Print Edition for the week of
May. 13 - 19, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 36

Savage Love

Bag Handlers


Robin Hood: Origins

There's a Good Chance Ridley Scott Has Gone Senile

Casino Jack and the United States of Money: Jack Abramoff Is a Supreme Dickhead

Princess Kaiulani: Remedial Realism

Ask a Dead Teenager

Letters to Juliet: That's Amoronic!

I, Anonymous


Collage of the Wild

Penetration Makes a Psychedelic Spectacle of Itself

Note by Node

Seattle Hiphop's Newest Connect: 10-4 Rog

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

LCD Soundsystem's New Album, This Is Happening

It's a Hit

New Singles from Matthew Herbert, Hot Chip, and More

Data Breaker

Sublo Meanly Nices Up Dubstep; Hanssen Goes Raving Mad

My Philosophy

Jack the Ripper, Double Hockey Sticks, and Some Bullshit in Arizona

The Score

A Free Erik Satie Marathon!

Poster of the Week: Phi Nguyen

Party Crasher: Sexy Times at a Sexy Comic-Book Party

Underage: Black Breath's Heavy Breathing


Pulling an Icarus

Seattle Opera Tries to Fly Directly from the 19th Century to the 21st


Living in a Sci-Fi Novel

What Do We Do Now, Cory Doctorow?

Food & Drink

The Happiest Hour

Zayda Buddy's

Chow Bio

Russ Flint of Rain Shadow Meats

The Best of the Carrot

New Adventures in Perfection at Bisato


Mystery Meat

How Organic Is Seattle's New "Organic" Butcher?

Make Art Anyway

Okay, but Seriously, Can Music and Art Change the World?


The Other Side of the Story

What the Seattle Times Didn't Tell You in Its Story About an "Encouraging" Drug Bust in Pioneer Square

Local Fox Affiliate Accused of Suppressing Police-Brutality Footage

Why Did Q13 Sit on a Violent Cop Video and Then Try to Keep KIRO from Airing It, Too?

Not Your Backyards

Two Families Are Trying to Keep Portions of Volunteer Park for Their Own Private Use

New Arena

Judy Nicastro Is Designing an Initiative to Woo the NBA Back to Seattle Without Sticking Taxpayers with the Bill

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Well-Endowed (May 13)

Crossword Solution

Well-Endowed (May 13)

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Tranny Talk

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Don't Watch It!


You Want a Story? I'll Show You a Story!


Free Cheese!

'Iron Man 2'

Cory Doctorow

'To Serve and Protect'

Fuck Buttons, White Rainbow

Queen Shmooquan

Last Days

The Week in Review


A Parisian Inquiry About Public Grooming

Let the Children Come Unto Me...

The Capitol Hill Block Party Wants to Add a Third Day

UW Refuses Proceeds from Cop Video T-Shirts

This Really Has to Be One of the Worst Ways to Apprehend a Suspect

SL Letter of the Day: Have The Threesome

Married in Portugal, Persecuted in Malawi

McGinn Challenges Conlin to a Tunnel Debate

Slog Happy Is Tomorrow!

What He Said

A "Confrontation" Over "Natural Marriage"

18 for 18: A Follow-Up to the Bill the Butcher Story

180 Degrees South: Lindy, Do I Really Have to Review This Movie?

The Publishing Industry Does Not Want Your "Good Press"

Practical Math

Last Call for Angie's in Columbia City?

Two Things I Read Today

The Burial Ground That Is 'Kurt' at SAM, Part 3

Seattle Police to Ramp Up Partnership With Mental Health Workers

"The Meal Between Dinner & Breakfast"

Be Glad We Didn't Elect Susan Hutchison

Give 'Em Crabs

Guy Who's Been Leading the Seattle Repertory Theater for Awhile Will Keep Leading It

This Weekend I'm Making Cafe Minnie's Really Delicious Tomato Basil Soup

Revenge of the Labor Council

The Roanoke Tavern Is Closing

How to Resuscitate One's Boner

George Rekers Is Completely Heterosexual

Junior Homophobes Enjoy Responsible Gaming

Senator Patty Murray Has a Private Meeting With Elena Kagan Tomorrow. What Questions Should She Ask?

The Beauty of Offshore Drilling Platforms

Rep. Kenney "Sad" About 46th District Switcheroo

What, No Drive Shaft Poster?

Today in Insanity


Half of Everyone Wants an E-Reader

Something to Remember as the College Admission (and Rejection) Letters Come Rolling In

Currently Hanging: Patti Warashina

SL Letter of the Day: How Much Is Too Much?

Reading Tonight: Being Fat, Being Silent, Being Fearful

"Kill Me Dead With Ice Cream"

Questionable Sanity Loose on Denny

I'll Probably Ask Him About This Tonight

Coding Black Skin

This Juice Needs More Booze

"Whatever lifts your luggage."

