Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 11 - 17, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 27

Savage Love

The Stranger Beside Me

I, Anonymous


Are We in a Music Retailspin?

Seattle Record-Store Bosses Refuse to Sing the Recession Blues

True Depression

Rocky Votolato's Hard-Won Rebirth, True Devotion

Download, but Not Out

An Interview with Six Seattle Record Store Heads on How Their Stores are Surviving

Up &Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Pavement's Quarantine the Past

It's a Hit

The Semi-Demi-Hemi-Annual It's a Hit Awards!

Data Breaker

Wyndel Hunt's Grainy Ambient and Milkplant's Brainy Techno

The Score

Metaphors for Dead Pianos at Jack Straw New Media Gallery

My Philosophy

Natural Disasters

Poster of the Week

Poster by Dan Paulus

Party Crasher

Drinking as Competitive Sport


Your 2010 Sound Off! Champions Are...


Out with the Old, In with the New

A Critique of a Locally Beloved, Celebrity-Endorsed Drag Comedian and Praise for an Obscure German Composer

Burlesque Box

The Life and Times of the Swedish Housewife

Visual Art

Blinding Lights

What a Camera Monster, a Lightning Field, and 19th-Century Chemicals Have in Common


Fleshing Out the Narrative

On the Pleasures of Having Naked Women Read to You

Constant Reader

If You Hate Poetry, Read This Poet

Food & Drink

The Most Delicious Beat Down

In Which Portland Throws Down the Gauntlet for Mobile Chowdown III

Bar Exam

The Return of the Hard Rock Cafe

The Happiest Hour

Queen Anne’s Streamline Tavern


Another Backward, Half-Baked Idea for Seattle Center

The Owners of the Space Needle Want a Massive Chihuly Glass Museum Next Door


Civility War

Is City Council Member Tim Burgess the New Mark Sidran?

Who Would Jesus House?

Central District Neighbors Balk at Church's Housing for Ex-Convicts

Hello, Kitty! (Bye-Bye, News), One Year Later

Police Beat

Crime in the Age of Smartphones

Drunk of the Week

Anita Snak

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Crossword Solution

Eff You! (March 11)

Control Tower

Last Days

The Week in Review


Don't You Wish There Were a Place with Nice Big Chairs and a Fireplace Where You Could Go and Drink and Read Around Other Adults Who Were Drinking and Reading?

Amazon's Funnybook Glitch: The End?

The Return of the Hard Rock Cafe

More from the Cold War

Constance McMillen Has 100,000 Supporters

Lunchtime Quickie: Florida Vampire Running For President?

Currently Hanging: A Life

DePauw University

Man Beaten, Earring Allegedly Stolen in the ID

The Mountain of Mexico City

Such Nice Birds...

The Next Time Someone Asks You What's After Postmodernism

The Morning News: Clarence Thomas's Wife Parties with Tea Partiers, Everybody Loves Constance, Toyotas Find New Ways to Not Stop.

Mmm... Delicious... You Must Have Stepped In Vomit On Your Way to the Airport, Am I Right?

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Happy Home

Reading Tonight: Get Your Failure On

This Week in Google vs. China: The Bluff War Continues

New Art and THEESatisfaction at pun(c)tuation Tonight

An Illustrated Guide to Emerald City Comicon, Part 1

Re: Mmm... Delicious... You Must Have Stepped In Vomit On Your Way to the Airport, Am I Right?

Council Member Burgess Amends Anti-Solicitation Ordinance—Again

Combining eBooks and Video Games

Stupak Faces Challenger in August Primary

Discrimination is Distracting

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Chainsaw Thursday

Goeiemôre Amerika

Apple's Worms

Lunchtime Quickie: The Homemade Hybrid Hover Plane

Currently Hanging: Parallel Universe

A Local Pipeline from the Fringe to the Big Houses

The Tim Burton at MoMA Site

Scholarships Available for Children of Military Heroes

Go Vote Today for King Conservation District Supervisor

Meanwhile in New York: The Rise of the Ninety-Nine Cent Slice

Lunchtime Quickie: Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father, the Homemade Tattoo Gun Edition

Reading Tonight: Two Geniuses, Cheap Beer, and the Odyssey

I Am Bringing Books to Slog Happy

Irishnesstimes!: The Right Honourable Desmond Guinness in the House

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: TRUST

What Gives, Mayor McG?

