Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 29 - May. 5, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 34

Savage Love



Tehran Rock City

Basements, Beats, and Beatings in No One Knows About Persian Cats

Roman Holiday

Four Grannies, a Motorbike, and the Bearable Lightness of Being

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Don’t Fall Asleep!!! But Good Luck Not Falling Asleep

I, Anonymous

Beware of Grandpa


Another Greener World

Eluvium Drops a Balm on You

Revisionist History

Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now! Correct the Mistakes of Pop Music

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

More Sputtering Praise for Los Campesinos!

It's a Hit

New Singles from Andrew W.K., the HotRats, and Shelby Lynne

Data Breaker

New Releases by FlyLo, Prins Thomas, Mark Van Hoen, and Vex'd

The Score

A Big Week: 35 Crashing Chords and a 12-Hour Concert

My Philosophy

Remembering Guru of Gang Starr

Poster of the Week

Leonardo Hartomo

Party Crasher

The Jobless Skool Kids Can Now Afford Booze!


Something Endearing and Something Evil


Arid, Extra Dry

"Awesome" and the Underdeveloped West

One Week, Four Dances

Sex, Death, Party, and Forgery

Burlesque Box

Begging and Stealing with Ben DeLaCreme

Theater News

The Stranger's New Pay-for-Play Theater Coverage

Visual Art

Where's All the Arts Patrons At?

Lawrimore Project's Troubles and the Struggle to Be Extraordinary in Seattle Art


Constant Reader

An Untoward Destination

Deleted Scenes

Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels and Why the Catholic Church Causes Pedophilia

Ten-Word Book Reviews: Comics!

Food & Drink

Sorrow at the Dojo

Dumpling Disappointment Is Extra Disappointing

Chow Bio

Pat McCarthy of DeLaurenti's

Happiest Hour

Downtown's Gothic Noc Noc


The Kinktrepreneurs

Seattle's Other Urban Craft Uprising

What Are You Doing? Fashion & Style Edition

The Stranger walks in on an underwear maker, a window dresser, a dressmaker, a stripper, some nightlife freaks, a satanic-apparel designer, a buyer at Crossroads, a dead-person's-junk salesman, and others.


Payday Pushback

Immigrant Workers and City Leaders Prepare to Take On Wage Thieves

Pay for Play

KING 5 Takes Money in Exchange for Editorial Content

Tax Me, I’m Rich!

An Interview with Bill Gates Sr., Promoter of Income Taxes for the Wealthy




Crossword Puzzle

Covering All the Bases

Crossword Solution

Covering All the Bases

Dear Science

Public Editor

Stranger Public Editor and OSHA Board of Governors Member (Retired)

I Love Television

Disasters, Death, and You


'American Psycho'

'An Iliad'

Los Campesinos!

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

The Stranger Gong Show


Lauren Weedman

Washington Hall House Party

Last Days

The Week in Review


YO YO YO! Joseph Ducreux!

Reading Tonight: One "G" Silent, One "G" Loud


Currently Hanging: Sean Alexander

Point Break Tonight at Central Cinema

What's for Dinner Tonight?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

For Your Stomach's and Your Ears' Consideration: Free Food, Free Show

Carissa's Wierd Reunion Scheduled for July 9th at the Showbox!

Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

ACLU and Host of Other Legal Groups to Sue Over Racial Profiling Law

Jennifer Coolidge Coming to the Triple Door

Real Change Move to Pioneer Square Set for May 21

The Internet Is Made of Cats

The Villain Owns the Art

SL Letter of the Day: The Leverage You Have

Lunchtime Quickie: Honest to Goodness Gotdamn Honesty

This Has Been Everywhere Today—Except Slog

Friskies: Now Featuring LSD

If You're a Writer, You Might Want to Know About These Upcoming Events

Depressing Book News

Teens and Sexting in Illinois

Today in Anonymous Gratitude to Foxy Public Servants

Northwest Noir: The Son of Satan Lives in Oregon

GOP Lawmaker Caught Looking At Porn During Abortion Debate

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Reagan Dunn's Big Gay House

The Morning News

Arizona: The Hits Keep Coming

Give a Mushroom, Win a Pizza

Jason Wilson Wins a James Beard Award, Finally

Reading Tonight: The Angle of the Dangle

Street Vendors = Street Safety?

Seattle Center Master Plan Designers to Evaluate Chihuly Museum and Other Public Proposals

Did You Buy a Lottery Ticket at the South Broadway Foodmart in Everett Last November?

"A White Male in His 40s"

Not His Preferred Alternative: The Mayor's Response to Gregoire's 520 Bridge Plan

SL Letter of the Day: You Gonna Eat That?

Corey Haim...

Exercising Your Lady Bits

The Politics of the Los Suns

Oklahoma, Florida, and Nebraska: Aggressively Attacking Women's Rights

Color Theory

Meanwhile in Florida

Mysterious Email of the Day: Fail? or Big Win?

