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May. 11 - 17, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 35

Savage Love

Salad Tossers

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Obscenity Charge

The Big Muddy

Poseidon Is a Disaster, Pretty Much


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Straight Outta Left Field

Edan Flashes Back to the Future

Funkateers of a Clown

P-Funk and Digital Underground Get Their Freak On

Being Sucked in Again

The Lowdown on Wire's First Three Classics

Multiply and Conquer

Mute Math's Ruling Equation


Theater Listings

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Singing Shakespeare, Hobo Willy, and a Gratuitous Shakespeare Reference

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On the Boards: Fuck Yeah!

Suck Face

Paige Barnes's Molt Ends With a Lip-Locked Duet

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Trash, Art, and the Movies

Out of Context

Maya Lin Is an Environmental Artist, Not a Sculptor


Readings Listings

Eight Stories

Jonathan Lethem, Dale Peck, Gary Lutz, and Five Other Writers Review the Short Stories in Charles D'Ambrosio's Long-Awaited New Book

Food & Drink

Food Fight

Shiro vs. Saito's, Tom Douglas vs. Kathy Casey—It's a Chow Battle Royale!

Cookbook Cook-Off

Tom Douglas vs. Kathy Casey in My Kitchen

Count the Monte Cristos

Decoding the Rosetta Stone of Sandwiches

Raw War

An Annotated Guide to Seattle's Best Sushi

Sushi Thrifti

Going Raw Without Going Broke

Dueling Donuts

Tatiana Becker

Owner, Trabant Chai Lounge


The Rise of the South

Can a Promising Upsurge in Local Talent and an Ambitious All-Ages Scene Help Tacoma Start Rocking for Real?


Police Beat

Poor City

Counter Intel

The Questions

In the Hall

No Restraint

Sherman's March

The Race for the 43rd—It's in the Numbers

In Other News

Firing Line

Dismissal of Popular Manager Has Consequences for Broadway Cafe

Market Crash

Nonviolent Neighbor Named Rambo Fights Crime in Highland Park

Contraception Emergency

Gregoire MIA on Plan B Debate

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Charles D'Ambrosio

Greenwood-Phinney Artwalk

George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic

'Classe Tous Risques'

Art School

'La Mujer de Mi Hermano'

Marco Bailey

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I Love TV

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview

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