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Mar. 18 - 24, 2010

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I, Anonymous


Just Call Him Angel of the Morning

Justin Bond's Latest Gender-Bending Pop-Music Mindfuck

A Crash Course in Rhythm Collision

Seattle's Ill Cosby Takes Dubstep to Multitask

This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Shows You Gotta Go To

Up &Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Seattle at SXSW; Slats, RIP

It's a Hit

Jedward and Vanilla Ice's "Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)"

Data Breaker

A Review of Autechre's Anomalous Oversteps

My Philosophy

Seattle Hiphop at SXSW: A Good Look

The Score

Lonesome Vocals, Waterfalls, and Petty Territoriality

Party Crasher

LARPers, Guns, and Zombies

Poster of the Week

Poster by C.M. Ruiz


Three Great Shows Happening in One Night


This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Theater You Cannot Miss or You'll Wish You Were Dead

Visual Art

This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Visual Art You Must See or Your Eyes Will Be So Mad at You


Constant Reader

Dude Looks Like a Leia

This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Book-Related Events You'd Be a Fool to Not Be At

Food & Drink

The Fried-Chicken Ideal

The Meaning and the Eating of the World's Best Food

Bar Exam

An Amazing Happy Hour at a Favored Dive

Chow Bio

Ryo Izawa of Samurai Noodle

The Athenian in the Market


This Spring We Suggest

The Stranger's Noncomprehensive, Only-the-Best Guide to Music and the Arts

The Great West Coast Newspaper War

Seized delivery vans, murderous editors, irate blog posts, allegations of insanity, connections to the Church of Satan, illegal predatory-pricing schemes, and more than $21 million on the line—the crazy alt-weekly war in San Francisco has it all.


What Just Happened?

Our Drunken, Texting-While-Driving Look in the Rearview Mirror at the State Legislative Session

Police Beat

Trivial Crimes of Great Importance

Crossword Solution

Central Location (March 18)

Dear Science

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Central Location (March 18)

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Guys... I'm Not So Bad!

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The Week in Review


Today in Bread-Related Advances

SL Letter of the Day: Giving Closeted Gay Teenagers Hope

Speaking of Distractions: DADT Protest at White House Going On Now

Mayor McGinn Walks, Eats Sandwich in Pioneer Square

Flickr Photo of the Day

The End of the Original Red Robin: A Photo

A Ticket for Rush

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Matias Aguayo at Nectar

The Morning News: Olympia's Dilly-Dallying, Israel's Stubbornness, and Bainbridge Island's Werewolf Hunter

New Between Two Ferns, with Ben Stifler!

The Bombing of Joe Biden

Five Things That Came Up at the Meeting on Tim Burgess’s Civility Ordinance

Seth Rogen to Play Grant Cogswell?

Baird Decides: He'll Vote Yes on Health Care

Things to Do Today and Tuesday (Civic Involvement Edition)

Rep Inslee: "Rob McKenna Would Leave Washingtonians Naked"

Marina and Tino: Ego, Nudity, and Breast Augmentation

Enjoy Police Beat

Tim Rollins and Kids of Survival, Seen/Heard

You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want...

Who Is Jim Gibbons?

Currently Hanging: Northwest Misters

Lots and Lots of Talk About Socialism

In Honor of St. Patrick's Day...

"They really are the last two tyrant-osaurs, long after the asteroid hit the planet."

Sounders Season Begins!

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Psychic Intuition

"Do It for the American People"

Conservative Response to Health Care Reform

SPD Harshes Billy's Mellow

Federal Judge Finds That Itawamba County School Board Violated Constance McMillen's Constitutional Rights

The Party Of Hell No You Can't

Hooliganism: Now for Seattleites!

Is This Poet Our Space Cowboy Bomber?

Officer Dies While Guarding the Scene of a Shooting

The ACLU on Today's Hearing in Mississippi

Do Rob McKenna and Company Have a Case Against the Health Care Bill?

Seattle Hip Hop's New Beef: Space vs. Earth

Get Crushed on Thursday

The Morning News: Barbara Boxer, Jihad Jane, and Sandra Bullock

Other Spam Catch of the Day: The Lohan Freedom Brush!

City Appears to Pick Broadway for Streetcar Route

Stay Classy, Tea Party Fucks

The Priest Wants to Fuck

McGinn Hints at Merging City Departments

E-Book Sales Surge in January

Rob "Republican Conspirator" McKenna Answers Your Questions

An Argument for the Oxford Comma

Pioneer Square's Brand-New Deli Sounds AMAZING

Feeding Champagne To a One-Year-Old (Or: Last Night's Birthday Party)

Slog Commenter Book Report: Baconcat Humors The Book of Jokes

Flickr Photo of the Day

Need Some Help With Your Taxes?

Currently Hanging: Victoria Haven Two Ways

Amazon's Latest Hissy Fit

Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Stupak Is As Stupak Does

Donut Holes

Want to See the Blue Scholars for FREE This Weekend?

A D.C. Liberal Responds to the Question: Do Rob McKenna and Company Have a Case Against the Health Care Bill?

