Print Edition for the week of
May. 6 - 12, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 35

Savage Love

Round Up


Cultural Relativism Makes Me Uncomfortable!

Lindy West Cannot Lie: She Would Be the White Baby

Iron Man 2: More Iron, Less Fun

Art House

Breath Made Visible at NWFF


It Came from 1996!

The Secret in Their Eyes: Love and Death and Not Making Out

I, Anonymous

You Skinny Bitch


Gas Giant

The Sight Below's Uncontainable Ambient Atmospheres

Further Away

An Extended Interview with the Sight Below

Brevity's Rainbow

Unnatural Helpers' Quick-Tease Garage-Rock Act

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Sleepy Eyes of Death and Feral Children

It's a Hit

New Singles from LCD Soundsystem and M.I.A.

Data Breaker

Dosh’s Weird Beat Science, Monster Planet’s Odd Ambience

My Philosophy

A Fresh Dose of Vitamin D

Poster of the Week

Sasquatch! Poster Show

The Score

Rare as Hell: Two Brand-New Operas

Party Crasher

Eating Steak and Destroying the Planet on Earth Day


Ben Barnett's New Band Blunt Mechanic


We Stink!

A Choreographer Reviews The Stranger's Dance Coverage

Theater News

Lauren Weedman Uses Herself as a Punching Bag

Visual Art

Loving 'Fleeting Beauty: Japanese Woodblock Prints'

With Just One Suggestion to Improve the Show at SAAM

In Art News

The Hand-Wringing About SAM

'James Ensor and Georg Baselitz' Fight it Out at SAM

It is a Rout; Ensor Is Declared the Winner


Meet Your New Neighbors

Hotbed of Gay Sex, Meet Hotbed of Literature

Constant Reader

I am Chuck Palahniuk's New Novel

Food & Drink

There's No Wrong Way to Eat Dessert

Poppy's Dana Cree Is a Magical Human Being

Bar Exam

The Secret Identity of Kristos on Eastlake

Chow Bio

Green Tea at the Japanese Garden

The Happiest Hour

The Owl N' Thistle


To Be or Not to Be?

More people die of suicide in King County than from traffic accidents or murder, but no one likes to talk about it. A few words about the history, meaning, and practice of suicide, from third-century Christian death cults to the Aurora Bridge.


Supreme Ironies

Anti-Gay Bigots Get Smacked Down by a Conservative Supreme Court Justice and a Republican Politician During the Arguments over the R-71 Signatures Case

Chief Concern

South Seattle Leaders Want a Changing of the Guard in New Police Chief

In Other News

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Crossword Solution

Down and Around (May 6)

Control Tower

The Naked Truth Is Not Online

I Love Television

Stephen Hawking Gets More Tail Than Me

Last Days

The Week in Review


My Birthday Is Coming Up...

Today in Technology, Tablet-Shaped and Otherwise

Are E-Books a Two-Horse Race?

Court: Rekers' Anti-Gay Testimony Not "Credible" Even Before He Got Caught Hiring Male Hookers

SL Letter of the Day: Good Question!

Headline of the Day

George "Rentboy" Rekers Lifts His Own Luggage

Case Closed

What Does Obama See in Elena Kagan?

Welcome to Seattle!

Let's Not Chew This One Up and Spit Him Out

Rekers' Rentboy: We Had Sex, Rekers Is Gay

My Teenager Is Innocent...

NASCAR Is Boring

Local Women's Rights Advocates Weigh in on Kagan Nomination


Borders Gets In On This Whole "E-Book" Thing

Speaking of Mothers Day....

Winning the War on Drugs

A Big Day for Truthers

Initiative Would Renovate Key Arena to Woo NBA Back to Seattle

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Stupid American Tourists

Against Fan Fiction

Republicans on Why Terrorist Watch List Members Should Get to Keep Their Guns

Brand-New Restaurants: June and Luc

Can You Think of a Single, Itsy, Bitsy, Teensy, Weensy Defect In the Constitution as Originally Conceived?

Sarah Palin, "Your a rino!"

Re: The Ultimate Distillation of Tetris Evil: Hatetris

You Don't Say

Does Your Computer There Have a Mouse? Do You Like to Click on Things?

You Can't Escape Superhero Movies

You Guys Are Never Gonna Guess Who Made Fortune Magazine's "Ten Most Accountable Big Companies"

Can They Blame This On Gay Marriage?

