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Mar. 23 - 29, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 27

Savage Love

Men Are Pigs

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The Object of Desire

Wanting to Be Jude Law

Stranger Oscar Predictions & Picks

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Unknown Romance

Keith Gordon's Stirring Waking the Dead

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It All Comes Down to Sex

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Yellow Journalism

A Real Man Looks Back on His Flaming Mistake

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Mix Master Mike and Rahzel Revive Hiphop Showmanship

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Bully Girl

Amii LeGendre Explores Female Masculinity at On the Boards

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The Instructive Awfulness of American Game Shows

Irrational Exuberance

Friese Undine Seeks out the Dissonant Notes

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Three Nyuks and an Eye-Poke

The Three Stooges Genre of Literature

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The Claim Jumper

Hell Comes in Large Portions



The Pike Place Market Bathroom Is One of the Last Places in Town Where People on the Street can Get a Little Privacy

Lose-Lose for Beacon Hill

City Pushes Library in South End, Pulls Bank

Crime Pays

City Council Reviews Curious Federal Grant to Fight Crime

It's Your Fault

Public Hearings for Seattle's Top Cop Flop

Read the Fucking Stranger!

Police Beat

We Are Family

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L.A. Panty Raid



It's My Party

Girl-punching Pussies

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