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Jun. 22 - 28, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 41

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Height Increase Pays Off for North Capitol Hill

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Mass Expulsions Rock Cascade Middle School

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In Gay 43rd District, Gay Group Endorses a Gay... and a Straight

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Divorced From Reality

The Constitutional Amendment We Really Need Would Protect Us from Family-Values Hypocrites—and Protect Family-Values Hypocrites from Themselves

Pride 2006 Events Calendar

Pride Week Festivities, from the Broadway Grill's ABBA tribute to Wildrose's Wet T-Shirt Contest

Queer Issue 2006

Additional Amendments, Restrictions, and Bans

Ban Heterosexual Complacency

Meet the Oppressed Sexual Majority

Amend It to End It

A Risky Amendment Could Stop the Emerging Anti-Gay-Adoption Movement in Its Tracks

The Fag-Hag Emancipation Act of 2006

The First Thing We're Banning Is the Term "Fag Hag." The Next Thing to Go Is That Gay Ex-Nazi Trucker in My Living Room.

Marry Me a Little

The Civil Union Instigation Act

I Am Not a Butt Plug

The Seven Year Ditch

No Queer Child Left Behind

We Need to Remember "Our" Kids During Pride

Ban the Abs

A Few New Regulations for Gay "Art" Photographers and Their Patrons

PRO & CON: Ban Girls from Engaging in Drunken Displays of Faux-Bisexuality

Scummy Film

It's Time for a Moratorium on Bad Gay Movies

Life Sentence

A Fitting Punishment for Political Closet Cases

Ex-Ex-Gay Reparations

Legislating Tolerance

Making Health Clubs a Safe Space for Heterosexual Men

Three Strikes, You're Out

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Unpardonable Gay Crimes

Waiting Periods

Legislatures Across the Country Have Approved Waiting Periods for Gun Purchases and Abortions; We'd Like to Propose These Queer-Specific Waiting Periods


Woodland Creatures Speak Up for the Appropriating Names of Wildlife Restriction