Polls, Polls, Polls

Bill Murray Reads Poetry to Construction Workers

Cheyenne Jackson

A Big Box of Hair

Officer Being Investigated for Misconduct Apologizes

The Five Thousandth Corn Dog*

Creepy Baby Roomba

If You Know How to Read, You Should Come to the Reading Party Tonight

Man Allegedly Instigates One-Sided Bar Fight Over Spilt Booze

The Return of the Prodigal Gun

iDouche Redux

Reading Today: Snacks for Teens, the Immigrant Experience, and Other Thrizzles

Brunch at the Twilight Exit

We Might Not Want To Kick All The Illegal Immigrants Out of the Country Just Yet

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

On Europe's Trillion

This Week in The Stranger

Libraries Can Filter Web Content for Adults, State Supreme Court Rules

George "Rentboy" Rekers Talks To Teens About Sex!

Dan Fanelli Can Spot a Terrorist. Can You?

Frank Frazetta

Gabbin' with Sally Blogshaw

SL Letter of the Day: You'd Better Sit Down

Bonus SL Letter of the Day

Afternoon Vicarious Adrenaline Rush

Tonight in Witches Who Are Also Teens

Human Centipede Does Not Appeal to Me...

Celebrate the New CakeSpy Shop Tomorrow!

Today In Homonyms

What Roger Valdez Said About HIghways

Seattle's Next Police Chief Narrowed to Interim Chief Diaz and Two Californians

Homemade Nutter Butters

Jenna Bissell Has Two Mommies...

Traffic Report

Go See Lauren Weedman Tonight

A Dancer/Theater Person/Artist Rips Us a New One

Jon Stewart: Yes, Kagan Is Just Like Miers...

The Criminal Produces Crime

Lena Horne

Pope o' the Mornin' to Ya!

Add This to Your First Thursday List

Congressional Dems Promise Investigation Into Port Trucking Problems

Who's Playing the Capitol Hill Block Party?

Out With the Cheesy, In With the Vegan

Slog Happy Ice Cream: The Poll

About That Heroic Drug Bust in Pioneer Square

SL Letter of the Day: One Year Later...

Getting Dead, Socrates-Style

Need Help Making Sense of the Music Industry?

You Cannot Iron Out These Brain Wrinkles Once They Are Formed

While We Were Not Thinking About the Stock Market This Morning...

Parks Department: There's No Easy Solution to Volunteer Park Encroachments

"Can anyone tell me how to make a Zorba the Greek Omelette?"

Lunchtime Quickie: A Big Sword Makes "It" Look Easy

Did Q-13 Fox Suppress Police Brutality Video?

Today in Softcore Child Porn

The Ultimate Distillation of Tetris Evil: Hatetris

YES. (A Thing Is Occurring at the Sculpture Park.)

Flickr Photo of the Day

David Sedaris Is Incredibly Funny

While In Galesburg, IL...

The Morning News

The Main Criticism Against Mudede

Home Owners Fighting to Keep Park Land as Private Backyards

The Russians Are Coming

Morning News: A Contrite Pope, Police Brutality, Demonic Peaches, and Other Fine Examples of When to Trust Your Gut

The Morning News

Reading Tonight: Ralph Nader Wants You to Buy His Book

You Should Read iZombie

The Horrors of Regulation

Reading Tonight: Here Be Dragons

GOP on Kagan: She Had the Gall to Quote Thurgood Marshall

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Jilted Lovers, Serial Masturbators, Cross-dressing Robbers

Google Chrome Is Fast

Name This Band: Special Haircut Edition!

Armed Robbery in Wallingford Area

'A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter' in Action Again

PooTrap™ Finally!

Congressman Expected to Introduce Bill to Clean Up Dirty Trucking Industry

Facebook Is Coming to Town and Is Hiring

Today in Neck Snapping Science Experiments

Sacrifice to the Lottery Gods?

Today in Great Opening Sentences; or, Happy Birthday, Pill!

How Did Your Cinco de Mayo End?

The Morning News

About That Simpsons "Tik Tok" Lip Dub

Sixth Grade Gaga

Ken Griffey Jr. and the Mariners

Maddow On Rekers

How a Post About Shabazz Palaces Turned into a Discussion about the Importance of Pitchfork and the Relevancy of Music Criticism in General

Mothers Day

June 5

The New British Government Seen Through the Eyes of Boris Johnson

White Power in Vancouver, WA and Rose City Antifa

Barack Obama Has a Deep-Seated Hatred of White Male People...

Reading Today: David Sedaris

Graffiti or Tag?

Literary Hero Baseball Shirts

This Is a Shameful Admission That Will No Doubt Follow Me to the Ends of the Internet...

Obama Intros Kagan

This Does Not Bode Well for Body Scanners and Privacy

Police Will Reject Applicants with Enlarged Penises

Ways To Scar Your Children

K-Strass and Zip Zap, LLC

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Rekers' Rentboys: How Many Well-Hung Skeletons Are In His Closet?

Map of the Day: Seattle Suicides

"Whatever lifts your luggage, George."

This Is Only the Second-Dumbest Political Ad I've Seen All Day

Silversun Pickups Are Coming to Seattle July 31st

Mayor to Gov: You Said State Would Pay for Tunnel Cost Overruns

Is Graffiti Ruining Your Life?

Required Viewing: Colbert on George "Rentboy" Rekers

Word to the Wise: If You Drive Your Car Until the Little Light Comes on and Tells You Your Car Is Almost Out of Gas, and then You Keep Driving It Anyway Until It Burns Up All the Gas in the Gas Tank and There's None Left, Your Car Will Stop Running.

Morning News: Ethnic Chauvinists, Giant Squid, and Environmentalists Work to Change Their Public Images

The Secret Identity of Kristos on Eastlake


Ya Hear That, Grandpa!?

Farewell, Bounty of Free Parking

Lunchtime Quickie: People Are F*cked

Reading Tonight: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

You Haven't Lived Until You've Heard Andy Rooney Say "Lady Gaga"

Gun Owner Kills Intruder

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Victim Beaten with His Own Cane, Still Thwarts Four Georgetown Car Jackers

Perhaps It Was Intended to Inspire a Moment of Quiet Introspection

Slog Happy Is This Thursday, With Free Ice Cream!

Reading Tonight: Opera, Plummeting, and Highsmith-like

Seattle U Professor Denied Job Over Sexual Orientation

Suspect Believed Responsible for Prolific Bank Robberies Now in Police Custody

Mayor McGinn Vows to Veto Any Bill That Puts City on the Hook for Tunnel Cost Overruns

Last Night a Musical About the Home Life of The Stranger's Editorial Director Opened in New York City

Map of the Day: Seattle Vice

Neoliberalism, Ideology, and Pop Life at Hidmo

Some Couples Have Very Different Understandings

We Pause Now For This Imported Message

Semi-Literate Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show

Compromised Position

The Best Question to Ever Be Asked on Questionland!

Twit of the Day

And the Winner Is...

Sen. Murray Joins Effort to Make Oil Companies Like BP Pay More for Spills

Police Misconduct Tape: Q13 Says It Is "Committed to Doing Better"

Unto Us a Child Is Born!

Don't Forget About Nashville

Re: Is Graffiti Ruining Your Life?

Required Reading: Brendan Kiley on Suicide, the Aurora Bridge, Other Common Methods, Men vs. Women, Whether Suicide Is Actually a Sin in the Christian Tradition, Assisted Suicide, and More

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Never Heard of Her, Don't Care What Her Deal Is, Wouldn't Piss On Her If She Was On Fire...

Pope Admits That the Greatest Enemy of the Catholic Church Is the Catholic Church

Betty White on SNL

What's Wrong With a Black Person Adopting a White Baby?

What Would Slog Ice Cream Taste Like?

Latest Poll: Murray Beats Rossi by 17 Points

And Unto Us a Name Is...Um, Picked

Gay Rights Groups Do The Right Thing

Second Initiative Filed to Dismantle Statewide Monopoly on Liquor Sales

"We're Going to Need A Bigger Piranha Fighting Boat."

Dick Cheney and the Oil Spill

Lunchtime Quickie: Way to Blow the Forecast

This Week in Film: Babies


Cupcake Royale Cupcakes Now Available Via AmazonFresh

Police Chief Search Down to Nine Candidates

Unlikely Bedfellows

iBooks Down, Kindle Up

Werner Herzog Reads Where's Waldo

The Miracle of Birth

Not to say I told you so. . .

Joe the Plumber...

Noodle King Action Shots

Vashon Island Woman Allegedly Attacks King County Sheriff; Witnesses Tell a Different Story

The Morning News

Parks Department Downplays Volunteer Park Land Use Fight

Reading Tonight: Swing a Stick, Hit a Great Novelist

Please Do Not Engage in Sock Puppetry, Authors...

The Decapitated Obese: A Small Sampling

'Kurt' Press Preview Is Today

Morning News: Hugo Chavez, Tea Party Activists, BP Oil All Rage Against the Machine

The Ms. Pacman of Language Columnists

Who I'm Hating Most Right Now

On Loss, and Regretting Something You Lost, and Putting That Regret into Perspective

You Should Watch Peacock

SL Letter of the Day: Guys and Dolls

Required Viewing: The Daily Show on Immigration and Cinco de Mayo

Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Up, Everything-Else-Sales Down

The Return of the Horse Judge

Mayor McGinn Swings for Non-Car Transit

Currently Hanging: Jason Dodge

American Academy of Pediatrics Endorses a Kinder, Gentler Form of Female Genital Mutilation


Finding a Place in the Church



Monsoon Crab Feast

'Willy Wonka' in Smell-O-Vision!

Einar and Jamex de la Torre

Rimini Protokoll

Starfucker/Pyramiddd, Truckasauras, Copy

Michael Kupperman

'We Used to Get So High'

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Down and Around (May 6)