Today in Good Muppet News

The Great Virtual Wall of America Loses Funding

Extended Legislative Session in Olympia

Letters To The Itawamba County School District

Reading Tonight: Finneyfrock It Up

No Horn

Krasinski's America

Today in Baffling Ad Copy That's Been Bugging Me for Months

Consumerism Today: The Real Juan Valdez Was at Westlake

Weekly Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Today In Un-American Activities

Keeping Bookstores in Pioneer Square

Digital Comics Got a Lot More Real

Straight Adoptive Parents In Florida Need Their Guns...

This Week in News: Smart Phones, News Websites, Great Reverends, and Civility Laws

Conan's Coming to Town

Something Needs to Replace "Don't Stop Believin'" in the Unicorn's Jukebox


What He Said

Judging by the Headlines...

Today in Lego News

Today in WTF!?

The Only Exercise I Got...

Attention Radiohead Fans

"Best Healthy-Eater Cheater Burger?"

The Morning News

This Week in Film: I Spoil the Ending of Remember Me

On the Occasion of the Canning of the Wall Street Journal's Restaurant Critic

Some Vibrators Are More Equal Than Others

A Tale of Two Press Conferences: 1

"What's a Good Day Hike With Epic Views?"

Senators give Obama a [Stupid] Bipartisan Plan on Immigration

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom eBook Club, Day Five

Mobile Chowdown III: The Aftermath

Poster of the Day

SL Letter of the Day: A Successful Threesome

Amazon Seeks Help for Building Web-Browsing Kindle

The Morning News: Aftershocks, New Police Chiefs, and You Should Hire This Guy

More Letters To The Itawamba County School District

Currently Obsessed With: Audubon's The Birds of America

So The Pope Behaved Nonresponsibly Then?

An Illustrated Guide to Emerald City Comicon, Part 2

The Black Teen/King

Does It Come with Grace Zabriskie Shrieking on the Couch?

The Future of Memory

When Martin Bashir Met Violent J

George W. Bush Ruined the Labor Department. Can Obama Fix It?

"This is the most important thing in my life."

Will This Detail Redeem John Edwards For Some Women?

Seattle Bike Expo: The Photos

Constance McMillen Is Back in Fulton, Mississippi, Is Super Grateful for Your Support, and Wants You to Be Nice

Re: The Mysteries of DePauw University

More on Chainsaw Thursday

Society of the Spectacle

Glenn Beckwatch: Would Jesus Boycott Glenn Beck?

SL Letter of the Day: Surprise Party Parting

Please Go To Reddit And...

It's Not a Bald Spot...

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom eBook Club, Day Two

Can They Do That?

Click Me. I'm Claire. Click Me.

Lunchtime Quickie: Wall of Death

You Gonna Eat That?

I Know You Got An Armpit

The Heart of Alaska: More on the Teacher Killed by Wolves

Welcome Back, Congressman Kucinich

Mexican Technology

"Correcting the Academy Awards with 20 Years of Hindsight"

Who Benefits From the War On Drugs?

Seattle: Not Sick of Town Halls Yet

The Case for More Police Foot Patrols (and Against a New Civility Law)

A Fresh Blast of Righteousness from The Stranger's Favorite "New Column!"-ist

Mayor McGinn: Looming Budget Issues "Serious" Not "Dire"

Kiki's Talk

Currently Hanging: Alexander Kroll


CNN on Tiger Woods Returning to Golf: "We are all over this story."

Canada's Crazy Murderous Conservatives

Have Your Say on the Chihuly Not-Museum

Today in Multitasking

Reading Today: More Funnybook Madness

The Sad Literary Leavings of Slog Happy

Book Review: Lost States

Meanwhile in Pakistan

High School in Mississippi Cancels Prom to Prevent Lesbian Student from Bringing Female Date—and Potentially Incites Violence Against Lesbian Student

Everyone Still Loves Bacon, Right?

Click Me. I'm a Loofah. Click the Loofah. Click It.

The Morning News

City's Budget Shortfall Could Hinder Bike and Ped Improvements

Night at the Auction

Black America Today

Irish Heritage Club Loses Giant Stick, Again

City Running More Than $100 Million Deficit

Reading Today: Get Your Funnybook Nerd On

Constance McMillen Update

The Anti-Candy Man

And the Runner Up for the Darwin Award Goes To...

Pictures of the Chihuly Museum

Consumerism Today

There's Just No End to the Hate

In the U.S., This Video Might Have Earned Its Star a Spot on RuPaul's Drag Race

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Fat Pig

If A Painting Walks By

On Breasts and Reading

What He Said

SL Letter of the Day: The Boy In Question...

