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Apr. 6 - 12, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 29

Savage Love

All Day Suckers

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I, Anonymous


Roman Entertainment

Throwing Rules of Engagement to the Lions

Racial Injustice #1

James Toback's Wide World of Stereotypes

Racial Injustice #2

Eric Bross' Confused Look at Racial Politics

This Week on TV

More Than Sliced Eyeballs

The Effortless Style of Luis Bunuel

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Superhuman Hiphop

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Method Man!

I Think It's Lint

My Melvins Memories through the Ages

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Armless and Bearded

Life is a Circus, Remember?

The Hostage's Ransom Note

Twelve Dollars to Get In -- How Much to Get Out?

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Visual Art

Dominatrix Redux

Mistress Matisse Beats the Hell Out of the Weekly

Pothead's Paradise

The Patterns of Stoner Suburbia


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Pancake Analysis

Donald Antrim's Floating Freudianism

Pynchon Likes It

A Testament to Technology's Sway

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Food & Drink

La Rustica

Rustic Don't Mean Hillbilly Here


Jesus is out

Anthony Robbins Is In

Sidran's Costly Sins

City Pays Big Bucks to Cover City Attorney's Ass

Getting the Boot

Nonprofits Can't Compete for Real Estate

The Company Line

How Microsoft and Other Corporations Infiltrate the News

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Police Beat

The Burden of Proof

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Neil Simon's Subsidy

I Love Television

Man Trouble!



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Music to Lose Your Job By

Lyrics Are So Over

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