The African and the Big Man of Italy

Kiss Him—He's Irish!

4Culture Already Dipping into Reserves, Facing Cutting by Half Next Year

After Watching Nine Minutes Of This...

Moderate Democrats have Facebook Fans—Who’d Like To See Their Colleagues Out of Office

Breakdown of the House Vote on Health Care

The Dramatic Deaths that followed Sylvia Plath's Dramatic Death

Obama: "A New Season in America."

Critic Announces a New Addition to His Program

Spam Catch of the Day

Could The Pope Be Indicted, Arrested, Tried, Convicted and Imprisoned?

Now I Can Read My Wallet

Congressman Baird, Your Constituents Want Health Care Reform

Reading Tonight: Poetry, Polar Bears, and Wenches

Slog Commenter Book Report: Will in Seattle Gets Driven to Espresso

"Baby Killer" Shouter Who Shall No Longer Be Mentioned

Meanwhile in Alaska

Things to Do Tonight

A Good Bi-Partisan Compromise?

Who's Calling Baird?

Deep Thought

The End of the Original Red Robin

Confirmed: Washington's Attorney General Will Fight Health Care Bill in Court

Something Small for Republicans to Rejoice in a Time of Darkness and Uncertainty

Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all

Art Where You Eat

Amazon's Slow Retreat

Lunchtime Quickie: Dirty Joke Doritos

Reading Today: Picoult, Dungeons & Dragons, and Chelsea Handler

Neoliberalism, Group Selection, Rational Choice Theory, Niche Construction

The Pre-Afternoon News

The End of Electric Trolley Buses?

How the Kids of Survival Did

"The only 'innovation' we saw this weekend was Democrats not backing down."

Lunchtime Quickie: Danny Boy, The Henson Remix

Fiscal Conservatives Will Now Embrace Health Care Reform... Right?

Also on the Fence on Health Care Reform: Adam Smith

Navy Man Bites SPD Officer

Derp-Derp Helf Care? Nope!

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in House Pets

Celibacy is Non-Negotiable

I Can Haz Pretty Hairz?

Yale Begins Graduate Fellowship to Study Obesity

Civility Bill Distracts From Real Solutions

Today in This Word I Just Invented


Pelz Slams McKenna: "Keep Your Hands Off Our Healthcare"

Ummm… Stop Tickling that Bulldog's Balls.

The Domestic Terrorism of America's Right Wing

Historic Gallery Moving to Historic Seattle

For Jen Graves and her Dog

How Much Pressure Is Congressman Brian Baird Feeling Right Now?

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Justin Bond

Morning News

Constance McMillen Goes To Court

Now THAT'S How to Kick Election Observers out of Your Country

Han Solo Knows the Difference Between Right and Wrong

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Hebru Brantley

I Scream: Full Tilt

Malawian Stupidity: "Homosexual acts carry a maximum prison sentence of 14 years."

Dakota Fanning's Teeth. GAHHHHH!!!

Stranger Genius Award Winner Wins Another Award

Man Dumped From Wheelchair, Manhood Insulted

Oh, Man

Globalization Today

This Week in the Book Section

Caption Contest! Win Tickets to the Seattle Jewish Film Festival.

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Who Should Be Next Year's Genius of Literature?

Gregoire on McKenna: "He Does Not Represent Me." (And She'll Enter the Lawsuit Herself if She Has To.)

Obama Derangement Syndrome

Support Pours In For Gay Teenager In Georgia Who Is Taking His Boyfriend To Prom

Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Blood Squad Presents 'Leprechaun'

Some Stubborn facts about Israel

An Amazing Happy Hour at a Favored Dive

She Works For Fox

Cyclist Faces Off Against Herculean Motorist

Seattle's Favorite "New Column!"-ist....

RIP Alex Chilton

The Cadillac Tax for Beginners: Labor Dislikes It, But We May Need It

Things to Do Tonight (and This Weekend)


If You Want to Build a Glass House, Don't Throw Cars, Bullets, Etc.

Those Geniuses at Microsoft Have Done It Again!

Captain America Will Take His Shirt Off

Leather Week Is the Longest Week

What Time Is It? Oh! Poop O'Clock!

The Controversial Paralympic Games: "People with spinal cord injury will do something more outrageous..."

A Dying Baby Found Behind Store

Constance McMillen's Appearance on Ellen Today

House Approves Health Care Bill

Wow. They Actually Did It

Screening Tonight: Killer Crack

Seattle Art Museum Joins Photo Revolution!

Is This a Magazine?

On Animal Testing

Morning News

If You're New to Seattle, How Do You Meet New People?

Shall We Act Like Teabaggers?

Today in Amazon News: Kindle Users Clogging the Tubes and OR Says No

I Haven't Yet Watched the Most Recent Episode of RuPaul's Drag Race...

When It Comes to Chronicling the "Irish Experience"...

Headline of the Day: Anarchist-Vegan Edition

Currently Hanging: The Wonderful World of Mr. Washington's House (A Photo Essay)

"Does Anyone Have Advice on Moving to (and Colleges In) Seattle?"

