Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 25 - Mar. 3, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 25

Savage Love

Wiggle Room


Absolutely Murderous

Red Riding: Three Directors, Five Hours, No Good Guys

The Crazies: Stabbing Your Friends and Neighbors in the Head

Art House

Fish Tank: Mother, May I Sleep with Your Boyfriend?


Reel Grrls Animation Camp

I, Anonymous


"We Are the World 25 for Haiti" Is a Musical Train Wreck

Trans Formation

Chris Walla Signs the Lonely Forest to Trans, His New Imprint on Atlantic Records

Golden Triangle: Double Jointer

Girl-Group Fuzz Punk History Buffs

Pantha du Prince: Black Noise

Minimal Tech for Indie Kids

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

Covers by Eddie Vedder, Vampire Weekend, Flaming Lips, and Jay Reatard

Data Breaker

Loscil's Amniotic Ambience

My Philosophy

RC Tha Trackaholiq's Full Circle

The Score

The Trance and Transformation of Lubomyr Melnyk

Poster of the Week

Poster by Chris Rollins

Party Crasher

Great Bacchanals of Fire


Are Speaker Speaker Back or What?


The Soft Rock Kid: The Last Gasp of Soft Rock

Up Close and Uncomfortable with Fat Pig

Burlesque Box

Dark Side of the Moon

Visual Art

Cloud Engineering

Jed Dunkerley's Drawings of the Machines of Life

In Art News


Losing the Plot

Reality Hunger Welcomes You to a Post-Novel World

Constant Reader

A Dirty Russian Joke

Food & Drink

Your Lucky Day

Awesome, Authentic Mexican Food at El Mestizo on First Hill

Bar Exam

A Drinking Lesson at the Sorrento

The Happiest Hour

Georgetown's Tiger Lounge

Chow Bio

Andrew Bohrer of Mistral Kitchen


Eating Beef Jerky at the Bodies Exhibit

Sneaking Hard, Dry Meat into Bodies—an Exhibition of Hard, Dry Meat


Plotting Against Progress

Neighbors Delay Improvements Around Light Rail for a Year or More

Tax Tantrum

The Seattle Times' Antitax Crusade Doesn't Add Up

Love Is a Social Disease

Jon Bon Jovi Visits Housing for Drunks

Police Beat

Your Boss's Money or Your Life

Photo of the Week

Crossword Solution

Swinger Vs. Skier (Feb 25.)

Drunk of the Week

Phoebe Fondue

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

Dealing with Jealousy

I Love Television

Marriage: Can't Recommend It!


Georgetown Liquor Company

'Glengarry Glen Ross'

Medeski Martin & Wood

Dinner (or Lunch) and a Movie


Everything Is Terrible!

Adam Haslett


Last Days

The Week in Review


New in Restaurants and Bars: Great Mexican, More Noodles, Etc.!

Is Anyone Else Worried About Andrew WK?

Flickr Photo of the Day

Week in Review

Avatar...of Satan!


Another Attack on an IRS Office

Lunchtime Quickie: The Happy Russian

Gay Marriage in D.C.

Your Dog Is a Secret Muslim!!!!!!!!!!!

'East Wall, Western Carpet Mills, 1231 Warner, Tustin'

Power, Greed, Wall Street, Marijuana, Sex with Minors, Suicide, Maria Cantwell, the Federal Reserve, Real Estate, and More

" time, while I was writing, I happened to sniff my armpits absentmindedly."

Re: Canada vs. USA: The Drinkening

2000 Pound Pit Bull Attacks and Kills Owner!

Reading Tonight: The Son of Stephen King

Nothing To See Here

IDF Shoots Hamas Animals in Zoo

99 Problems...

Bull Kills Man

Man Electrocuted By Peeing on Downed Power Line

No Saturdays

Morning News

Burning Question

Robin Hood in the Age of Information

Gay Panic Offense

Three Things about Consumers

Today in Narratology

This Week in Film: Old Partner

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Confidential to Lindy

Suing Yelp

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: David Shields

Earthquakes and Poverty

Seattle-Based Picnik Snapped Up by Google

Magazines: They're Like the Internet, Only With Severe Space Limitations!™

Title This Art AND WIN Winners!

A Good Robbery?

The Morning News

Indecent Liberties or Sexual Assault?

Is This Your Luggage?

The Morning News: The Earthquake, The Senate, Angry Animals

Comics > Movies

Morning News

Pug Teen Wolf

Drink Up!

Have Yet to See the Lonely Forest Live?

