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Oct. 24 - Nov. 6, 2018

Vol. 28, No. 5
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Photo by Bruce Tom for The Witching Hour at Cafe Nordo, Through November 18

Savage Love

Meow and Forever

I, Anonymous

Free Will Astrology

October 24–30


Oh My God, Come From Away Is Unbelievably Good

Yes, it's better than Hamilton. Yes, my friends back me up on this.

Visual Art

The Voyeuristic Thrill of Someone Else's Private Polaroids

Robert E. Jackson's Polaroids: Personal, Private, Painterly is an exhibition of images by unknown photographers.


Berlin Is a Masterpiece of a Graphic Novel

Jason Lutes's exquisitely drawn story of the rise of fascism in Germany took 20 years to complete.

Food & Drink

Seattle's Only Portuguese Restaurant Is Never Open, Except When It Is

The elusive and effusive Luso Food and Wine in Greenwood.


The Funeral Crashers of Seattle

A pair of uninvited party guests used to show up at Seattle events back in the day, steal slices of cake, and get into fights with each other.

Does Ted Bundy Still Haunt the Northgate Mall?

The local Republican and serial killer used to hang out in the parking lot.

Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: Beeline


What Happens When You Juice Pot Leaves

Is raw weed the next big thing in cannabis?


Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

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Green Guide Fall 2018/Winter 2019

Five Weed Strains to Try Right Now

These were all recently purchased in Seattle stores and come recommended from me.

The Most Important Weed Compound No One Is Talking About

You already know about THC and CBD. Now it's time to learn your CBGs.

The Best Weed Cookies I've Ever Eaten

These are not only the best edibles I've ever had—they're the best cookies, period. Here's how to make them at home.

They Say Cannabis Is Bad for Your Memory. Is That True?

What the latest science says.

The Flavr Blue Won't Just Get You High—It Will Also Right the Wrongs of the Drug War

Or at least that's the idea behind the band the Flavr Blue's new self-titled strain.