Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 20 - 26, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 31

Savage Love

Eat It Mister

I, Anonymous


What I Do

Seattle Filmmaker Gregg Lachow Talks about Seattle, Hollywood, and Why He Had to Walk out of American Beauty

Not Enough Money

Nice Setup, Poor Follow-Through

What Are You, Blind?

Iranian Film Blurs Line Between Sincere and Cynical

Lost in Om Puri's Face

Cocktails with an Actor Who Can Save Almost Any Film

This Week on TV

Movie Times

Film Shorts


Never Mind Fiction

Mark Lindquist's Take on Seattle's Music Scene

Live Music Listings

Giant Sand's Giant Heart

Navigating Howe Gelb's Emotional Floodwaters

All Ages Action

More Music Listings

Up & Coming

DJ Guide

More Up & Coming

Club Directory

DJ Listings


Visual Art

'The American Audience Is Terrible'

An Interview with Fran Lebowitz

Designing the Northwest

Streamlined Creations from Canoes to Mice

Visual Arts Listings


Food & Drink

Asteroid Cafe

Cut to the Marrow


When Hangovers Lose Their Allure

The Past and Present Get Down Together at Elks Lodge #1800

Mystery Train

Sound Transit's Deal with UW Foretells Big Problems

Personality Crisis

Senate Candidate Senn Kicked in Achilles Heel

Military Zone

Armed Forces Draft Public School Teachers into Their Recruitment Campaign

In Other News...

Police Beat

Our Darkling City

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

Culture Wars

The Gay Medea Challenge

I Love Television

Children of the Damned

It's My Party

It's All True

Book Supplement

The Anatomy of Difficulty

What Poetry is For

Poetry That Pushes

What You Might at First Hate

Rifficult Deading

The Year of Reading about Proust

Good Question

Is It Published Yet?

Tell Me A Story