Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 8 - 14, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 31

Savage Love

Give and Take

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Get Your Head Out of Uranus

Blue Scholars Aim to Scuttle Seattle Hiphop's Space Program

The Beach Joys

The Ruby Suns' Tropical, Antipurist Pop

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Animal Collective's ODDSAC

It's a Hit

New Singles from Erykah Badu, Michael Bublé, and More

Data Breaker

Eminent Techno Philosopher Thomas Fehlmann's Groove Science

My Philosophy

Skate Decks, Phonephreaks, and the Seattle Stimulus Package

The Score

The Ghost Bands, Idolaters, and Digital Fizz of Jazz

Poster of the Week

Poster by Andrew Sullivan

Party Crasher

Jesus vs. iPad: Who Will Win?


The Round with Jacob James and Sean Nelson


Comparisons Are Odious

But When It Comes to Family Drama, August Wilson Kicks Clifford Odets's Ass

Cultural Castration

Assimilation and Frigidity in Ching Chong Chinaman

Burlesque Box

Lost in Space! 2010: A Burlesque Odyssey

Visual Art

The Things He Carries

John Grade Leaves His Sculptures Alone on Mountaintops


Inside the Box

Corporate Euphemisms, Angry Librarians, Accusations of Bullying: The Tense Battle for Seattle Public Library's Future

Food & Drink

The Travesty of Dinner at the Space Needle

Do You Want More of What They're Serving at SkyCity?

Bar Exam

The Best Karaoke EVER Is Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke at Vermillion

Chow Bio

Casey James: Barista, Barista Boyz

The Happiest Hour

A Pizza Mart in the U-District


Dear Catholic Church: Excommunicate Me

How to Defeat Someone Made Furious by "How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands"

Because nothing infuriates pit bull lovers like using the breed as an example of a dog that might rip your face off.

So You Want to Get Excommunicated?

How to Stop Child Rapists and Hatemongers from Speaking for You


The Chihuly Glasstroturf War

A well-funded campaign wants to build a private Dale Chihuly glass museum on public land, but the public opposes it. Here's why it must be stopped.

Human Wrongs

Two City Council Members Ignore the Advice of City Rights Commission

Now or Never

Mayor Rolls Out Study That Shows How to Put Light Rail on the 520 Bridge

Police Beat

Safer Without a Pit Bull

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Playing Ball (April 8)

Crossword Solution

Playing Ball (April 8)

Drunk of the Week

Peter C.

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

What Do Kinky Authors Owe Us?

I Love Television

I Dislike You, Sandra Bullock!


Margot Quan Knight

Hugh Raffles

'The Cremaster Cycle'

King Khan & the Shrines

The History of Seattle Architecture

The xx, jj, Nosaj Thing

Help Out Columbia City Cinema

Freeway & Jake One

Last Days

The Week in Review


"Queer" As In "Fuck You"

God, It's Awful Outside

Megan Is Bringing Books to Slog Happy

Local Boy Makes Nerd

Leotarded Republican Talking Point

2010 Pulitzer Prizes Announced

Dear Queer Youth Space Activists, Cont.,

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Do You Like Food and Music?

Reading Tonight: Sports or Bugs?

On the New Hominid Species Discovered in South Africa

Sir Mix-a-Lot: "Why Not Have a Butt Right in the Middle of the Seattle Center?"

How To Thwart The Liquor Board's Un-American Plan To Stop 21-Year-Olds From Getting Wasted On Their Birthdays

Why Is Tina Fey So Mean To...

Today in iPads and Books

Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Patty Murray Released on $20,000 Bond

New 25-Story Building in Belltown to Be Demolished

Instant Karma for Cocks at Dick's

The Thinking Right Fear the New and Emerging Monster: Obamanomics

The Polish President Was Not All That

How to Defeat Someone Made Furious by "How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands"

"Sorry for Making You Hear All About My Upsetting Sex Life. Please Buy Nike."

Tonight: Cute Night OMFG!

Clip Art of the Day

Canadian Supreme Court Chokes On Tough Case

Excommunicating Ain't Easy

Lunchtime Quickie: This Is What Happens When You Break a 4-Year Old's Heart

Today in Nacho Platters That Are Cakes

Tonight: Top Chef Masters

The Beer Tax Cometh

Conan O'Brien, We Hardly Knew Ye

The Daily Show Helps Bring Armed Americans out of the Closet

A Good Reason for the Existence of Meth

How to Train Your Neocon

Bigwigs Battle over Chihuly Museum Tomorrow Night

SL Letter of the Day: Gay Porn Recommendations

"Why does the tap water in Seattle taste like Chlorine?"

