Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 22 - 28, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 33

Savage Love

All Apologies


Creative Destruction

Ajami Starts with a Shove and Ends with a Shovel

Oceans: I Literally Learned Nothing

Nutting Up

Single Motherhood and The Back-Up Plan

You’ve Been Losered, Bitch

Six Paragraphs About The Losers, in No Particular Order


Chick Flicks

I, Anonymous

Battered and Fried


Is She Wierd

The Return of Jenn Ghetto's Sad-Bastard Solo Act S

This Is Rocket Science

Wehrwolve's Highbrow Star Trekking

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

The Understated Majesty of the xx

It's a Hit

New Singles from MGMT, Lady Gaga, and More

Data Breaker

Rave on It's Hyper, Happy Glow Shtick

My Philosophy

E-40, State of the Artist, WD4D, and More

The Score

Cranky, Suspicious Peter Garland: The Real Thing


Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band News (and More!)

Poster of the Week

Poster by Shana Cleveland

Party Crasher

Celebrating 26 the Frida Kahlo Way


Dance: 10, Book: 3

Music Saves the Day in 5th Avenue's On the Town

Show Stopper at the Seattle Rep

An Iliad So Intense, One Lady Begged It to End

Burlesque Box

Bad Motor Booty

Visual Art

A Q&A with Mayor Mike McGinn

What Kind of Art Does Your Mayor Actually Like?

Are You Our Guy?

What Mike McGinn's Mayoralty Means for the Arts


Winning the Race

A Review of a White Man's Overview of a Black President's Life

Made for Walking

Strolling Around Manhattan with Two Poets

Constant Reader

A Block Party for a Bookstore

Food & Drink

Hot Lunch

Discussing Student Food, Chicken Nuggets, and Reality TV with the Head of Seattle Public School's Nutrition Services

Chow Bio

Jason Stratton of Spinasse

The Happiest Hour

Sluggers Bar & Grill


The Landscape of Irony

Hanford Site is not just a radioactive catastrophe. It's an ecological paradise.

Death and Graffiti

A Tour Through a Tomb in Sodo—and What It Has to Do with Banksy's New Movie


Brave New Waterfront

Fresh Blood Brings New Life to a Decadelong Debate on What to Do with the Waterfront

Keeping the Machine Broken

Beating Back a Flawed Aggressive-Panhandling Bill Entailed Beating Conservative Money—Again

Mystery Man

How Republican Dino Rossi's Refusal to Declare His Candidacy Hurts Him and Helps Patty Murray

Illustrated Comment of the Week

Crossword Puzzle

Three Beers (April 22)

Crossword Solution

Public Editor

Stranger Public Editor and OSHA Board of Governors Member (Retired)

Control Tower

I Love Television

Stephen Hawking Gets More Tail Than Me


Chauney Peck

'The Eclipse'

Key Lime Pie at the Night Kitchen


Emerald City Soul Club Presents: Talcum

Neil Innes


Sherman Alexie and PEN Authors

Last Days

The Week in Review


"Recipe Suggestions for Coffee and Booze Drinks?"

The Morning News: Fungus, Oil, and Crazy

You Should Only Be a Little Excited That California May Legalize Marijuana in Seven Months

Christian Sex Advice: Think of Your Spouse as a Filthy Toilet...

I'm Glad Charles Burns Is Not a Photographer

A Far Cry from Woodward & Bernstein

A Muslim Leader in Kenya Might Force Football Fans to Cross a Crocodile-infested River

The Week in Shoplifting

Chicken Cannibalism

The Alleged Banksy at the Harvard Exit: I'm A Doubter

Not the SL Letter of the Day

Now That's a Financial Reform Speech

Is That a Tiny Horse?

43rd District Dems Oppose Aggressive Panhandling Bill

Superintendent Tim Gallagher Resigns from Seattle Parks Department

Reading Tonight: Shut Up!

Boobquake, Art Edition

Who's the Better Festival Meme?

From the Front Lines of Crazy

Cumulonimbus Clouds Over Africa

Spaghetti and Meatball Cake: The Wrongness

Correction: The Seattle Times Comany Did File an Amicus Brief Defending Washington State's Public Records Act

Chimps and Death

White House Backed Away From DADT Repeal Days After President Promised to Scrap Policy "This Year" In His SOTU Address

Reading Tonight: Him Again?

Your New Sushi Superhero: Super Dave*

One Less Republican Challenging Murray

New Restaurants and Bars: Benbow, Bisato, Burgers, and More

Reading Today: Walking and Talking

KING 5 Takes Money in Exchange for Editorial Content

How'd That Happen?

What He Said

This Week in Film: Ajami

Window Washers Dangling, 35 Stories Up, in Downtown Seattle

Get Your Ass off the Couch

A Simple Priest Rapist

Slog, Meet Your Future Babies

Everybody Knows That Chris Ware Is a Genius...

