Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 4 - 10, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 26

Savage Love

Fabulous Jackboots, Eh?


Scott's Empire

The History of Everything in 193 Minutes

Alice in Wonderland: We’re Painting the Roses Bland!

The Polanski Problem

The Ghost Writer and the Dead Career

The Girl on the Train: About a Goy


Oscar-Night Drinking Games

Art House

Rawstock: Epic

Brooklyn’s Finest: Fuhgeddaboutit. No, Seriously.

I, Anonymous


Fine Young Cannibal

People Eating People's Toothsome Piano Pop Debut

Upset the Rhythm

Shackleton Menaces the Dubstep/Techno Divide

Up &Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

The Music of Imminent Apocalypse?

A Feisty Q&A with Dubstep Maverick Shackleton

Fucking in the Streets

Cover Version

It's a Hit

New Singles from Adam Lambert, Sade, and Robin Thicke

Data Breaker

Creamiest of 2010's Electronic-Music Crop (So Far)

My Philosophy

Snoop Dogg, the Cool Kids, and Sportn' Life

The Score

Butch Morris Creates Orchestras of Individuals

Poster of the Week

Poster by Trevor Basset

Party Crasher

Swiffer It Up


Meet Your 2010 Sound Off! Finalists


Theater News

Man on the Beach

Burlesque Box

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-­Art School

Slings and Arrows

How Fucked Is American Theater?

Visual Art

Against Transcendence

A Wobbly Bird at Wing Luke and a Hunk of Sulfur at TARL

In Art News

The Olympics Are a Corporate Whore


Match Book

Helping You Find the Right Book at the Right Time

Constant Reader

What Kind of Genius Is Brandon Downing?

Led Astray

Religion and Love Do Not Go Hand in Hand

Food & Drink

A Big, Steamy Bowl of Hawaii

Paradise Is Saimin and a Pair of Chopsticks

Bar Exam

Stupid Pigs on Capitol Hill

Chow Bio

Rebecca Scott


What Are You Doing?

The Stranger Walks In On a Boiler Mechanic, the Guy Who Creates the Halo World, a Punk Rocker Turned Yogi, and the Most Powerful Woman You've Never Heard Of


Open for Business

Parks Department Kicks Out Artists to Develop Offices

24-Hour Party, People

City Attorney and Mayor Consider All-Night Bars

Reconciliation Confrontation

Will Dems Muscle Health Care Through?

Police Beat

What to Do About Aggressive Panhandlers

Drunk of the Week

Count the Weenies!

Crossword Solution

Near Soundalikes (March 4)

Public Editor

I Love Television

I Dislike You, Sandra Bullock!

Last Days

The Week in Review


So This Is How They Think Up Some of Those Exhibition Titles

Think Your Kid is a Hotshot?

On the Wall

Week in Review

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Free Lady Condoms Coming to D.C.

Housing Ex-Convicts is in Public's Best Interest, Says Department of Corrections

Whale-Sushi Bust

Too Early For Interior Design? Currently Hanging: Cremaster of the Universe

"Let's get it done."

Reading Tonight: Stay in School, Kids

Gay Prostitution Ring in the Vatican

"What Are Some Delicious Things to Cook Over a Fire?"

Massachusetts Has a Health Care Problem

Lunchtime Quickie: The Complete Theory of The Universe

Mudede's Photo of the Day

Tim Burgess to Explain/Defend Proposed Anti-Panhandling Law Tonight

American Sailor Stranded on BC Island for Five Days

Tax The Rich

Reading Tonight: Genius, Sherlock Holmes, and Rumi

Re: Headline of the Day

Three Years In Prison for Purchasing a Pair of Panties

Currently Hanging: Haitian Paintings at SAM


Wouldn't It Be Great if All Gay Bashers Were This Stupid?

If It's Doing This to the Frogs...

Milton Bradley's Not to Blame

Humpday Wins Independent Spirit Award!

Sweet (Popular) Science

The Greek Prime Minister Becomes a Stand-Up Comedian

What Is "Front-Butt"?

Only Privileged White Gay Men Care About Marriage Equality

Burgess Amends Anti-Solicitaton Ordinance

They Don't Just Hate Fags

Let a Woman Talk!

Today in Climate Change

Crazy Christian Lady Asks Jesus To Give Crazy Christians Total Control Of The Media...

If You're Going to Portland...

Morning News

Today's Campus Rallies

RuPaul's Drag Race: Where the Best Woman Always Wins

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Bubble Team

Happy Monday!

"Oh my GOD you guys....that computer-enhanced baby is totally ME!!!!"

Now Wealthy Nerds Will Be Even More Annoying

The View From My Window

Dying on Your Desk

Life Imitated Art on Slog Yesterday


Today in Lindsay...

I Suppose It Makes Me a Hypocrite...

Headline of the Day

What Can You Do When You Have No Money and Want Adventure?