The Morning News

You Should Dance So Good

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

"It's the Problem in the Marriage Bed No One Likes to Talk About..."

Today in Anonymous Dissing of the Goddess

All You Other Really Old Pieces of Wisconsin Toast Need to Step Off

Whatever Lifts Your Luggage, George

The Time Has Come to Discuss the Finale of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2

Mother's Day is 6 Days Away...

Good Luck With That

Pretzel m&ms!! Or: Dear m&m's, You Are Forgiven

Reading Today: You Are the Griddle/I Am the Meat

Lunchtime Quickie: In Finland, They Have Haaawt Cats

This Weekend in Fuck Yeah

The World of Ahmadinejad

Are Video Games Art?

Big, Bad Meatpackers

Doe v. Reed: Inside the Oral Arguments

Is Apple the New Microsoft?

The Red Flag

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Microsoft Aborts Rumored iPad Killer

What Are They Feeding Those (White) Kids?

This Weekend: The Things Your Mouth Wants You to Do

He's A Middle-Aged Man...

The Morning News

Rape Victim "Collaborated" With Rapist

SDOT Reassesses Burke Gilman Trail's Missing Link

A Few Thoughts on Free Comic Book Day

Cascade Bicycle Club Takes the Green Bike Project to SE Seattle

This Week in Film: No One Knows About Persian Cats

You Learn Something New Every Day

SL Email Exchange of the Day

Clearly a Lover, Not a Fighter

Happy Star Wars Day!

Lunchtime Quickie: Screw Lions, Squirrels are King

This Is A Test

The Morning News

Open Up: Seattle Erotic Art Festival Is On

Flickr Photo of the Day

City Budget Hearing—Live!

Pay for Play: The Response

Port Trucking Reform Finally Reaches Congress

Glenn Beckwatch: The Beginning of the End?

A Perfect Space for Words and Ten Word Book Reviews

Leaving Arizona

Sally Bagshaw—Blogger!

The Stranger Gong Show 2010

America Is Writing Its Own Self-Help Book

The Morning News

Muni Court Throws Tantrum Over Budget Cuts

Dino Rossi's Latest Problem: Unpaid Taxes

Lunchtime Quickie: What's German?

Today in Fast-Food Advertising Copy

Thirty Business Groups Unite Against City Tax Hikes, Call for "Efficiencies"

Lynn Redgrave...

Gold Star Comment

Gay Couples and Families Included In Immigration Reform—For Now

Reading Today: Get Your Free Comic Books

John Paul Stevens's Final Question

It's a Mystery

Gold Star Comment

Today in Arizona

Today in Ancient Rumors

Ideology Today: Wall Street's View of Right and Wrong

This Week in Film: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Flickr Photo of the Day

Killing iPad Killers

A Few Words on Seattle Police Chief Contender Anne Kirkpatrick

Do You Want to Raise King County's Sales Tax?

This Saturday at the Crocodile: The Stranger Gong Show!

Deep Thought

Tomorrow Is a Brighter Day: Future Offshore Wind Farm

Good News for Patty Murray

"Make It Work..."

Headline of the Day/Today in Bowels

Gawker's Guide to Boycotting Arizona

Glenn Beckwatch: He's Right...and Right

Modern and Contemporary Curator Leaving SAM

Pope o' the Mornin' to Ya!

Um... Because He Comes In Them?

Pedestrian Dies After Being Hit by Truck on Sidewalk

Oh, Oops! The Best Thing Ever Happened!

White Comedians I Have Seen at the Airport: A Retrospective

Seattle Erotic Art Fest 2010, in Photos

Slog Commenter Book Report: Enigma's Cavalcade of Comics

This Saturday Night: The Stranger Gong Show

Bad Man of the Day

Gregoire Unveils Her "Preferred Alternative." (Or, "520 is Ready for Light Rail. Light Rail is Not Ready for 520.")

The Morning News

The Spy Who Pretended to Love Me

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Murder, Suicide, and Theft

The Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal Gets a Sex Tape

City Council May Boycott Arizona

In Case You Missed It...

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Bad Taxidermy

The Pope Is Really Very Seriously Thinking About Maybe Someday Kinda Sorta Apologizing To All Those Kids His Priests Raped (Some With His Help)

Must Like Cheerios

The New York Times Takes a While to Get the Joke

This Will Be a Reasonable and Organized Discussion

Prosecutors Won't Seek the Death Penalty for Isaiah Kalebu in the South Park Rapes and Murder

SL Letter of the Day: This One's For The Normal Guys

They Like To Gripe About Mean Atheists...

"Are There Third Pronouns in Foreign Languages?"

This Is Me in Five Years

This Man Is Not Happy With Gregoire's 520 Plan

"Go black people!!"

Where Do You Drink Before Going to a Mariners Game?

