman and Her King James Bible

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Porn, Pop, Wet Toilet Paper, Knights, and Electric Guitars Will Make Longtime Fryegoers Swallow Harder


Death and the Dandy

What a World-Famous French Philosopher Thinks of Us

The Whiff of War

An Interview with Bernard-Henri Levi


Dark Knots

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A Fish Tale

Chow Bio

Ben Shelton

Let Them Eat Goose

Dining Royally at Fork


I Read ‘Seattle Metropolitan’ (So You Don’t Have To)

A Gloss

Play Money

Why Is the City of Seattle Financing the Worst Theater in Town?


Housing Grousing

City Study Backs Steinbrueck's Downtown Plan, Not the Mayor's

Sims vs. Hutcherson

On a Dare from 'The Stranger,' Ron Sims and Ken Hutcherson Agree to Town Hall Debate

In Other News

Police Beat

Crime in Our Late Information Age

Skate Start

Once Illegal, a New Skatepark Takes Shape on Marginal Way

In The Hall

Hidden Agenda

Friends Stand Charged

FSU Members Arrested for Weapons, Drugs Outside Local Club

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Control Tower

Genital Play for Beginners

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I Love TV

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‘Trigger Kids’

Jackie-O Motherfucker

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Ron Sims vs. Ken Hutcherson

Super Skate Saturday #4