Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 25 - 31, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 29

Savage Love

HUMP! 2010

New Column!

I Heard Your Mom Likes It Hard

I, Anonymous

The Other Woman


Wizards of Oslo

Shoegaze Rockers Serena-Maneesh Find Bliss in the Abyss

Her Blues

The Dark, Witchy Minimalism of Scout Niblett

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets


It's a Hit

A Speed Round of 2010 Singles

Data Breaker

Roman Zawodny's Booming Techno and Deceptikon's Looming IDM

My Philosophy

Candidt Shuts Down The Corner; Graves Gets Contrary

The Score

The Ladies and the Electronics

Poster of the Week

Poster by Sacha Maxim

Party Crasher

Watchin' Tron, Drinkin' Blue


The Seattle Rock Orchestra's Tribute to David Bowie


Many Mansions

The Satori Group Tears Down the Fourth (and Fifth and Sixth and Seventh) Wall

Going for It

Ulysses Dove Releases Parts from Bodies at PNB

Burlesque Box

Libertease Burlesque at the Moisture Festival

Visual Art

Girl Is Nobody's Bitch

I Myself Have Seen It (You Can Too) at the Henry Art Gallery

In Art News

The Big WaMu Art Giveaway


Something to Lose

Sam Lipsyte Brings the Hurt with The Ask

Constant Reader

Heart Transplant

"You're reading your heart out into the void."

A Conversation with Sam Lipsyte About Humor, Finances, and Children as Greek Choruses

Food & Drink

What Have You Got, Toulouse?

A Week of Breakfasts at Queen Anne's Ornate Crowd-Pleaser

Bar Exam

The End of a Red Robin Era

The Happiest Hour

Via Tribunali

Chow Bio

Nettletown's Christina Choi


Economic Survival Guide 2010

How to Eat, Drink, Get High, Get Laid, and Stay Sane in These Apparently Unending Economically Challenging Times

Submit! HUMP! 2010

Call for Submissions for HUMP! 2010


GOP Stopper

What the Health-Care Bill Means for You, Elected Democrats, and Washington State's Teabagging Attorney General

Don't Be Cowards

The Mayor and City Attorney Need to Speak Up About the Civility Bill

Walk Softly...

Ivy League Badass Quietly Takes On Heavy-Handed City Rules

On Broadway

City Officials Recommend Streetcar Route

Police Beat

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

Drunk of the Week

Juggalo Surprise!

I Love Television

Last Days

The Week in Review


Your Tax Dollars at Work: Easter Edition

A Bad Time for Luxury Condos

And Our Spelling Bee Contest Winner Is...

Mariners Spring Training/Milton Bradley Is A Bad Guy Update

"It's Time to Kick It Old-School Again"

What Do Philip Roth, John Grisham, and Barack Obama All Have in Common?

Hyenas Laugh Is not Really Laughter

Pioneer Square Community Association Director: "Who is Tim Harris?"

McKenna's Lawsuit Like "an Erotic Dream"

Lunchtime Quickie: Sneaky Gays

Netanyahu Hit by the Success of the Heathcare Bill

Ain't No 'Mo

Reading Today: Nufer!

Morning News: Insurance Companies, Suicide Bombers, Rob McKenna, Pope—All Fighting the Good Fight

What a Christianist Revolution Looks Like

Pioneer Square Community Association Calls on Mayor to Block Real Change from Neighborhood

Glenn Beckwatch: A Book Shall Come

What's the Cheapest Way to Move Across the Country?

Can You Play NIMBY When Your Backyard is Pioneer Square?

SANAA Wins the Pritzker

Passover in the White House

Revelation of the Day: Cooking and the Oppression of Women

They Have Rehab for Nazi Cheataholics Now?

City Council Members Fire Back at McGinn's Ideas for Office of Housing

Health Care Reform Has To Go Back To The House For Another Vote

Scott Pilgrim Trailer Brings the Sound Effects

Reading Tonight: Moby (Yes, That Moby)

Pitch Perfect

Save the Stems!

Commuting Makes People Miserable

Bacon = Heroin

Coming Soon...

This Week in Film: How to Train Your Dragon 3D

June Havoc, RIP

This Week in Film: Sweetgrass

Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Not Forgotten

Talking Crazy Newspaper Warring With TBTL

California May Be First State to Legalize Pot

Report: Pit Bulls Responsible for Most Dog Bite Fatalities

Week in Review

The Morning News

Real Change Wants to Assuage Prickly Pioneer Square Residents

That Guy Charged with Threatening to Kill Rep. Eric Cantor?

This Week in Film: The Art of the Steal

Can't We All Agree That Children Are the Ultimate Oppressors?

Debunking an Inspirational Book Video That's Making the Rounds

This Week in Film: Chloe

You Should Go See Hot Tub Time Machine

Quote for the Day

"It's made from corn, doesn't have artificial ingredients, and like sugar it's fine in moderation."

Just Thought You Might Want to Know

Today in Seasonal Candy That Tastes Like Medicine

Headline of the Day

Derrick Martin Invited To Appear On Ellen

Move Over, Jared

Reading Tonight: Verhoeven and the Poets

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: 'Purple Rain'

Can You Buy Love for $5?

