Print Edition for the week of
May. 4 - 10, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 33

Savage Love

Pornoholics Anonymous


Men In Sandals

Do You Like Movies about Gladiators?

The "Sleep" of the Just Okay

Docu-narrative-essay Starts Strong, Loses Focus

The Smell of Breck

Sofia Coppola's Debut Nails Atmosphere, Lacks Gravity

Movie Times

Film Shorts

This Week on TV


All Hands on the (Blank) One

A Gaggle of Writers Tussle Over the New Sleater-Kinney

Surrender to Jonathan!

The Missing Link between the Velvets and the Ramones

Up & Coming

CD Review Revue

Fun Art Rock

Not an Oxymoron

DJ Guide

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Visual Art

The Man Upstairs

Preacherman Kaleb and His Occult Following

Culture Wars

Our Eurotrash Library

Our Bad Art World

Jed Perl Does Not Like What He's Seeing

Visual Arts Listings



Music and Word Must Merge

An Interview with Abiodun Oyewole

Book Review Revue

Top 10 Bestsellers

Readings Listings

Food & Drink

Les Tamales

Where Ai-Yi-Yi Meets Ooh-La-La


A Movement & A Market

I Went to the Millennium March on Washington and All I Got was This Lousy George Michael Mousepad

Driving for Dollars

A New Advertising Strategy Targets Seattle Commuters

The War on Drunks

Seattle Neighborhoods Get Tough on Cheap Booze

Police Beat

In Other News...

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

I Love Television

Our Perfect World

It's My Party

I Bet You Didn't Know...

It's All True



City Of

Summer Lovin'

Mindless Music Works in the Summertime, but Not All Summer Music Has to Be Mindless

cd reviews


Hidden-Name Spelling Bee

The Sampler

No One Is Safe from the Sampler

Reject Roundup

Roundly Rejected