Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 1 - 7, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 30

Savage Love

After the Fuct

New Column!

I Once Strangled a Hitchhiker


Broken Record

Love and God and Chance and Terror and the Entire Universe in Brighton Rock


Art House

The Man from London and the Condition of Cinema

Clash of the Titans: Unleash the Crappin’!

I, Anonymous

Bareback and Pregnant


Give Up

God Hates You and Owl City Is Proof

Low on Fire

Retribution Gospel Choir Rock Like Hell

Up &Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

New Singles from Tensnake, I:Cube, and Deniz Kurtel

Data Breaker

Great New Releases by Nerd Revolt and the Sight Below

My Philosophy

A Fresh Dose of Vitamin D

The Score

What Gives, Philip Glass?

Poster of the Week

Poster by Trevor Basset and Gaelyn Woltz

Party Crasher

Trying to Find Booze at a Guerrilla Art Party


Greg Attonito of the Bouncing Souls Comes to Seattle

Visual Art

Last Resort

The Disturbing, Rich Banality of Tourist Pictures


How to Learn to Love the 352nd Mediocre-Looking Book Handed to You by Your Books Editor

A Journey to the Center of Workaday Criticism via a Jewish Gangster Novel Titled The Iron Will of Shoeshine Cats

Constant Reader

On Book Readings, Heart-Crushing and Not

Food & Drink

Ten Great Things About Thai Curry Simple

Number One: It's Awesome

Bar Exam

The Brand-New, Actually Old Greatness of the Diller Room

Chow Bio

Danielle and Adrienne Jeffrey of Sweet Iron Waffles


How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands

Because nothing can muck up a sweet Seattle spring like having your face ripped off by a dog.


Why Do You Hate Them, Rob?

State Attorney General Rob McKenna Wants to Block Health-Care Reform from These People

How Rob McKenna's Lawsuit Can Be Stopped

(And Why It Probably Won't Be)

Police Beat

The Officer Who Did Not Pull the Trigger

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Catching On (Apr. 1)

Crossword Solution

Catching On (Apr. 1)

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Beating a Dead Horse


'Barton Fink'

'Point No Point'

Morgan Thorson, Low

William Vollmann



Kiki Smith

Tommy Tournament

Last Days

The Week in Review


State Attorney General Rob McKenna Is Not Transgender

Space Needle Says Gift Certificates for Chihuly Museum Fans Was a "Mistake"

On Defeating a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands

Biden: "No man, under any condition other than self-defense, has the right to raise his hand to a woman."

The Fabricated-Interviews-with-World-Famous-Writers Scandal Expands

Your Daily Dale

Two German Women Attempt to Board a Plane With a Dead Man

First, the Bad News

An Art Project Artists Don't Support

Census! Due Today! (Ish!)

Flickr Photo of the Day

Your Weekend Calendar: Christ-Free Edition

The Cow and the Country Doctor

Speaking of National Poetry Month

Comic Book Review: American Vampire #1

Book Sales Decline in 2009

Seattle Human Rights Commission Overwhelmingly Votes to Reject Burgess's Aggressive Solicitation Bill

Those Damning Undercover ACORN Tapes? A "Highly Selective Editing of Reality"

Counting Sleep

RIP, Chez Gaudy

Kirkland's Bernie Madoff: Rhonda Breard

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Paul Verhoeven

A Word on Group Shows

Is Cheating Good For Marriage?

Lindsay Lohan: No Money, Mo' Problems

Required Reading: New York Times Magazine On Whether Animals—Besides Humans—Can Be Gay

Are You Packed with $300 Worth of Talent?

You Have to Read This Week's Books Lead

Reading Tonight: Blurbed by Dan Rather

City’s 520 Consultants Send Discouraging Report

First Hill Improvement Assocation Rejoices at High-Speed Escalators From Light Rail to Top of First Hill

Professional Journalists of Western Washington, Prepare to Be Teabagged

Amazon Wants You to Know Who Is to Blame

All Your Wonderflonium Are Belong to Us

Lunchtime Quickie: French Women Are Hot, Part II


Borders Sticks Around

Freezing cold and excellent choose hole, alright!

Sounders Match Open Thread

Time Lords Among Us

Move Over "Keyboard Cat," Now There's "French Pop Standing Cat!"

Bristol Palin Plays "What If?"

Man Stabs Other Man Downtown After Aggressive Panhandling

How to Get Attention with New Work

Human Rights Commission to Discuss Burgess’s Civility Bill Tonight

"What's the best game-plan for 'the big one' in the Downtown area?"

