Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 15 - 21, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 32

Savage Love

Judgment Day


You Kill Like a Girl

Kick-Ass Almost Kicks Ass


I Can't Stay Mad at You, Rotting Corpse Arm!

Art House

Barking Water

Death at a Funeral: Comedy About Death Signals Death of Comedy

Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky: Breaking the Enchantment

The Life of the World to Come: For Mountain Goats Superfans Who Have Never Seen the Mountain Goats

The Joneses: It Would’ve Made Great TV

I, Anonymous


Careering Again

John Lydon and the Unlikely Rise of Post-Punk Pioneers PiL

Happy When Skies Are Gray

Dark Time Sunshine's Rupturous, Voluptuous Vessel

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Record Store Day vs. the Internet, Round Three

Data Breaker

Mutant-Techno Invasion by Akufen and Stephen Beaupré

It's a Hit

New Singles from Mark E and Umek

My Philosophy

A Fuck-Ton of New Local Hiphop

The Score

A Jazz Explosion and an Organ Improvisation

Poster of the Week

Poster by Lisa Dank

Party Crasher

Eschewing Bubble Rules, Playing Flaming Tetherball


Sub Pop Wants to Give You Free Money


Phoning It In

Watching Theater in Second Life

Yoshimi Meets the Rocketeer

A Poppy Dance-Play About Forbidden Love and Robots

Visual Art

Text Message from Pennsylvania

The Secret Life of a Jeff Koons Sculpture in a Town of 6,000


The Art of Photographing Photographs


Constant Reader

Cartooning About Art and Commerce

The Silent-Reading Party

On the Unexpected Sexiness of Many People Quietly Reading and Drinking in Public

"Making art does become a war of attrition"

James Sturm on Teaching Cartooning, Cofounding The Stranger, and How Comics Aren't Disposable Anymore

Food & Drink

Super Dave's Super Sushi

He's Got What You've Been Looking For

The Happiest Hour

The Lookout on Capitol Hill


The Law that Targets "Strange" People on the Street

How Homeless People Became Pawns in City Council Member Tim Burgess's Fight for Power, Money, and Control of City Hall


Mad Haters

Angry Tea Partyers in Yakima want to distance themselves from the man who allegedly threatened to kill Patty Murray. But he sure sounds a lot like them.

Police Beat

And the Lord Said, “Smoke Some Crack Tonight”

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Pencil Men (Apr. 15

Crossword Solution

Pencil Men (Apr. 15

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Torn Between Three Lovers


Growing, Eric Copeland

Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke

'Demolition Man'

Sean Johnson

Rebecca Skloot

Tamarind Tree


Block Party for Elliott Bay

Last Days

The Week in Review


Trans Student Suspended from Same School in Mississippi That Canceled Prom, Later Hounded Out of Town

Do You Want to Get Totally Annoyed?

Lunchtime Quickie: Canadian Kid Kissing

It's Like 1984 All Over Again

Culinary Revolution in Georgetown

SL Letter of the Day: Just The Way You Are

Useless Books I Have Gotten in the Mail, Part 20: Girlfriends Are Lifesavers

The Morning News: McGinn, Bisexuals, and a "Fuck You" Choir

History in the Making, or Libertarians Make Sense for the First Time Ever!

It's Tax Day: What Did You Pay / Get Back?

Is There An IQ Test You Have To Fail In Order To Adopt a Pit Bull?

A Win-Win for McGinn

What I Did on Spring Break

Queer Youth Space: "Not Shackled to the Grant"

Tonight: Lunatic Farmer Joel Salatin Tells You What's What

Tonight in Jokes: Rory Scovel at the Comedy Underground

Mayor McGinn Sure to Veto Anti-Panhandling Bill, Force Council to Vote Again

The Future of Books

Organized Crime and Books: It Gets Worse

Meanwhile in Oklahoma

SL Letter of the Day: Sheet Storm

Required Viewing

Call Me Quagmire

Flickr Photo of the Day


LOST Tarot

Line Out is Crazy Today

Flickr Photo of the Day

Currently Hanging: Carl Jung's Mental Break, Or Art for When You're Stoned at the Bookstore

Good Job, Amazon

Foster Parent Agency in Maryland Discriminates Against...

You'll Never Get Away From Me

Good News for the Catholic Church!

Reading Tonight: We've All Been Raptured to Book-Heaven

Are Soundgarden Playing a Secret Show Tomorrow Night?

Mitt Romney: Man of the Tea-ple?