The Time Has Come to Discuss the Most Recent Episode of RuPaul's Drag Race....

RIP, Original Red Robin

Lunchtime Quickie: Meet Winston, The Cop Car Eating Bulldog

Hollywood Marxism Is the Global Narrative

I Hope You're Sitting Down

Amazon Does It Again

Behold: The Worst Building in Seattle

Asian Reporter? You've Done it Again!

Kos Poll: Murray 52, Rossi 41

American Hunger

The Morning News

As Seen on a Washington State Ferry

Today In What The Fuck?!?

Every Comment On Slog Should End With This

The War Room to Reopen as the Hunter Gatherer Lodge

Win a Spot in the Drunken Spelling Bee!

Today in Bummers

"Call In Tactical Tree Drops!"

Gay Lobby Files Brief in R-71 Case

Sunday baseball: Cubs 1, Mariners 0.

"You guys, I think we've been left behind."

Horse's Ass

Along with the Health Care Bill Provisions and Changes: Student Loan Overhaul

Transgendered Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna Betrays His Community

"My window is cracked, just a bit, and the air plays on my forehead like a cold whisper."

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: 'Sunset Boulevard'

Reconciliation Bill Passed, Congress Heads Home

Spam Of The Day

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Regional Spelling Bee

The Morning News: Obama Plans to Sign a Bunch of Stuff Today, Dark Chocolate Continues to be Good for You, and Middle School Students Continue to be Dumb

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Family Research Council To Declare Obama Our First "Radical Environmentalist President" Later Today

Three Neighborhood Appeals: One Now Hobbled, One Dead

Aussie Racism Is Alive and Emailing

How I Try to Get Slog Banned in China: Hu Yaobang, China and Google

A Streetcar Design That Safely Promotes Cycling

No One Could've Predicted

PAX Throws Down in Boston

Iceland Takes a Cold Shower

Imperial Torture Memo

Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Today in College Basketball

A Slog Sandwich with Bad-Movie-Trailer Bread

Notes Against the Prayer Warrior

How to Get Fined By the AHL

Ask Mayor McGinn Your Questions Now!

Yahoo Targeted in Chinese Attacks

Is Wikipedia Broken?

The Morning News: Bin Laden's Latest Message, Exploding Breast Implants, and Some Beautiful Volcano Footage

Today in Weird PR Maneuvers: The Space Needle Loves Public Process, Won’t Say Whether It’s Losing Money

Who's the Best Artist in Seattle This Morning?

Seattle Really Isn't The Best Place For...

Flickr Photo of the Day

So Couth, So Greenwood-y

Have a Dog? Have a Cat? Have a Sex Partner?

The End of Robert Culp

Around the Corner, Fudge Is Made

Useless Books I Have Gotten in the Mail, Part 17: OMG! How to Survive 101 of Life's Most F'ed Situations

Beautiful Bugs

"Two Girls, One GOP"

Bush Wipes Haitian Handshake on Clinton's Shirt

Could The Pope Be Indicted, Arrested, Tried, Convicted and Imprisoned?

It's International Waffle Day!

It Just Gets Better and Better (By Which I Mean Worse and Worse)

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Mother

Put Your Feet in the Air Like You Just Don't Care

iPads For All

"Kids 1, Insurance 0"

Year-Old Happy Meal Just as Delicious as the Day It Was Made

Ghost Gallery Moves into Former Crawl Space Space

"Health care reform is good for Seattle."

On Reichert's Opposition to Health Care Reform, As Reiterated from His Hospital Bed

Lunchtime Quickie: Wait, There's a Horse Trapped Inside This Filipino Drag Queen!

The Morning News: Obama Plans Offshore Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, Two More Suicide Bombers Hit Russia, and Beecher's Takes Manhattan

SL Letter of the Day: Should My Husband DTMFA Me?

Funny or Stupid?

Threats to Rep. Rick Larsen Over His Vote on the Health Care Bill

NASA's Out-of-This-World Bagel Expenditure

Raising the Discourse

Christian Extremists Plot to Murder Law Enforcement

How to Dial a Rotary Telephone

Today in Dogs Doing Things They Probably Shouldn't

What the Health-Care Bill Means for You, Elected Democrats, and Washington State's Teabagging Attorney General

The Subject Sam

RIP, China Gate

Flickr Photo of the Day

A Cold and Dark Morning in Magnolia

Bag Tax Does Exactly as Plastic Lobby Feared

Reading Tonight: Indians, Native Americans, and Stuff

What Famous People Live in Seattle or Surrounding Areas?

Lunchtime Quickie: Butt Caulk Surgery?

Today in People Is Crazy

Our Long National Nightmare Is...

Jesus + Mario = Awesome

Mythology Today: Obama Eats the World

"Should the pope resign?"

Lilith Fair Empowers Women to Support Anti-Choice Charities

The Reading Party Is Tonight

Currently Hanging: 'Champagne Truffles'

Today in Hilarious City Press Releases

Will Microsoft Get a Sweet Tax Deal at the Expense of Small Software Developers?