Seattle Tries to Get Hockey Team, Doesn't

Chilled Celery Log

A Few Thoughts About The Hurt Locker

Mac Now "Tier-1 Platform" For Gaming?

"Give Me the Fucking Money."

Social Bookstores

Take Your Kid to Work Day: The JFK Air Traffic Control Edition!

Kiki Smith Talk: "I Have Nothing to Say"

Tonight in Film: Rawstock

The Internet is the Water of the 21st Century

SL Letter of the Day: Doggy Style

Postcard from Florida

Are Republicans Right About Cutting County Employee Benefits?

SDOT Holds Up Seattle's Pedestrian Master Plan

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Reading Today: Poets, Balloon Animals, and Cocaine

Neighbors Release Joint Statement on Felon Housing

Deep Thought

Choking Behind a Gay Bar

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Cop Out

Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack of the Day: Chelsea Krotzer at the Ellensburg Daily Record

Escalating Tribal Violence Leads to Felony Charges

Naturopaths Will Likely Be Allowed to Authorize Medical Pot

Girl Scout Crackdown, Part II

Lunchtime Quickie: Buh-Buh-Buh Butt Drugs!

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Salt Horse

You Want a Coke With That?

Reading Tonight: Chabon, Engineers, and a Zine-makin' Momma

Another Collections Shoe Drops in San Francisco: SF Weekly Owes the Bay Guardian Half Its Ad Revenue.

Currently Hanging: Beth Levine, First Lady of Shoes

Something Weird This Way Comes

Today in Art: Artwalk, Kiki Smith!

Today in Sarah Palin Isn't Funny and Has No Class

Neighborhood Blog Weekly Roundup

What Would Heck Do on Health Reform?

Today in Brains and Computers

Lunchtime Quickie: French Women are Hot

"The SF Weekly is absolutely not going out of business."

Meet Our "New Column!"-ist!

The Psychic Powers of Yes, Dear

$350,000 Worth of Toys Stolen From Portland Home!

The Strategy to Kill Health Care

The Morning News: Iraqi Elections, Constantine, Scientology, Census, Harlem

Terra Plata No More

They're Gonna Tax Mah Traditions!

Who Is Joy Behar's Favorite Gay?

For Your Stomach's Consideration: All-You-Can-Eat-Spaghetti on a Mountaintop

Alan Grayson Shreds Michele Bachmann

Neighbors Circle Wagons to Block Felon Housing

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Classic Titles from the '50s and '60s

Re: Re: Headline of the Day

Slim Pickings

Ben Brantley Hasn't Seemed This Sprightly in Decades

My Favorite Comment of the Day

Battle of the Breakfast Beverages! A Left-Wing Tea Party?

Business in Magnuson Park: It's Not All Bad

Ever Wanted to Watch Tony Blair Felicite Nikolas Sarkozy en Francais?

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Henry Open House

Quote of the Day

Did You Mark Your Calendar?

Today Is the Day I Googled "Bicycle Hearse"

On the Pleasures of Vital T-Leaf

And The Oscar For Stupid Fucking Credulous Hackery Goes To: Joe Hornaday of the Greensburg Daily News...

An Impromptu eBook Club

Looks Like the Real Thing: A Review of Gorillaz's Plastic Beach

Headline of the Day

Are You Ready to Write a Screenplay?

More for Avatar

Don't Hate the Eggers, Hate the Game

What Went Wrong?

Catholic School Expels Girl For Having Two Moms

Match Book: How Books Can Get You Laid!

A Reminder: Impromptu eBook Club Starts Today

Marriage Equality Comes to D.C.

Tully's Coffee Not Toxic

The Stupak Agenda

Morning News

What Would Pridemore Do on Health Reform?

1,000,000 Gay Men and Allies Against Roy Ashburn Having Sex Ever Again

The Morning News: Jihad Jane and Corey Haim

Obama's Bloodier War in Mexico

Because Everybody DOES Still Care

Homoerotic Photos of a Closeted Anti-Gay Republican Politician

Ebooks Are on the Way

The Morning News: State Budget, Libraries, Iceland, Catholics, Shark Attacks

Exterminating the Marijuana Problem: A Rough Timeline


Did You Know This? I Did Not.

Assault on Capitol Hill

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Georgetown Liquor Company

Currently Hanging Elsewhere

Today in the End of the World Not Happening

Welcome to the First Full Day of the "Sandra Bullock Is a Best Actress Oscar Winner" Era

Sign of the Day

Stupid Fucking Credulous Hacks of the Day: Alicia A. Caldwell and Manuel Valdes

Anti-Tax Protester Spayd

Shackleton Also Had this Problem

Reading Today: Readers, Clothed and Unclothed

Josh Friedes to Head State’s Largest Gay Rights Group: “Where we are right now is not good enough.”

Hateful and Pathetic Old Closet Case Comes Out

Constantine Proposes New Cabinet Position for Labor Relations

"What If Everybody in Canada Flushed At Once?"