"The direction in my life right now that I'm trying to, uh, I guess, proceed with in the business, is gradually from being the little boy, from the younger brother, trying to get to be the older brother or the ONLY brother."

Constance McMillen on CBS This Morning

Details on This Morning's Downtown Bomb Threat

"You Have the Charisma of a Damp Rag."

Woman of the Year!

Uncluttering the Language Around Health Care Reform

A Correction: Concern About Panhandling

A Few Words About Google Biking

Mission Accomplished: Lesbian Student Blamed, Ostracized By Other Students for School Board's Decision to Cancel Prom

Write a Haiku, Win Bodies Tickets!

Meanwhile On Teresa McNeece's Facebook Page...

Farce Advocacy

Reading Tonight: All Roads Lead to Pioneer Square

The Mysteries of DePauw University

750 Words

City Allows Dredging Around Beaver Lodge

The Morning News: The Lehman Brothers, Under God

Name This Band!

John Edwards' Baby Mama Speaks Up

They Don't Mention If They Took Her Kid From Her...

Say It Ain't So: Drugstore Cowboy 2

Senate Passes Jobs Bill

Bad Obama Paintings

Re: The Tim Burton at MoMA Site

Thanks for Coming to Slog Happy!


"Where Can I Get a Physical If I Have No Health Insurance?"

Quigley Preparatory Seminary

Need More Reasons to Not Do Meth?

Pluto IS a Planet Protest March and Rally

Slog Happy Is Tonight!

One More Letter To The Itawamba County School District

The Leap


Today in eBooks

"Where Should I Go to Get Corned Beef & Cabbage for St. Patrick's Day?"

When Your Classmates Do Not Care What Happened to You

The Evolution of Culture

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Seattle Bike Expo

The Morning News: Jerusalem Tensions, Michael Jackson's Unlimited Future, and Gallons of Monk Blood

All Of This Has Happened Before

The Time Has Come to Discuss the Most Recent Episode of RuPaul's Drag Race....

This Week in Concessions: I Still Can't Stop Yelling About Whoopi Goldberg's Urine

Breast Milk Cheese: It's What's for Dinner!

This Week in Film: She's Out of My League

Meanwhile in Mexico

Nice Rack!

Village Voice Media Declared in Default on $80 Million Loan

But Is It Kosher?

A Tale of Two Press Conferences: 2

Bad Art of the Week Winner

Angry TV Reporters: They're Funny!

Up In The Air

Suspending Your Animation Until Things Blow Over

Last Night Gay Me and My Gay Husband...

Currently Hanging: Gretchen Bennett, Cat Power, and an Orchid

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom eBook Club, Day Three

Burning Question

Google vs. China: An Impasse?

Flickr Photo of the Day

Sassy Gay Friend


It's No Secret...

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Locrian Invocation at TARL

Too Early?

A Spattering of Ball Haiku

Reading Tonight: Sudden Wisdom

Seal: It's What's for Lunch

Tomorrow Is a Brighter Day: Robot Farmers

Remember How Your Old Airport Parking Spot Would Never Give You a Blowjob?

Click Me. I'm Denethor. No, Seriously, Click Me.

Whitey and the Moon

Imperiling the Electorate

The City Animal

Meanwhile at DePauw

Molly Moon's Going Mobile

I Miss Battlestar Galactica

Today in Bears As Our Fecal Avatars

Those Were the Days, My Friends

Wolf Attack!

If You Are a Lego-Maniac...

An Open Letter to the Olympia Kiwanis Club

Forty Feet From Hot Topic

But Won't It Confuse The Children?

McNeece Family Values

Itawamba School Superintendent Teresa McNeece's Facebook Page

Stick Found, a City Exhales

Lots of Shitty Buses

How You Will Read Books and Magazines in the Future (Maybe)

The Morning News: Republicans Kill Their Parents, Texans Lie to Their Children, and Corey Feldman Can't Even Bother to Show Up

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Michael Chabon

Canada's Amazon Controversy

Who Is this Mario Alessi?

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom eBook Club, Day Four

A Teacher in Alaska Killed by Wolves

Ancient Wisdom from the Far East

Putting Bacon on Your Face for Fun and Profit; or, Today in Laborious Web Promotions

Fun With Graphs


Blood Squad Presents 'Leprechaun'

Jay Steensma, Ree Brown

'Fat Pig'

'Happy Home'

Chainsaw Thursday

Seattle Bike Expo

TRUST First Anniversary

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Eff You! (March 11)