Beef Day: Bigger, Longer, Unbutchered

On Reconciliation

Council on May Seawall Vote: Not Gonna Happen

Today in Birthers: Gaining Footing in Arizona

Comic Book Review: The Boom! Adaptations

A National First: Building Constructed Entirely Out of Cargo Containers

The Olympic Spirit

For Lindy West (and Red Panda Lovers Everywhere)

The Filibuster Problem

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

4Culture Needs Your Help

Re: Police Will Know You by Your Tattoo

Etymology of the Day: Balderdash

Wow, Advertising! Congratulations on Your Enormous Balls!

Currently Hanging: Invitation to an Infiltration

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Gums at Grand Illusion

KUOW Right Now

The Man Is Gone

Youth Pastor Watch

Afghan's Only Top Model

Woman Live-Tweets Her Abortion

Reading Today: In Post-Soviet Russia, Book Reads You

"This Is the Only Level Too"

Missing Men's Figure Skating Already?

Woman In Iowa Arrested For Falling Down the Stairs While Pregnant

Today in Accusations of Plagiarism Being Levied Against Manga-Creating Sons of Aging Rock Stars

Buy Hooters and Put Lindy in Charge

Such Nice Dogs...

Have You Read Our Newest Column?

This Week in Film: Red Riding Trilogy

The Morning News: Health Care, Earthquakes, Pizza

Extinction Countdown: Frog Love

Korean Woman Buys Ads Proclaiming "I am a Bad Woman"

Burning Question

Have a Pepsi, on Coke: Art, Corporate Sponsorship, and the Olympics

A Side of Frey's

This Week in Film: The Crazies

The More You Know

A Peek Inside the iBookstore

Reading Tonight: A Bunch of Neat Stuff

SL Letter of the Day: Topped Out

The Original Red Robin Is Closing

The Song of the Eagles

New Baby Orca

Obama's Health Care Summit

Olympia Considers Improvements to 520 Bridge

"I'm being electrocuted! I'm seriously being electrocuted!"

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Adam Haslett

Pick a Dead Man's Brain!

Seawall Replacement Plan Sent From Mayor McGinn to City Council

McGinn Acknowledges Spring Ballot for Seawall Replacement “Unlikely”—Remains Opposed to 1st Ave. Streetcar

Thank a Bus Driver! Right Now!

Those Dangerous Sharks in the Dubai Mall?

SL Letter of the Day: Roommated

Currently Hanging: Art on the Tracks

Lunch Date: The Lost Books of the Odyssey

A Review of Lynn Shelton's $5 Cover: Seattle

Guns and Starbucks

My Picks for Pilot Books' Small Press Bookfest

Today's Dear Prudence...

Obama's Health Care Summit

Such Nice Whales...

Ayn Rand, Moron Magnet

Attention Exhibitionist Slobs

Gay Marriage Comes to Washington D.C.

Neighbors Bray About Church's Flock of Felons

The End of an Era

What He Said

Seattle Public Library Wants You To Ideate

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Everything Is Terrible!

Why Does Liz Cheney...

Match Book: Suggestions for an "Odd but Loving" Mother-Daughter Book Club

Obama's Health Care Summit

Part 2: Title this Art AND WIN

5th & Madison: Gitch’r Condos!

Tsunami Warning Advisory Issued For Washington State

Does This Speak Directly to Anyone Else's Soul?

Seems like a natural for Seattle . .

The Heat Is On for Google

How to Train Your Child Proper

McGinn Preaches to Microsoft Employees About the 520 Bridge

City Attorney: Let's Study 24-Hour Liquor Licenses

From the Chinese Perspective

Bashing Sen. Bunning

Why DRM Doesn't Work

Police Keep Up Pot Arrests—Mostly of Black People

Seattle Screams Bloody Murder Over 520 Bridge

A Useful Web Application

Olympic Hockey: Take a Long Lunch!

Canada vs. USA: The Gold-Medal Game Preview

Naked Women Will Read Science Fiction to You

Bills in Olympia: What Died, What Lived (Part III)

Yesterday The Stranger DIDN'T Suggest: Doing Whatever I Damn Well Please

Bye, Bye Hummer

Say, What's This Over Here?

Andrew Koenig Found, Police Say

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Glengarry Glen Ross

The Morning News

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Curling at the Granite Curling Club

Guess Who's in Town?

Puppet Cleavage Freaks out Colorado Springs

It's Armageddon

Reading Today: Moonshine and Capitalist Oppression

Call Her the TeleEroticist

How Bears Became Our Fecal Avatars

The Other Mudede

SL Letter of the Day: Drama!