Lunchtime Quickie: Wii Curling

"A Waterfall of Text"

In Preemptive Defense of Cop Out

Poll Shows Simplistic Thinking on Taxes

Ex-Mariner Watch

Slog Happy is This Thursday!

Currently Hanging: Bill Jacobson's Human Decisions

The KKK Took My Latte Away?

Large Chihuly Museum Being Planned for Seattle Center

They Must Use a Different Recipe in Asia

Lunchtime Quickie: Slow Motion Dogs

American Boards: The View from Outside

Art Talk Tomorrow

Headline of the Day

While We're At It...

The iTunes for eBooks

Here's An Idea: Perhaps Every Newspaper and Magazine In the West...

This Week in News: Beggars, Ballots, Bars, and Evictions

Found in a Seattle Parking Lot: Sexy, Hoaxy

What Would Heck, Herrera, or Pridemore Do?

The 90 Kinds of Bitches That There Are

The Countdown Begins...

Go Watch "Logorama"

Taking Assisted Suicide to Its Logical Conclusion

Potential Knife Assault at the Crescent Tavern

A Massive Attack of Film Noir

This Week in Film: The Ghost Writer

University of North Dakota - Grand Forks

Extended Session Coming?

When Pockets Are Illegal, Only Criminals Will Have Pockets

Also, Eleanor Roosevelt Was Totally into Golden Showers!

5 Point's Happy Hour Menu Makeover


Obama: Up or Down Vote on Health Care, Soon

Chihuly Museum Yanked From Today's Agenda

Local Man Exists on Beer-Only Diet

How Seattle Commutes to Work

Maybe He Was Escorting The Dude To The Border?

Filming in Florida

SL Letter of the Day: Feet, Ears, Gasmasks...

This Week in Film: The Girl on the Train


City Ants are not the Same as Rural Ants

Re: Let a Woman Talk!*

Fan-Fiction Writ Large

Spider-Man at the Wailing Wall

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Dinner (or Lunch) and a Movie

Required Viewing

Everything You Need Is In Grand Forks

What He Said

We Don't Let Racists Adopt Black Children

What Washington Thinks (Or, Rather, Thought) About Health Reform

Wall Street Journal Makes Hegel and Paleontology Sit on the Same Couch of World History (Hegel Saw This Couch as a Butcher's Bench)

The TEERZ Behind the LOLZ

Chilean Quake, as Seen from Outer Space

Local Distilleries Toast New Booze Bill

The Media and Gay Men in Sacramento—Including West Sacramento's Gay Mayor—Knew Anti-Gay Pol Roy Ashburn Was Gay AND SAID NOTHING


The Amazon Glitch Aftermath: If You Ignore It, Maybe It'll Go Away

Corey Haim Found Dead

Will Unions Drop the Democrats in 2010?

Rush Limbaugh To Sell Modest Fifth Ave Apartment

James Cameron Does Not Employ Bad People

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Chain and the Gang at the Comet Tavern

Black Zimbabwean Jews for Real

HUMP! 2010 Is Coming...

The Morning News: Out of Control Prius, Fracking, and 520 Settled?

Ken Hutcherson Is Disappointed He Wasn't Tapped to Replace James Dobson at "Focus on the Family"

Days Are Getting Shorter

Two-Thirds of Washington Voters Want State to Cut the Fat

Gift Shop #5: Also at the Henry Tonight


Dear Daily Kos Diarist

Favoring Avatar

How Fucked Is American Theater? Part Two

What "Real" People Read

Everything You Need to Know about the USA Today


This Week in Film: Alice in Wonderland

Flickr Photo of the Day

Chinese Government May Ban the Eating of Dogs and Cats

Flickr Photo of the Day

Have a Question for the Stars of This Week's "What Are You Doing?" Feature?

Currently Hanging: Nepo House

Flickr Photo of the Day

The Morning News: Oscars, Taxes, and Another Earthquake

Seattle Art Versus Vancouver Art: Discuss

Hey, That's Our Bridge!

Milton In His Own Words

Gaming Is Another Kind of Living

Ebooks on the iPad

In Favor of Ads on Public Transit

Reading Tonight: Dinosaurs, Ghosts and Junkies

Academy Awards LiveSlog

Florida To Offer Incentives To Filmmakers With One Little Tiny String Attached...

The Endangered Critic

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom eBook Club, Day One

Reading Tonight: Art, News, and Reading

If You're About to Eat Some Hawaiian® Kettle Style Sweet Maui Onion Potato Chips...

Lilly Ledbetter Worship

Raving Lunatic Alert: Man on His Bike on East Union Street

Who Let Jay Z Into the Situation Room?

Amazon's Big Funnybook Glitch

We Were Slapping Prudie Around Last Week...

The Enemy of the Good

The Nakedness of John Edwards Belongs to the Courts


'Locrian Invocation'

Chain and the Gang

Salt Horse

Michael Chabon

SXSW Send-Off

'Cop Out'

Classic Titles from the '50s and '60s

Henry Open House

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Near Soundalikes (March 4)