Smoked Out

Brave New Waterfront

Pretend to Drink This Broken Glass for Mummy, Darling


Currently Hanging: Adam Satushek

Boobquake, Book Edition

Your Sunday Sermon

Lunchtime Quickie: Pony vs. Girl vs. Ostrich vs. Dad

New Favorite Thing This Hour: Cheesebush!

City Attorney Pete Holmes Asks State Supreme Court to Withdraw AG McKenna's Anti-Health-Care Lawsuit

McGinn: Don't Break This Promise Again

Children's Hospital Expansion Deadline Passes Unchallenged

Two Black Eyes and a Conflicted Heart


The Columbia River and Wonderous Humans

State Income Tax Campaign Refiles Initiative—But Still Gathering Signatures For Now

Belgian Priest Admits Abuse, Resigns

Bread and Circuses

You Should Read the New Issue of n+1

SL Letters of the Day: False Rape Accusations Are Inexcusable

Why Doesn't He Call It "Salog?"

The First Pill Designed to End Premature Ejaculation

Seattle Times Angry That McGinn Ignores Them

Boobquake, Art Edition

And Arizona Strikes a Blow for Stupidity, Police-State Tactics, Racial Profiling...

We Can Haz Banksy?

Our Graffiti Is Better Than Your Graffiti

Public Hearing on Citywide Budget Cuts Tomorrow

Those Wacky Thieves

Crying Is Toxic for Baby Brains

Um... South Park...

Currently Hanging (and Spilling): Catherine Grisez

Found in the Office

Boobquake, Art Edition

Five Sentences from My Review of The Losers

Reading Tonight: LOLZ and PENs

Currently Giving Her Show Away: Chauney Peck

Glenn Beckwatch: He Should Try to Trademark Nazism

What The Hell Happened To South Park Last Night?

What If Tea Party Protesters Were...

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Retro "Viral" Videos

Battle of the Funny Words

Mary Kay Henry, California Nurse Organizer, Will Be New SEIU Chief

Senator Kline to Mediate Ex-Felon Housing Dispute

This Is How You Celebrate Earth Day

The Morning News

Shut Down! Baja Fresh in Bellevue

Reading Tonight: Of Steinbeck and Hoboes

This Week in the Music Section: The Return of Jenn Ghetto, S, and Carissa's Wierd

"Could a Significant Earthquake Set Off Mt. Rainier?"

What Is Dino Rossi Up To?

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in White Lady Christian Rap

"Great old school tween movie?"

Save the Date: Verse Chapter Verse on Friday, May 14th

State Sen. Darlene Fairley Calls It Quits, Says, "Life Is Too Short"

Slog Commenter Book Report: Enigma Goes Mad for The Book of William

Today in Absurd: IHOP's Latest Enfattening Effort

Ruining Your Afternoon


WTF Mariners and Arizona suggestion . . .

Flickr Photo of the Day

No Excuses Now!

Please Don't Blow Up Slog!

Something Called the NFL Draft Starts Today

Today in Random Video Mashups

This Week in Reinventing the American Musical

Tomorrow: Rob McKenna's Big Day in Court on Behalf of Washington's Open Records Act

This Week in Film: Oceans

Novella Review: A Happy Man

Boobquake, Art Edition

The Stranger Gong Show: The Countdown Continues

'The Art of Marketing Art in the Age of Total Economic Annihilation'

Your Purell Won't Save You from E. coli

SL Letter of the Day: It's After The Dump

How Much Do You Want an iPad?

M's, current and former

Ken Hutcherson vs. The Day of Silence

Boobquake, Art Edition

Because Owning a Bookstore in Pioneer Square Isn't Hard Enough...

What You See If You Go to Revolution Muslim's Website

Call Me Old Fashioned...

Comedy Tonight to Benefit Vera Project

Tax the Rich

I Do Go On

Today in the Increasingly Violent Messages from the Far Right

You're a Lucrative Intellectual Property, Charlie Brown

Dan Savage Comes to Questionland Tomorrow

Three SPD Officers Selected as Semifinalists for Seattle's Next Police Chief

Mayor Says We Don’t Necessarily Need to Hire More Cops to Improve Public Safety

It's the Weekend: Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Man Robbed at Machete-Point Next to Lake Union

The Good News

No "SL Letter of the Day" Today

Youth Pastor Watch

The Opera Gloves Come Off In Pennsylvania

Slog's New Mascot?

What Do You Do More: Sex, Dancing, or Photography?

Ideology Today: Graffiti and the Oppression of the Middle Class

What He Said

Opening Today on Capitol Hill: Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

Need to Relax?

Reading Tonight: Ignoring Greil Marcus on Van Morrison

Classic Funnies

Today in Regrettable Improvised Desserts: The Muddy Jungle

"That Night We Made Love Now Officially Cost Me $325 in Parking Tickets and a Stolen Bicycle Wheel. Totally Worth It."