Parents Against the Chihuly Museum

Key Bank Robbed at Fourth Avenue and Union Street Earlier Today

Lunchtime Quickie: Shake Weighting

Re: Currently Hanging: A Bronze Sculpture Without a Label (That I Could Find)

I'd Go To This If I Could

Reading Today: A Bad Author and a Good Poet

Elderly Gay Couple Forcibly Separated, Abused, Robbed By County Officials in California

Multigenerational Households Are Up, Retail Sales Are Up

Blaming the Lithe, Limber Victims

The City Wants to Hear from the Under-30 Crowd

Didn't Get Tickets to Tonight's Sold Out Soundgarden Show?

Council Member Rasmussen Overrides Tunnel Concerns Raised by Local Advocates

A Preview of What Rob McKenna's Going to Argue at the U.S. Supreme Court Next Week

Now That We've Established There are Some Hockey Fans in the House...

I Get Letters

Crime in the Age of the Global

46th District Democrats Vote Overwhelmingly to Oppose Burgess's Aggressive-Solicitation Bill

Leg Wrestling in Fremont

Where Are the Best French Fries in Seattle?

Metro Natural!

DADT and Military Intelligence

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

The Morning News

Looks Like Fun

Lunchtime Quickie: Japanese Critter Kissing

Meaningless Statistic

Mr. Microphone Controls the Party Bitchez, Ya Heard?

This Week in Film: Am I Right?

Proposed Income Tax Would Discriminate Against Domestic Partners

But Will She Sue?

Today in New Publishing Models, Part 1


The Morning News: British Anti-Semites, Barfy New Jerseyites, Self-Righteous Cilantrophobes

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Scent of a Woman

Is Barbara Kingsolver "affraid to make such white-day robberies?"

The Week in Alleged Booze Heists

The Swedish Evening News: Stuff Happens

So That's What a Random Assault Onboard a Metro Bus Looks Like

Janice Langbehn on Anderson Cooper

The Spy Who Flunked Me, Cont.

Good News: Greg Lundgren to Re-Open Vito's on Madison

Dear Oddfellows...

Gabourey Sidibe Hosts SNL: The Promos

Lunatic at Large

Let's Be Honest.

The Spy Who Flunked Me

Mike O'Brien vs. Mike O'Brien

Rainbows Are Possible

DADT Protesters Heckle The President at a Fundraiser in DC

Preferable to Catholic Priest Ken

Lawmakers Slam Burgess's Aggressive-Solicitation Bill

Suicide Isn't Funny

Confronting the Competition

This Week in The Stranger

Required Reading for Readers

This Guy Gets To Decide Who's On the Human Rights Commission?

Bad Anonymous News

This One Smells Like an Erotic Thriller

President Orders U.S. Hospitals to Recognize Gay Relationships

Today in Book-Banning: Funnybook Edition

Confidential to the City Council

Depressing—But Required—Reading

Scott Baio Vs. Lesbian Shit Asses: It's On

Polling the Tea Party

Jeff Smith on De-Bone-ing a School Library

Texas Protects Traditional Marriage...

Part Of The Problem

Obesity is Structural

Today in Anonymous Relationship Advice

Lobbyist for Taxi Companies Pleads the Fifth, UPDATED

Tomorrow Night at Central Cinema: Strangercrombie Made Good

Reading Tonight: Decide Between John Edwards or Barack Obama

This Is Pretty

It's 4/20: Come See a State Supreme Court Judge, a State Senator, the City Attorney, and a Defense Lawyer Talk About How to Legalize Pot

Return to the Nexus of Art and Nature

Why I Love A General-Interest Bookstore with a Good Art Section

Typography Fail

Baseball. . .

Meanwhile in Portland

The Twibary of Congress

It is 10:00 a.m. You May Now Go Buy a Book.

Jack Herer, R.I.P.

What are Some Good Examples of Typical American Cuisine?

Breaking: Bike Missing Wheel

O’Brien Will Vote Against Aggressive-Solicitation Bill

Bitches: Is There Anything That Isn't Their Fault?

Note to Architectural Photographers

Dan, You're Worrying About the Wrong Fault Line

Reading Tonight: Weird Science

A Review of Last Night's Soundgarden Reunion Show

Mike O'Brien: He Opposed Panhandling Penalties When He Ran for Office But Now Says He Will Vote for Them

Why They're Hollering

Do You Like Free Books? Do You Like Booze?