Derrick Martin's Dad

Whoriskey's Miracle Worker Closes at a Loss

You Won't Remember This Post

The Most Literal Website I've Ever Seen

Murder vs. Poop

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

The Dreaming Was Nice While It Lasted

Barack Obama: Optimized

Comic Book Nerdvana

Holy Legos!

Itawamba County School Board Distracted By Editorial In Today's New York Times

SL Letter of the Day: The Boss's Dog

Reading Tonight: You Know You Love Him

Recess Appointments for Labor?

The Pregnant Music

Today in the Religious Adoration of Technology

Things To Do This Weekend

Catholic Bishop: Gay People Don't Deserve Funerals

Inslee on McKenna's Lawsuit: "If Ronald Reagan's Solicitor General Can Figure Out It's Absurd, Why Can't Rob?"

Twilight Redux

SL Letter of the Day: Never Read the "Savage Love" Mail At Lunch, Never Read the "Savage Love" Mail At Lunch, Never Read the "Savage Love" Mail At Lunch...

Wasn't This a Beatles Lyric?

The Sounder Hooligans

Secretary of State Files Brief in R-71 Supreme Court Case

Today in "Does Rob McKenna Have a Case?"

Things to Do: Enumerating Gays, Pot Talk, and a Glass House

America and the Corporate Phoenix

Stuff of Nightmares

Canada Got the French, Australia Got the Convicts, We Got the Puritans

Things to Do Today and Tomorrow - Tap Water and Terrorism edition

China and Google in History

Origin of the World Wall

Reading Today: A Former Dominatrix and a Visual Poet

How Not to Price an iPad Newspaper

Texas University Cancels Student Production, Lt. Gov. Thinks Theater Is More Dangerous Than Threats of Violence

Holy Shit: The Catholic League's Official Response to the Church's Ongoing Pedophilia Scandal

Gregoire Vetoes 20-Foot Height Limit on 520 Bridge and Planning for Carpool Lanes With Light Rail

Battery on Battery Street

Reading Tonight: Not The God of Small Things

Sign of the Times, Pioneer Square Edition

Go to the Chihuly Museum Meeting Tonight

Christian Bigots: Barack Obama Our "First Gay President"

Today in E-books, Money, and the Future

Study: Porn Gives Children Unrealistic Expectations About Sex

Free Sweet Tooth

Jen Graves in Australian

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Grand Old Party: S&M Nightclub Edition

Scarface for Kids

McKenna and Falwell, Sitting in a Tree...

GoDaddy Sort of Backs Google in China

Flickr Photo of the Day

Sounders Match Open Thread

I Am Repulsed. I Am Impressed.

Finally! A Product to Cover Your Dog's Anus!

Constance McMillen Update: On, Off, On, Off, On!

This Week in Film: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Mayor Mike McGinn Foresees Civility Bill Passing by Veto-Proof Majority

Why Do Scientists Experiment on Animals?

Student Robbed in Columbia City, Possible Pattern Emerging

The iPad...

Lunchtime Quickie: The Southwest Airlines Shuffle and/or White People Are Funny

Mythology Yesterday

What Does the Health Care Reform Bill Mean to Me and You and Everyone We Know?

Currently Hanging: This Quite Nice Francis Celentano

Alleged Assaults and Dueling Pianos: Love is a Battlefield

New in Restaurants and Bars: YUM Edition

The Sweetest Movie About Teaching the Basics of Menstruation to a Young Girl with Down Syndrome You Will Ever See

On this Gray Morning...

"Ego Sum > Tu"

This. Is. AMAZING.

Teabag This

The Morning News: Unsolved Murders, Help for Homeowners, and What the Pope Knew

Hitchens On Catholic Church


Making Church Safe For Kids

Action Comics No. $1.5 Million

Who Serves the Best Banana Split in Seattle?

Fight Over A Sculpture in Yakima

Target America: Democrats Getting Increased Security Protection Because of Teabagger Threats

Today in Doom

Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: 'Firefall'

Endless Hanford

SL Letter of the Day: A Vaginal Reference

Challenge to Light-Rail Planning Kneecapped by City

"No one has the right to spend their life without being offended."

Gael Tarleton Fudges Clean Truck Facts

Bearshare and Screensaver

Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives

Headline of the Day

Overheard on the Retreat

Can McKenna's Lawsuit Be Stopped?

Barack Obama Has a Deep-Seated Hatred of White People...

Flickr Photo of the Day

Doug Nufer Tickles Your Frontal Lobe

This Guy Is a Fag

Reading Tonight: If You Only Go to One Reading This Week, Go to This one

Reading Last Night: Christopher Moore

Currently Hanging: Corin Hewitt, Live!

The Ultimate Betrayal

Revelation of the Day: Men are Less Human Than Women

SIFF Announces Opening Night Gala Film

What Does Seattle Think About the Chihuly Glass Museum?


Happy Hour at Ocho


Blue Scholars, Das Racist

Paul Verhoeven

'Purple Rain'

Magma Festival

Regional Spelling Bee


Illustrated Comment of the Week