Match Book: Books About Hong Kong

Tonight's Artwalk Is Huge

So He's Not Just Immune To Simple Human Decency Then?

Reading Today: Carmindy!

This Morning I Made Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes: A Photo Essay

Re: Your Daily Dale

I Like This

Morning News

Get Rid of the U.S. Senate?

Stupid Fucking Credulous Editorial Board

Cliff Mass: "BIG Storm Coming"

KFC's Quest to Kill Us All, or: When Is a Sandwich No Longer a Sandwich?

Reading Tonight: The Past and the Future

100 Attorneys Against McKenna's Lawsuit

Could 2012 Be Ron Paul's Year?

Today in Crushed Dreams (and Hilarious Parenting)

First Hands-On iPad Reviews

"Disturbing Easter Bunny with Dogs"

Today in Steve Scher's Brain

"I'm Charlie."

The New iPad Can Do a Lot of Things...

Sound Transit May Hike Light-Rail Fares

SL Letter of the Day: An Update & A Message For Constance

Strike Back Against the Chihuly Glasstroturf Campaign

Tonight! Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke

No Steak for You

Lunchtime Quickie: Dear Old Spice...

Don't Mess with Lady Crystal

The iPad and the Future of Media

Man From Selah, Washington Arrested for Threatening to Kill Sen. Patty Murray

Youth Pastor Watch

This Week in Film: The Exploding Girl

Tech People Aren't That Funny*

This Week in Film: Brighton Rock

Department of Too Soon to Tell, Amazon Edition

Hugo House Makes National Poetry Month as Painless as Possible

Morning News: Brought to You by the Letter S

Not Safe for Vegetarians: Burning Beast

Glasstroturfing (Or, the Newest Chihuly-Related Art)

Dave Ross and Businesses Pledge Money to Help Rescue 4th of July Fireworks Show

Jeffrey Wright, Who Would Profit From Chihuly Museum, Is a Major Republican Donor

A Restaurant and Bar That No One's Ever Been to Except Me Closes

So How Was Constance McMillen's Prom?

Burgess Amends Aggressive Solicitation Bill—For Third Time—And Licata Proposes Counter Amendments

Teabagging by the Numbers

For the Record

Teenage F-Bomb Bandit Gets $25 for Robbing Banks

The Morning News: Three Dead in Anacortes Refinery Blast, Many Governors Have Received Threatening Letters, and Last Month Employers Added More Jobs Than They Have in Three Years

How Much Is Tuition?

Signs of the Revolution?

Nice Work There

McGinn 520 Report: State Plan Creates Insurmountable Obstacles for Ever Building Light Rail on Bridge, but, by Adjusting Plans Now, "Light Rail Could Be a Reality"

Meat-Seeking Meathead

RNC, You Sexy Beast

Today in What the Fuck Is Congressman Hank Johnson Even Talking About?

This Morning I Was Really Cranky...

Such Nice Dogs...

I Couldn't Have Said It Better: The Case for Questioning the Chihuly Museum

Meanwhile in Egypt

Don't Forget: The Mayor's in Questionland Today!

Only the Best for the RNC

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

Back to Work, Hammering Man

33 years ago today

On Eroticizing Jean-Luc Picard

Africa on the Rise?

Pro-Chihuly Museum Officials Should Recuse Themselves From Considering Bids


Fruit-On-Fruit Crime

McGinn Seems Ready to Recommend Broadway Streetcar Alignment

A Pattern of Canadian Deaths

RIP, Kandahar Burger King

The Film Section Needs You!

Reichert: The Congressman of "No."

Good Lady...

Adventures in the Urban Jungle

Lunchtime Quickie: Unicorn Girl Goes to the Dentist

Are Chihuly Fans Being Bribed for Their Support?

Wall Street Today

Virus Attack!

Reading Today: Following a Dead Man

Another angle on E-Books

SL Letter of the Day: You Tried

Bullshit, Scrabble

Betty the Gentle Pit Bull

NASA Announces New Mission

Nerd Ragnarok

Microsoft and Starbucks Chip In $250,000 for Fireworks Show

Guitar-Wielding Man Tells Police "Bring It"

Cherie Priest's Year Keeps Getting Better

McGinn Backs Broadway Streetcar

To Do Today: Garbage Tours and Free Travel

Judge Declares Judicial Branch Still Exists, Orders End of NSA Warrantless Wiretapping

How's That Hatey, Crazy Stuff Working Out For Ya?