Fuck Mike Huckabee

The Garbage Workers' Labor Disputes: Where Things Stand Now, Garbage Strike (?) Edition

Flickr Photo of the Day

Reading Tonight: The Seamy Sides of Religion and Science

"This cappuccino cup cake = for example: all great art."

Slog Happy Is Tonight!

Reading Tonight: Ahoy, Japan's Black Market!

Today in Class War

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (March 29: "You Are 86'd")

The Globalization of the Gut

On Broadband

Chase and Jordan Are Going to Prom

Happy (Home) Opener!

This Is Some Clever Spam

Brokeback Mountain: The Prequel

McGinn and the Seattle Arts Commission Size Each Other Up for the First Time

Who Agrees With McGinn That We Should Replan the 520 Bridge to Include Light Rail?

The Latest Volley in the War over the Proposed Chihuly Museum

Dating Tips for Guys

The Home That Allegedly Phoned

Things I Have Found on the Ground, Part 3 in a Series

Are You Packed with $300 Worth of Talent?

A Budget!

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (March 24: "Watch Your Back")

City Report Guts Claims in Aggressive Solicitation Bill

American Taliban

The Smoking Gun

The Lesser of Two Evils?

The Seattle Times Wins a Pulitzer

Church-Sponsored Felon Housing Going Nowhere Fast

The Morning News

Today in Lunch

Explaining the Google Books Settlement

Police Beat: Guns and Dogs

SundaySundaySunday!: The Cremaster Cycle Live-Slog

Just Got My Ride Back

"B-b-b-b-but, I thought Obama was destroying the economy..."

If This Were My Puppy...

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (April 4: "The Fucking Pain")

Salvage from Paul Thiry's Historic House Going on Sale

If You Don't Teach Kids About Sex in School or in the Home…

City Blocks

The Cremaster Cycle Live Slog

Lunchtime Quickie: Ukrainian Men Very Very Sexy

Suffering from Eurotrash Envy

Meanwhile in Oregon: Bill Donohue Vindicated!

Lunchtime Quickie: Whitney Houston is Trapped Inside a Taiwanese Boy

My Letter to the Catholic Church

Stupak Quits

PlayStation Move: Fun, but (as of Yet) Inessential

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

MatchBook: Funny Girl

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Lunchtime Quickie: Little Brothers Ruin Everything

Inside the Battle for the Seattle Public Library

Is That a Yarmulke on Sen. Patty Murray? And Did That Guy Really Just Say That About Hitler? Yes, Yes, and More from Yesterday's Tea Party Rally in Yakima.

Today in Seattle History: The Goddess Kring

Urbanized Penguins Exist!

City Leaders Condemn Council for Ignoring Human Rights Commission

Speaking of Sandra Bullock's Hitler Poopstache...

The Stupid Never Stops, Pt. 2

Slog Happy Is in One Hour

The Anti-Cop March in Photos

Reading Tonight: Judging Books by Their Covers

The Hideout: Staying Open

An Investigation Was Probably Called For...

The A.W.A.R.D. Show! Is Back

The Strange Stuff People Steal

The Garbage Workers' Labor Disputes: Where Things Stand Now, Allied edition

The Morning News: Obama's Bow, Palin's Dough, Twitter's Ads

SL Letter of the Day: Undermining the Sacred Sanctity of Opposite Marriage

Tim Burgess, Sally Bagshaw, and Richard Conlin Vote Against City's Human Rights Commission

Pork Shoulder Is the King of Meats

Uh Oh Tremerz!

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Baby Penguins, a Post Office for Sale, and Crime

Pope on the Ropes, Part 498

Would You Please Consider Using the Words "Carpet Squirrels" Rather than the Word "Rats"? Thank You.

Pulitzer Controversy and the Provincialism of New York

An Important Announcement About the Eating of Spring Rolls

Dept. of Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

RIP Malcolm McLaren

Reading Today: Madness and Mayhem!

Beautiful Day for a Yakima Tea Party

Day After Opening Day

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (March 30: "Damn Liberals")

Morning News

Is Whistler Too White?

The Anti-Cop March

The Morning News

And They Did It Without the Help of Chihuly

Last Night: the xx, jj, and Nosaj Thing at the Showbox SoDo

More Penguins in the Hood

The Mayor Answers Questions About the Chihuly Museum, Seattle's School District, and His Relationship with City Council

Last Night on Top Chef Masters

On the Failures of the Catholic Church

Killer Design

And That's Why It's Called Teabagging

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (March 26: "Not That I Hate You")

The Air Traffic Controller of the Restaurant

Vegfest 2010 Is This Weekend

This Week in Film: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

Ask a Yakima Tea Partier: What's a Pike Street Whore?