Keep Digging, GOP, Keep Digging...

What If You Threw An Anti-Gay Rally...

What He Said

Mr. Stickney Goes to Washington. (And Furiously Calls Out The Stranger on the Steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.)


The Best Shopping List in The History of the World

Andrew Keating, Still Beating

I'm Starting to Feel Bad for Toyota

Headline of the Day

Drill, Baby, Dr... Oh, Wait.

This Week in Film: The Back-Up Plan

Look at These Amazing Photos of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Exploding

SL Letter of the Day: When Does The "Friends Rule" Kick In?

Amazon Plays Rough With Penguin

Have a Drink, Eat a Hot Pepper

A Fundraiser to Consider

Dear Parents of Students Enrolled in a Publicly-Funded "Private" Catholic High School In Canada

The Morning News

Where Are You Safer: At Church Or In A Strip Club?

So It Looks Like Sex Toys Are "Natural" Too

Reading Last Night: On the Shame of Being From Arizona, and Murdering Rats

Council Will Seek Funding for Streetcar Extension to Aloha Street

What Are You Doing? Overseen in the Office Edition!

Cat Stevens Will Not Be Adjusted!

A Dog Owner's Lament

This Thursday's Artwalk (INCLUDING FREE PARKING!)

A Dead Mother and Her Dead Babies

Reading Tonight: Mostly Good Titles

Stone Age Funnies

A Charitable Donation in Ayn Rand's Name

Mockery Has a Role To Play, Nick

Comic Sans Is a Cancer: City of Seattle Edition

Here Comes Our 51st State?

Meet George Reker's Luggage Lifter

Gregoire on McGinn (And McGinn on Gregoire)

You Gotta Love the Soda Industry Flacks

Your Post-Lunchtime Game Diversion

Google to Start Selling E-books This Summer

McGinn Will (Personally) Boycott Arizona

Bare-Breasted Women Tearing Up Tyranny (Again)

The Huge Star Coming Out In the May 5 Issue of People...

The Internet Is Made of Cats: UPDATE

Do People in New Orleans Really Need More Character-Building?

Week in Review

Reading Tonight: Stranger-related Events Everywhere!

All You Other Large Irish Viking Necklaces Need to Step Off

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

Laura Bush Feels Guilty (No, Not About That)

How Many Nuclear Warheads Does the U.S. Have?

Reading Tonight: The Doctor and the Fisherman

RIP Leslie Buck

Keep Digging, Arizona

ArtsJournal Hacked

Where Is Seattle's Embarrassing 1970s Side?

Catholic Priests: They're Not All Child Rapists

Acting Parks Superintendent Has Cancer

I Missed The Stranger Gong Show Last Weekend

A Review of the Blurbs on the Box of the DVD Release of The Descent Part 2

Jizzy Tissues or Germy Donuts: Which Is Grosser?

New Logo of the Day

The Immediate Meaning of Shanghai Expo 2010

Guilty: The New York Police Officer Who Allegedly Shoved a Critical Mass Rider

Film Footage of a Five-Year-Old Flannery O'Connor (Plus Some Crap about the Tony Awards)

Kleenex Hand Towels: That Sound Is Trees Crying

Alleged Times Square Bombing Failure Identified

Keep Digging, GOP, Keep Digging

Black Comedians I Have Seen at the Airport: A Retrospective

Isn't It Awful When The Authorities Stereotype A Breed Like That?

The iPad Inspires a Few Dozen New Book Pirates

Clip Art of the Day

Happy 50th Birthday, the Pill

It's Not The Dog, It's The Owner

The Problem With Seeing Pollution

Anti-Arizona Protests

One Way to Plug an Undersea Oil Leak: Nuke It.

"How to Write Like Lindy West"

2012: Nerdvana!

Poisoned Kids Meds: Not Just for China Anymore

Greenwood Arsonist Pleads Guilty

The End of the Seattle Mystery Bookshop Sign Dispute

Finance Director Sets Targets for City Budget Cuts: “We are looking at a bunch of really bad choices.”

Think I'll Wait a Bit Before I Put That Diamond-Encrusted Ring on Craigslist

The Arts Politic

Currently Hanging: Eli Hansen

Is Every Right-Wing, Anti-Gay Christian Bigot Sucking Off Rent Boys?

John Mayer Thinks He's a Taste-Maker

You Have No Privacy on a Kindle

Youth Pastor Watch

May Day Rally In Support of Progressive Immigration Reform

Radical Environmentalist Blew Up Oil Rig

From Foreclosure to Terror

How Do You Convince Frank Blethen That an Income Tax Is a Good Idea?

Today in City Press Releases That Could Really Use a Dose of Comic Sans

Today in Things That Would Have Made Jesus' Life Much More Pleasant

It's Not About Politics, or Religion, or the Economy

Currently Hanging Out in Questionland

Feminist Sympathizing For Dummies