Reading Tonight: Groups or One-on-One

Pop Life at the Hidmo

February 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994

Readers Needed for Salon of Shame Tonight

Best Summary of Prom Controversy

Free Dance Classes at Velocity

They Can't Do It All

More from the Nexus of Art and Science

Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Zoning Issues May Impede Real Change's Move to Pioneer Square

City Council Approves Expanding Children's Hospital

Silent Reading Party Is Tomorrow Night

The Return of the Repressed: Sinead O'Connor Attacks Pope


Seattle Center Quietly Killed a Proposal for the Fun Forest Site and Then Backed Chihuly Museum

Week in Review

Fourth of July Firework Show Saved

On the Ethics of Book Piracy

Black Skin Is not All That

Yet Another Earthquake

Currently Hanging: Euan Macdonald's Mountain Goats and Sheet Music

Ask Mayor McGinn Your Questions Now!

Comment on the Chihuly Museum Tonight

A First Look Inside the Hunter Gatherer Lodge

Catholicism and a 500-year-old Cemetery in Peru

City Asks Supreme Court to Release Names of People Who Signed R-71

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Robbery, Quakes, and Beavers!

Fourth of July Fireworks Canceled

Stay Away from Peanut Brittle Today.

Wind, Baby, Wind!

Judging a Date by His Books

You Have a Few Hours to Ask Mayor McGinn Your Questions!

Opening Day, Watching the Mariners . . .

There Are Days That I Am Ashamed to Associate with the Publishing Industry

Super-Fan Field Guide

Reading Tonight: An Dantomine Eerly

SL Letter of the Day: Two Simple Words

A Kick-Ass Playground Alternative to a Pay-for-Play Glass Museum

A Lesbian Walks Into a Comedy Club...

This Week in Film: The Man from London

Slog Happy! Let's Party!

Today in Upsetting Questions

Flickr Photo of the Day

Things I Have Found on the Ground, Part 2 in a Series

Jailbreak Your iPad

Are You Packed with $300 Worth of Talent?

Chechen Militant Claims Responsibility for Russian Subway Bombings

The Last of the West

Oh, OH!

Hang Your Head in Shame, Tabasco

Morning News

The Pope Protected Pedophiles

Liberal Allies of City Hall Say Officials Are Failing to Protect City Interests from State Tunnel

Burgess Stacks Public Safety Committee With Propoganda in Favor of His Agressive Solicitation Bill, Omits City Human Rights Commission Report

Teal + Orange = Perfect

Anna Paquin Comes Out As Bisexual

SL Letter of the Day: Woman On The Verge...

Currently Hanging: Your Ship

Tomorrow is a Brighter Day: After the iPad

Todd Moore

A Death In Oklahoma

Do You Agree with Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna's Decision to Fight the New Health Care Legislation?

Old Lady Titman and the World's Oldest Bun

Unboxing Photos

Hari Kondabolu on the Health Care Plan

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

America Still Blames W

Man Plunges to His Death from the Empire State Building, Authorities Find Suicide Note in His Dorm Room

Dirty Deals Dino

The Brand-New, Actually Old Greatness of the Diller Room

"Do You Want Men Dressed as Women Teaching Your Kids?"

iPhone OS 4 to Be Revealed Thursday

This Week in The Stranger

The Morning News: The Vatican Says the Pope Has Immunity, Scientists Say Frogs Can Predict Earthquakes, and Russia's President Calls for "More Cruel" Measures Against Terrorists

Txori in Belltown Closing

Chihuly Cheerleaders Don't Address Why The Project Doesn't Belong on Private Land

Morning News

If You Don't Agree With Regina Hackett, You're an "Anti-Art Teabagger"

Reading Tonight: Crime, Science, and Mask-Kissing

Tarragon Is the King of Herbs

Today in Free Food and Drink

Golob's Position on Animal Testing and More

Rob McKenna for Governor

City Council Releases Draft Report on 520 Bridge Options

Morning News: The It's-Practically-Afternoon-Already Edition

How Not to Publish J.D. Salinger

Who Will Be the New Kid 'n Play*?

PR Firms and Tourism Interests Steamroll Chihuly Meeting

This Just In

Lunchtime Quickie: Don't Use Your Cell While Driving or... GINGERS WILL HAVE SEX?

Icon Grill Facade Falls to Pavement, Injuring Pedestrians

The Catholic Church Is Like the Jews...

John McCain Is Not a Maverick

Today in Ridiculously Exciting Facebook Updates

U.S. Authorizes Targeted Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki

Red Five Standing By

Yesterday The Stranger Suggested: Ocho

In Response to the Question

IFL Update

WikiLeaks: Collateral Murder

Nursing Assistant Suspended for Being Pantsless in a Resident's Room

Slog Commenter Book Report: Enigma Tackles El Monstruo