Currently Hanging: Sense Us 2010

The Stranger's Web Department is Hiring

A Good Look at the Midterm Elections

This Week in the Music Section: Blue Scholars vs Seattle Hiphop's Space Program

"What is the best item to be found in Uwajimaya?"

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

SL Letters of the Day: I'M SICK OF THIS QUESTION

This Week in Film: Dancing Across Borders

Blaming the Media Didn't Do It, Blaming the Victims Didn't Do It, Blaming Anti-Semites Didn't Do It, Blaming the Jews Didn't Do It...

Today in Wonderful and Just Developments; or, You Know What's 10 Million Times More Fun Than a High School Prom?

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (March 22: "One Piece of Lead")

Glenn Beckwatch: A Fearsome Rain of Haiku

Show Some Muscle, Mayor

Pain and Palin

How's That Hatey, Crazy Stuff Working Out For Ya?

Have a Suggestion for a Vegan Restaurant Worthy of an Anniversary Dinner Celebration?

A Little Good News Out Of Montana

Birther to Be Court-Martialed

Your Novel Is Not Quite Ready Yet

iPhone OS 4

The New Yorker's Centaur Satyr Fetish

Tired of Anti-Cop Marches?

Talking with Caterpillars

Portland's New Housing Project Geared for Cyclists

Glenn Beckwatch: Vote for the Greasy Toga Man Cover

Opening Day!

You Will Soon Be Tripping over E-readers

Hey Everybody! I Got an E-mail from God!

The Morning News

How Dare Anyone Suggest That The Tea Party Movement Appeals To Or Attracts Or Is Run By...

Twitter: Now More Annoying

24 Million Mobile Phones in Mexico Will Be Dead Tomorrow

Why I Want to Fuck Barack Obama, and Other Games

The Location of the Universe?

Morning News: Brought to You by the Letter B

John Grade's Art Parade Is Being Shut Down

Youth Pastor Watch

"Health Care Is Gonna Fix It so You Don't Live so Long"

Currently Hanging: Colleen Hayward

Justin Bieber's Teeth Are Too Small

A Theory Concerning Pit Bulls

He Is a Very Fancy Truck

Kangaroos Grow Up to be Nightmares

You Do Not Have a Book Deal...


Provoked and Careless

Where Exactly Did Malcom McLaren Die?

"Avoid Even Marginal homosexual Conduct"

Liquor Board Proposal Would Ban 21-Year-Olds From Buying Booze

Dear Queer Youth Space Activists...

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Ugly Swedish Babies and a "Good Kid"

Nine Hours at SIFF Cinema

Separated at Birth?

Good Afternoon

Reading Today: Not the Losers of the Floating Bridge Press Poetry Chapbook Award

Puss in Boots

This Is What the Seven-Foot-Tall Kangaroo Sounded Like...

Currently Hanging: Margot Quan Knight

The Stupid Never Stops

This Week in The Stranger

No Left-Wing Palin

White Women Are Lonely in China

Would You Please Consider Using the Word "City" Rather than the Word "Community"? Thank You.

Where's the Best Prime Rib in Seattle?

Rewarding Iowa

Do Nurse Strikes Have Killer Consequences?

Caffe Vita Owner Charged with Assault, Hit and Run, and DUI

Today in Breakfast

The Morning News

Arrest the Pope?

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (March 27: "On Social Security and Medicare")

40 and 20 Years Ago Today

This Week in Film: City Island

I Thought This Place Looked Familiar

A Curious Fact Concerning Donald Rumsfeld

Do You Like Bad Movies?

How to Not Get Laid by Your Fellow Correctional Officer

Pulitzer Prize Winning Homophobe

Hey Virginian Racists—Now You Can Celebrate Confederate History Month with Alabamian Racists Again!

Powerful Women, and the Men Who Threaten Them

Such Nice Dogs...

SL Letter of the Day: Sharing A Laptop


The Bacon is Strong with This One

The Future of Trash in the Northwest: An International Symposium

The Voice Mails of Charles Alan Wilson (March 23: "God and Guns")

Life Imitates Art, "Top Chef" Edition

Police Beat: Safer Without a Pit Bull

Lunchtime Quickie: A Man and His Dog

Lust's End: The Lusty Lady to Close

Capitol Hill Community Council Fights for Aloha Extension to Broadway Streetcar

Reading Tonight: Lamottage, Freedom Rock, and the Umpire Empire

Live-Slogging, briefly, the Mariners

Get the Fuck Out

Headline of the Day

City Youth Want More Green Space, More Freedom to Be Kids

Naming Rights

Assassination Explication

HUMP! 2010 Is Coming...

An Emotional Tour of the Henry

Illustrated Comment of the Week