The Moral Majority in Africa

Beached Whale In West Seattle

Mayor McGinn Will Veto Aggressive-Soliciation Bill if Possible

New iPhone Model Leaked, Probably Real

Inside Seattle's Guatemalan Book Dealer Gang Epidemic

Freshly Ground Black People: "Why Anyone Would Be Offended, We Don't Know"

Betting on Physical Books

Mad Haters

Sally Bagshaw Holds Up Public Bidding on Chihuly Museum Site

The Morning News

Money From Stalin Funds the Tea Party Today

On Gay Superhero Parties, Superhero Misogyny, and a Disappointing Ass-Kicking

The Morning News: Crushing, Greening, and Heckling

Sonoma County Officials: Clay Assaulted Harold

America's Most Powerful Union President to Resign

Repent: Coronal Mass Ejection Heading Our Way

How Much Did President Obama Pay in Taxes?

You Have to Read Dominic Holden's Piece This Week About How Homeless People Have Become Pawns in Tim Burgess's Fight for Control of City Hall

What He Said

Hillary for SCOTUS? Bill Approves.

Courtney Love Is Dead

Seattle Gets $20 Million for Energy Conservation

Hitler Sought Jesus-Powers

This Shit Is Starting To Freak Me Out

Currently Hanging: Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon

Mike Huckabee's Very Bad Week

"When they got them out they were dead."

The Real Question about the Mariners Slogging this Year

Fran's, Intl.

I Wish It Were April Fool's Today

Do You Tip When You Get Take-Out?

The 1.7 Million Dollar Man

Legal Experts: Aggressive Solicitation Bill Unconstitutional

4/19 Truthers!

Inaccurate Reporting in The Stranger? An E-mail Exchange With Rob McKenna Spokesperson Janelle Guthrie.

Say It Ain't So, 'Mo

How's That Hatey, Crazy Stuff Working Out For Ya?

Roy Ashburn Gets Hard Time

SL Letter of the Day: CL Wanker

Talkin' Trash With Kathy Lambert

Opposition to Aggressive-Solicitation Bill Keeps Growing

Tahoe 911 Bomb Squad

Celebrate 420 by Getting Smarter!

Rape a Child...

Lunchtime Quickie: Heg Eyes!

Reading Tonight: Constraints and Book Clubs

BREAKING: Mariner Has a Penis

What Is Your Checklist for Last Night?

Virtually Theater

Flickr Photo of the Day

Mike O'Brien Is a Pushover

This Week in Film: Death at a Funeral


Alex Chilton Didn't Have Health Care

Are You Packed with $300 Worth of Talent?

Frigid Wallabies

This Week in Film: Kick-Ass

On the Eighth Day, God Tagged the Universe

D.C. Approves Marijuana Distribution Centers

Bumbershoot's New Economy Ticket

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

This Week in the Music Section: Vessels and Bosoms!

More Horse Sex

Headline of the Day

Aggressive Soliciation Bill Appears Dead

The DADT Protest, The White House Freakout

The Closing and Hosing of John Grade's 'Elephant Bed'

Hung On The Cross

Reading Today: Cartoons and Suicide Notes

The Morning News: Catholic Shame, Nazi Hate, and Gay Triumph

Anybody Here Care About Hockey?

Dear Science: The Origins of Democracy and A New Meaning of Kissing

Where Are The Marching Bands?

This Week in the Music Section: Johnny Rotten...A Hippie?

Octopus Attack with a Happy Ending*

An Unfunctional But Ornamental Race

Deputy Mayor Fujii to Resign

Groups Unite to Demand Funding for Bike, Ped, and Transit Improvements

Currently Hanging: A Bronze Sculpture Without a Label (That I Could Find)

Today in New Publishing Models, Part 2

Week in Review

It's Not the Crime, It's the Cover Up

Who Will Lead SEIU? Challenger Gains Momentum Against Stern Favorite

Supreme Court Scraps Ban On "Crush" Videos

Today in Mariners' History

Jade Pagoda Building: An Empty Shell No Longer

Big Day in Baseball History

First Class, Bitches!

Today in Planning Ahead

The Morning News: Goldman, Going Big, and Going After Sin

Before the Vote

Putting Our Bodies On The Line

Perfect Weather for Sitting by a Fire

City Leaders Consider Lawsuit if Aggressive Soliciation Bill Passes

Three District Democratic Groups Vote to Oppose Burgess's Bill

Aussie Racism Is Alive and Twittering

The SEC Strikes Back

The Straight Dope About Pot

Up There

The Trustworthiness of Beards

Illustrated Comment of the Week