What He Said

Choose Your Own Twitter

High School Principal in Georgia Tells Gay Teenager That He Can't Bring His Boyfriend To Prom

This Afternoon in McKenna-Related Fury: Brown Dismayed, Labor Council Upset, and Pelz Going for the Document Jugular

Good Work, Everybody: Max Prinsen Wins

ACLU Slams Burgess's Civility Bill

The Other Labor of Hercules

Reading Today: Big Pelt Talkie

Still Undecided on Health Care: Baird and Smith

"I have received your permission slip featuring what I can only assume is a levitating rabbit about to drop an egg on Jesus."

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: 'October Country'

WaMu Skeleton Makes Way for Chicken Fingers

When a Man Is Tired of London He Is Tired Of...

You Want Obama's What? I Can't Hear You! La La La.

Reading Tonight: Seattle Treasures Everywhere

Mariners, Current and Former

Birds Do It, Bees Do It...

We Can "Accept" Ex-Gays

Ohio Judge Orders Teenage Rape Victims to Undergo Lie Detector Tests

The Anti-McKenna Facebook Group

Diminishing Youth Violence and Damn Fine Cookies

Greenbeer O'Clock

Blogswarming the Speaker of the House for Action on ENDA

Reading Tonight: Voices Guided Him to Write a Novel

Award-Winning Balls!

McCain: GOP No Longer Willing to Cooperate With Dems

This Week in Film: The Runaways

Today in the Death of Privacy, and More

Healthcare Reform: Unpopular Before Passing; Popular After Passing

Ironically, I Found My Lawyer on Yelp

Youth Pastor Watch, O They Will Know We Are Christians, There Is No Morality Without Religion, Etc.

You Want Some B Roll of a Guy Yelling About B Roll in Front of a Green Screen?

Today in Nerd Excitement

Hey, Prickly Commenters

Sec. of State Sam Reed's Kidney Surgery

Allstate Insurance: Public Response to Itawamba Situation Is Coming

"Mr. President, This Is a Big Fucking Deal."

Today in the Politically Irrelevant

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

The iBookstore's Shelves Grow

Re: She Works For Fox

Former Washington State Governor Gary Locke Is on The Daily Show Tonight

Irish Guys Have Big Sticks

Mental Illness Is a Health Problem

Subject Line of the Day

My Dream Job

Three Seemingly Unrelated Things

Hahahahaha This Dinosaur Shark Tried to Eat Poop.

This Week in Film: Repo Men

Slog Commenter Book Report: Mara Loses, Finds Zeitoun

Flickr Photo of the Day

Space Cowboy Charged for Bomb Threats

"Where In Seattle Can I Get Awesome Underpants?"


"The Night Teenagers Ruled the World!"

Reading Tonight: Poets Everywhere

Tomorrow Is a Brighter Day

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Jay Steensma and Ree Brown

Out of Town

SL Letter of the Day: Are Gay Men Unbearable?

Happy Birthday, Glenn Close!

Adam Smith To Vote For Health Care Reform

Today in Traditional Marriage

Did You Know That @ May Date Back to the Sixth Century?

Another Opinion on Yesterday's Stranger Suggests

Health Care Debate Underway in the Senate

Made My Day

Biology is Beautiful

After Watching Nine Minutes Of...

Ripped Books

"This Is What Change Looks Like"

This Week in The Stranger

Today in What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People?

I Love....

Re: Strangercrombie 2009: The Sky Is the Limit

Meanwhile in Mississippi

Today in Accentuating the Positive

Long Live Polaroid!

Lunchtime Quickie: Whoop, Whoop, That's the Sound of the Police

Dan, How Fast Can You Get to Ohio State?

Drooling Over the Classics

McGinn Counts Cash From Unbuilt Chihuly Museum

The Morning News: Endangered Tuna, Evil Bees, and a Naked Nazi

Dialogue as Fishing (With a Guest Appearance by Biz Markie!)

What's In the Final Health Care Reform Bill

Cream Wolf

The Morning News: "Paparazzi-Style" Photos of Covert CIA Officers, Bellevue Wants a Tunnel for Light Rail, and the Google vs. China Saga Continues

SL Letter of the Day: A Sex Worker Is Born

How SPD Will Address Street Disorder to Preserve Jobs and Improve Our Quality of Life Is Turning One

Barnes & Noble Going Electric?

Brought to You by This Morning's Pot Brownie

SJFF Caption Contest Winners

And Now, the Health Care Lawsuits

SL Letter of the Day: Where Are All The Peggers?

Head of State Education Arrested for DUI

Required Reading: "An Open Letter to Conservatives"

Car Bombs and Cake

Drugs Are Bad, M'kay?

IFL Update

It's Official: Transportation Dept. Recommends Broadway Streetcar

Health Care Debate

So What Do You Get From This Health Care Bill Business?

Obama Health Bill Signing Coming Right Up, With Young Man From Washington in Attendance

Jesus Christ Supersize


'Sunset Boulevard'

Justin Bond

Nuclear Cowboyz

Hebru Brantley

Matias Aguayo, Pezzner

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

'October Country'

'Laws of Attraction'

In Memoriam