This Week in The Stranger

The Joni Balter Drag Race Challenge. (Or, I Accept!)

Aggressive Solicitation Isn't a Women's Issue

Porn for SEC

Dan Savage Will Start Answering Questions at Noon

Flickr Photo of the Day

Courtney Love Killed by Pit Bull

SL Letter of the Day: Another Satisfied Customer

The Morning News

Seattle Center Opens Public Bidding Process for Chihuly Museum Site

Meanwhile in Kentucky

Catholic Church Stonewalls Maine TV Station on My Excommunication Status

Microsoft's PR Department Must Be Shitting Their Pants Right Now

Harry Wappler, RIP

Cities Have Graffiti

Boobquake, Art Edition

All the Supreme Court's Friends (And a Question: Why Isn't the Seattle Times One of Them?)

Boobquake, Art Edition

Democratic Source Slams Not-Yet-Published King 5 Poll That Allegedly Shows Rossi Beating Murray

This Week in the Music Section: Wehrwolve

Check Out Professor Mark Kleiman Talk About How to Reduce Crime and Reduce Punishment Tonight at Town Hall

This Happened to Me Last Night.

Something's Coming, Something Good...

McKenna's Chances Before the Supreme Court? Hard to Call.

Today, and Yesterday, In Mariners' History

Arizona & Virginia: First They Came For The Blah Blah Blah...

GetEQUAL Strikes Again

What's Worse: Sock-Puppetry, or Blaming Your Wife for Sock-Puppetry?

Aspiring Career Criminal Busted For Robbery of Criminally Stupid Pit Bull Owner

Reading Today: Autism and Poetry

What Is Elisa Hahn Wearing in this News Segment?

E-Cards and Metal Detectors

The Morning News: Trash, Tea, and Taxes

The Boycott Last Time

Lunch Date: The Slap

Paul F. Tompkins Coming to Re-Bar

The Morning News

Dead-Slogging the Mariners in Chicago

Make Your Own E-Books

Tomorrow is a Brighter Day: Tron for Real

The Stranger Gong Show: The Countdown Begins

Scalia to Those Who Want to Keep Petition Signatures Secret: What Happened to "Civic Courage"?

The Path Forward: An LGBT Leadership Town Hall

A "Savage Love" Letter From Arizona

Americans: Economy Still Bush's Fault

Final Boss Level: Supreme Court

The Morning News

It's a... Russian!

Don't Click on this Link!!!

Council Chides Mayor for Delaying Police Hiring

Lusty Lady Announces Going-Out-of-Business Play Day Bash

Herding Porcupines

Intolerant Islamist Douchebags...

Useless Books I Have Gotten in the Mail, Part 21: Emails from an A**Hole


Bruce Harrell Slams Seattle Times for Claiming That He Doesn't Understand Public-Safety Problems for Women

Garbage Strike Already in the Can

Garbage Strike Standstill

Blood On Your Handset

Seattle Parks and Recreation Knows How to Creep Things Up

This Saturday: The Stranger Gong Show

Boobquake, Art Edition

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Zombie Raccoons Are Going to Eat You

Reading Tonight: Obama Fantasy-Land and a Hip Hop Salon

Toronto Market Forces Strikes a Blow for Sexual Morality

Week in Review

You're Doing E-Books Wrong

Mississippi Goddamn: High School Erases Lesbian Student From Yearbook

Today in Immigration, Civil Rights, Arizona, and the Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles

The Morning News

Get Your Ass off the Couch

Boobquake, Art Edition

Required Listening

Currently Hanging: Ellen Ziegler

Poll: Voters Want to Create Income Tax for the Rich, Fix Regressive Taxes for Poor and Middle Class, and Eliminate the B&O Tax for Small Businesses—So Why the Hell Hasn't the Legislature Done It?

"Like it or not, you can't just quit."

What Will Become of Lawrimore Project?

Maybe You Should've Thought About How Your State Was Still Reeling From The Recession...

Restore Stephen Baldwin!

A Study on Black Empathy

Does Poster Giant Suck?

Just In Time For Spring: Free Gardening Advice

The King 5 Poll on Murray vs. Rossi

It's All Over Except the Legislating

Weird, Neat

"This is Alabama. We speak English."

Where's My Jetpack?

Bill Gates Sr. Thinks Petition Signatures Should Stay Secret, Doesn't Much Like the Initiative Process Anyway

So That's What That Huge Kaboom Was About

Arizona Plates? Your Papers, Please.

Where Did All the Funnybook Porn Go?

Cussing at Amazon, Kissing Their Readers

Giant Baby Made Out of Meat

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Creeps and Robbers

Now This Is Going Up on the Wall Outside Our Office

Worship Pastor Watch

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Lousy Communist Cockroaches

We Haven't Forgotten About You, Itawamba Agricultural

Boycott Arizona

Best New Chef: Jason Stratton of Spinasse

Mayor's Veto Will Hold With Burgess on Vacation