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Mar. 23 - 29, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 28

Savage Love



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Shimmy and Heist

Spike Lee Goes Big Budget for ‘Inside Man’

I, Anonymous

I Anonymous



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Scotland's Arab Strap Get Naked


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Hiphop People

Meli Darby's Obese Productions Promotes Artists on the Verge

Cold Snap

Arctic Monkeys' Grassroots Grip

Blood on the Dance Floor

Bomb Hip-Hop Mastermind Pits the Purple One Against the Acquitted One


On Stage

Bad Play, Bad Actor, and Beams of Unrequited Lust

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Two Years of Magical Thinking

Madness and Method at the Whitney Biennial 2006


The Gay '40s

Sarah Waters Gets Blitzed

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Drunken Forest

All Global Warming Is Local


High Is a Place

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Paris, Sort of, in the Spring

Ethiopian Mullet

Business in the Front, Party in the Rear at Mesob


Supreme Indifference

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor says America may be sliding toward a dictatorship. Why don't American newspapers consider that news?

American Psycho

Demar Rhome thought he could get away with murder. And if he wasn't crazy enough to fire his lawyers and plead his own case in court he might have.

Fuck South Dakota

From the Author of Fuck the South, Fuck Christmas, and Fuck the 'New York Times'


Mass Protest

Seattle Prep Students Shut Down School for Several Hours

Dawn of the Dead

Gunman in Early-Morning Seattle Shooting Identified

Friendly Fire

Maria Cantwell Has Upset Antiwar Activists and Environmentalists; Now She Has a Seattle Problem

Saturday Mourning

Survivors of the Capitol Hill Massacre on the Rave, the Afterparty, and the Hell that Kyle Huff Unleashed


Is the SPD on the Verge of a Major Child-Porn Bust?

Leaving Montana

Montana Law Enforcement Let Kyle Huff off Easy—and Let Him Leave That State with His Guns

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Control Tower

Perils of the Pick Up

I Love Television

I Love TV

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Sarah Waters

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An Albatross, the Assailant

‘Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music’

‘V for Vendetta’

Elizabeth Kolbert

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview