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Jun. 1 - 7, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 37

Savage Love

A Little T & A

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Using Hamlet

Modern Adaptation Makes It New

Modern Noises

An Interview with Micheal Almereyda and Ethan Hawke

Activist Afterglow

WTO Documentary Asks the Right Questions

R.I.P. Paul Bartel

Cutl Director Loses the Death Race, 2000

Reflections in a Golden Space Needle

SIFF Postmortem, Week 2

Movie Times

This Week on TV

Film Shorts


R2-D2 Was an Indie Rocker

Hypertruck Is the Funniest Droid-Themed Indie-Obsessed Subcultural Screed Ever Photocopied

Point Taken

The Fugly Fellas of Steely Dan

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Visual Art

Rolling in Rain City

A Musical on Skates Spins Myths at Sand Point

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Madman Now Shooting Blanks

How An American Literary Renegade Wore Out His Welcome

Readings Listings

Food & Drink

Outdoor Drankin'


Hey, Renters

City Council Member Judy Nicastro Pulls Together a Renters' Rights Summit That May Actually Get Something Done

How Dense Is Density?

Seattle's Desire to Leap Over Tall Buildings Takes Center Stage

Hey, Poor People!

Nicastro's Plan, Mixed Bag for Low-Income Renters

Know Your Rights!

Locke Suckers

Gays and Lesbians Shouldn't Be Seduced by the Governor's Election-Year Moves

Where Have All the Warehouse Jobs Gone?

Amazon Workers Nervous About Cost-Cutting Strategy

A Real Reason to Drink

End Of Days at Jules Maes

Police Beat

American Crime

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Fightin' Dirty

I Love Television

The Monkey Minority

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