Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 18 - 24, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 24

Savage Love

A Brush with Perversity


I, Anonymous

Ladies' Man


A Love Cry Supreme

Four Tet Makes Your Soul Dance, Blissfully

The Pains of Being Perverse at Heart

Xiu Xiu Goes to Chocolate City

The Magnetic Fields: Realism

Stephin Merritt's Fond, Folky Fakery

It’s All in the Editing

An Interview with Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Grease and Cheese

An Interview with Personal of Personal & the Pizzas

Fucking in the Streets

Sasquatch! 2010's Killer Lineup

It's a Hit

Four New Dance-Music Releases

Data Breaker

SOS, a Far-Out Cosmos Girl

My Philosophy

The Return of Goodie Mob

The Score

Swaggers and Fights at the Seattle Symphony

Poster of the Week

Riot in Stereo

Party Crasher

Go Back to Bed's Launch Party in the Land of the Plastic People


Help the All-Ages Music Project Win $50,000


Glengarry Glen Ross: A Triumph of Dysfunctional Masculine Rage

The Cody Rivers Show: Where the Genius Never Stops

Trout Stanley: Suicide and Romance by the Small-Town Dump

Burlesque Box

Hellfire Variety Show by Pure Cirkus/the 4 Horsemen

Visual Art

Phantoms in the Woods

Anne Siems's Haunted Old-Time Paintings of the Young

Food & Drink

Tequila Dreams

A Local Man's Quest to Make the World's Best Tequila

Bar Exam

STILL Liquor Finds a Place on Capitol Hill

The Happiest Hour

The Signature on Queen Anne


Is the Treasury Secretary Doing a Good Job?

Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner has become the government whipping boy of the financial crisis. One of his loudest critics is Senator Maria Cantwell, who has openly wondered why he still has a job. Is she on to something?


It's Time

Pressure Rises to End State's Monopoly on Liquor Stores

News Quips: Baristas Fight Prostitution Charges, First Hill Streetcar

Police Beat

Do Dinka Warriors Hate Women?

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Crossword Solution

Members Only (Feb. 18)

I Love Television

What Is Funny?

Last Days

The Week in Review


"You are never going to do away with the worlds oldest profession. Washington should do like Nevada. Legalize it, tax it, and require prostitutes to be licensed and have periodic health checks."

When Miscarriages Are a Crime...

Today's "Favorite" "Bird" of the Day Is...

Them's Fighting Words: Seattle vs. Portland

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Unmistaken Child

The Unstoppable Insanity of Wall Street

Hollywood Investing in White Women

Found in a Seattle Parking Lot

Currently Hanging: Mandy Greer at OHGE Ltd.

The Morning News*

Coming Thursday to Daytime Television

Lent is Here

Re: Reading Tonight: Sex (and Cupcakes)

The Suburbs Also Have to Take Responsibility for the Suburbs

Man Says He Will "Go Columbine," Then Kicks Transient

Lunchtime Quickie: Old Spice, Unplugged

Whitney Biennial 2010

No More Arts at Magnuson Park?

Seattle Art Barter

Perhaps They Could Come in a Suppository Form?

'We Shit Disturb': The Olympics and the Arts Cuts

The Bloom Box

Re: A Pain in the Chest

Youth Pastor Watch: Jonathan Hartman, Jonathan Hartman

Hope Is That Place with Peacocks

Reading Tonight: Job, Geek, or Sex?

Bill Gates Versus Microsoft

This Week in Film: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

The (Great) Rush Experiment

This Week in Film: Shutter Island

Re: Overheard in the Office

Justice, Dark Knight-Style

Times are Tough, and Cockatoos Are Really Great

Spring Books Have Sprung

Gun Kills Groom

Love It

An Interview with Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields

Sacred Temple Alleged Madam Charged

What To Expect From A Friendly President (Very, Very Little)

Give The Customer What He Wants...

Jeff Weinstein on Larry Sultan

The Age of Consent in Vatican City—Seriously, Vatican City—is Twelve

SL Letter of the Day: The Good Cheat

And My New Favorite Bird Of the Day Is...

Virginia Lawmaker Limply Apologizes for Pronouncing Handicapped Children God's Vengeance for Abortion

Top Three Skyscrapers of 2009

Useless Books I Have Gotten in the Mail, Part 19: God Made Me Do It

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

From Conservative Hero To Conservative Zero...

This Is Not What Our Country Needs

Reading Tonight: Silence, Reality, and China

Missing Boner

Headline of the Day

The Vaunted MoCA Collection

I Will Read You a Bedtime Story Tonight

Twitter: Get Used to It

Another Day, Another Major Factual Error in a Book

You Gonna Eat That?

Um... What?

Meat Is the Next Tobacco?

Overheard in the Office

Pre-Afternoon News

Taxis Win a Round Against the Port

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: the Spits, Personal & the Pizzas at Chop Suey

Metro Transit Authorities Won't Renew Private Security Contract

City Council Priorities for 2010

The Future of Retail

When Neo-Nazis Wax Poetic

Reading Tonight: Science!

Man Stuck in Chimney Charged With Burglary

US Fish and Wildlife Auctioning off Confiscated Goods

Here We Go Again

Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla Has a New Major Label Imprint

Confidential to Barack Obama

"She couldn't entertain a dead rat, to be honest."

A Proposed Moratorium

Glenn Beckwatch: "I Went to the Library, Where Books Are Free"

Fun While It Lasted

Lunchtime Quickie: AC Transit aka Epic Beard Man Speaks

"Every little boy should be so lucky as to turn into me. That's all I have to say."

House Budget Plan: $857 Million in New Taxes

Karl and Michael Are Getting Married

A Pain in the Chest

Thomas Pynchon Would Prefer Not To

The New Credit Card Responsibility Act

Bob Dole Says Bob Dole Caught Pneumonia and Needed Leg Surgery, but that Bob Dole Is Getting Better

The NSFW Typeface You've Been Waiting For

Flickr Photo of the Day

Food Stamps in Los Angeles

The Dalai Lama Puts It in Perspective

Snookered By an E-Reader

You Gonna Rent That?

Curling's Days Are Numbered

If You Missed Me Last Night

City Hires Consultant for 520 Bridge

The Overrepresentated Tea People

SL Letter of the Day: Should I Risk Destroying My Parents' Marriage Over Third-Hand Information?

Required Viewing: Elimination Hockey Wednesday

Sexy Curling

Just Because Some People Can't Handle Their Porn...

Currently Hanging: Robert Longo at Wright Exhibition Space

Don't Tread on Me

Some People Involuntarily Flash When Bon Jovi Takes the Stage

"This is what I wish burlesque were actually like."

Senate Budget Plan: $900 Million in New Taxes

This Week in Film: Saint John of Las Vegas

Credit Card Reform

They Say This Fountain Causes Weeping

Something for Everyone


David Shields

Moon Duo

'Unmistaken Child'

The Magnetic Fields

'De Kooning's Women'

Claudia Fitch

The Spits' Last Annual Midwinter Chinese New Year Blazing Blowout


Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Members Only (Feb. 18)