Police Will Know You by Your Tattoo

It's Only You and Me and...This Time We Agree

Reader Blogs

Incidental Art

Today's the Last Day to Vote for All-Ages Movement Project

House Budget Plan: Now With Details

Today in Regret

73-Year-Old Man Charged with 38-Year-Old Murder

Every Once in a While I Consider Cancelling My Google Alert for "Feces."

Title This Art AND WIN

Obama's Health Care Summit

Reading Tonight: America Loves Money

Tonight! Tonight!

My Goodness, Is That A Prime Rib Omelet You're Eating?

POTUS Checkup

How Fucked Is American Theater?

Just When the Days Were Starting to Get Longer

It Was a Close Call, Reckless Drivers of Washington State...

Reading Tonight: A Discussion at Smith, and a Chocolatey Talk About Lingerie

Worst Tourism Ad Ever

Tonight! Last Public Hearing for Seattle Police Chief Search

Legal Abortion Worse For Blacks Than Slavery

Did Anyone See That New Jerry Seinfeld Show They Were Pushing All During the Olympics?

Let Us Know If He Delivers For You, Okay?

All I Want for My Birthday Is a Hug From Captain Sully Sullenberger

Killer Whale a Killer Whale

Lunchtime Quickie: Quotable Quotes from The Judge Judy Show

The Morning News

Nick Licata: We’re Drifting Away From Our Original Vision of Magnuson Park

I Stayed Up Last Night Stealing Art

Youth and Family Initiative Meeting Tonight

Seattle Bike Expo: Go if You Haven't Already

Good Morning America

Is The Public Option Back?

Seattle Parks and Recreation Responds to Frustrated Magnuson Artists

Wisdom from the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Johnny Weir...

Wisdom from the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences: Final Installment

Lunchtime Quickie: Frankie MacDonald Files a CNN iReport

The History of Chewing

Supremes Won't Halt Marriage Equality In D.C. (For Now)

Grandpa Masturbated to These

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Re: Art on the Tracks

Currently Hanging: Brad Cloepfil

Wall Street Journal: New York Edition

The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator

Currently Hanging: Sol Hashemi at Gallery4Culture

Part 3 the Last: Title this Art AND WIN

Such Nice Dogs...

Seattle To Blame For Tea Party

Murray and Cantwell, Still for the Public Option

The Fall of the Euro

Rock Out With Your Brains Out

Shaun Scott's History of Seattle

For the Love of Dada

A Gorilla Dies

The Luminaries of Downtown Bellevue

More Internet Art Awesome

They Never Get Over It

Tax Tantrum at the Seattle Times

McGinn Sends Testy Letter to Microsoft

"You Don't Win Friends With Salad"

This Week's Answer of the Week Winner Is....

Massive Earthquake Strikes Chile

"We all agree that eagles are majestic, hawks are cool 'cause they're all, like, 'Arrrrrrr! I'm a hawk.' But, I mean, a Canada goose?"

Wall of Toothy Cat-Dogs

Chew on This

Mellifluousness from the Art Tweets

The Path to Goldman Sachs Is Paved with Derivatives

Twittering Incest

Port Reform Gaining National Attention, Heading to Congress

Legislature Passes "Good Samaritan" Bill

Scott Brown: Not the Man They Thought He'd Be

What Did You Do Last Night?

Today in Failing Businesses

Today In Un-American Activities

Friday Night...

"Little Wuss From Kenya"

Attack of the Dueling Showgirls Sequels

Speaking of Texas...

This Week in News

New French Anti-Smoking Campaign

SL Letter of the Day: The End Is Near

Wisdom from the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences

It's Way Too Nice Out...

Victim of Police Brutality in Fort Worth Gay Bar Raid Charged With Assaulting the Officers Who Assaulted Him

Barry Hannah

Tim Burgess Authorizes Girl Scout Crackdown

The Morning News

Confidential to Qwest: Fix Your Web Site

Infoclouds of Nationalism

Shorter Seattle Times

Flickr Photo of the Day

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Columbia City Theater Sold

Meanwhile in Texas: "American Taliban" Isn't Hyperbole Anymore

Reading Tonight:

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Tinariwen at the Triple Door

The Mary Henry Show at Howard House

Obama's Health Care Summit: Over!

Lunchtime Quickie: Juggalo News

Game On!

Ayn Rand and Randians: Sociopaths

Recalling Hiroshima

I'm Glad I'm Not the Only One Who Feels That Way

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Swinger Vs. Skier (Feb 25.)