Headline of the Day

Moving Can Be Overwhelming, Questionland Is Here to Help

The City We Imagine

BREAKING: Pike Place Market Kind of Gritty

Bad News, Good News: Local Comics Author Edition

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

A Gusher

Slog Did Some Good This Week

Glenn Beckwatch: Nazi Tourette's

Diaz Won't Withdraw From Running for Chief

Thanks to Everyone Who Came Out for Verse Chapter Verse

Which Candidate Is Worse?

Demanding Systemic Change

It's Easy to Help Town Hall

Regional Jail Plan Eliminates Need for New Jail in NE King County

IFL Update

Use More Paper, Dickwads

Pioneer Square Group Escalates Legal Effort to Block Real Change Office

Article Asking for More Comprehensive Sex Education Cut from Catholic-School Newspaper

Learning About Abstinence From The Expert

Antonin Scalia—Sex Maniac?

Flickr Photo of the Day

I Am Bringing Free Books to Slog Happy

I Beg to Differ

Friday Afternoon Reading

City Council Will Vote on Arizona Boycott

So Long, Fucker

Flickr Photo of the Day

Currently Hanging: The Art of Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes and Friends

Suspects Allegedly Use Potato in Drive-By Assault

Q13 News Director Who Sat on Cop Video Resigns

The Sad Literary Leavings of Slog Happy

The Morning News: GM Up, King County and Everyone Else Down

Revolting Against a Post-Narrative World

More About the Detroit Police Raid Story

Primary Delights

"Yes, he can talk to fish. But that's not all he can do, folks!"

The Pope Is Projecting

Reading Today: Women We Love

Also Tonight and Also Tomorrow Night: Paul F. Tompkins!

The Other Way of Going Postal: Tubs of Letters

Graduation Season!

Maybe He Can Join Bristol Palin On the Lecture Circuit

Deep Thought (Inspired By the Mighty-O Cupcakes Donuts Someone Sent The Stranger Today)

Lunchtime Quickie: Pussy Tongue

Humans Married By Robot

Is This the Best They Got?

El Centro Calls for More Police Accountability, Rallies Behind Chief Diaz

Coming Out To Your Parents?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Today in It Thinks It's People

Butt-Slap Friday Is Not a Real Holiday

The Best Thing I've Put in My Mouth in Weeks

Screw Journalism—I've Found My Calling

Currently Hanging: Matt Browning

Meanwhile in Portland: Fistfights Over Pigs

Ex-Mariners update

Reason #4853 That I Am Glad I Am Not a Teenager

30 Years Ago Today - Mt. St. Helens

Brasa Reportedly Closed

I'll Show You a Story

Most People in Seattle Would Support Sports Arena That Doesn't Rely on Taxes

SL Letter of the Day: Boy Toys

It's Friday, and You Probably Aren't Getting Any Work Done Anyway

Reading Tonight: Cloudy With a Chance of Folk Music

Today in "Truth": Mousetrap Never Works

Today in Writing as an Immediate Artform

I'm Not Into Fly Sex or Anything

This Week in The Stranger

SL Letter of the Day: Unfriend the Bigot

There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Interview Justin Bieber

The Morning News

These Things Make Me Sad

Today in Anonymous Lipstick Lesbian Rage

Today in Irony

Last Night: the Unicorn Barfed Rainbows

Starting Tonight: The Seattle Transgender Film Festival

"It was Obvious the Suspect Went Straight for the Cigarette Shelf."

Musical Chairs in the 46th Following Jacobsen's Retirement Announcement

Lunchtime Quickie: Trying to Go Viral, Phat Gay Kid

Do You Like to Watch People Do Acting?

Re: Free Pizza in Georgetown

Chavez on Twitter: "I'm afraid to inform you..."

Police Chief Candidates: New Direction or Stay the Course?

Local Support Drops for Offshore Drilling

The Size of the Spill

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Don't Fall For "The Wink and The Nod"

Rush Limbaugh Hates Comic Books

Morning News: Arizona, Oil Spill, Facebook Vie for Title of Supreme Drama Queen

Christian Wants To Pump You Up

An Arab Is the Most Beautiful Woman in America

Chihuly Museum Faces Scores of Competitors for Fun Forest Site

Would You Like Face Time with the Mayor's Honey-Baked Hams?

Shit The New York Times Won't Print

I am Appalled and Impressed.

Regarding All the Single Ladies

Pry Your Buttocks From the Love Seat

This Week in Burglary, Small Potatoes Edition

The Truth Is Out There, in a Blown Microphone or Something

The Morning News: Elections, Jury Selections, and Republican Erections

"Freedom From Porn"

Crack Allegedly Found in Mugger's Crack

Reading Tonight: Guns, Vampires, and Gynecological Shenanigans

This Weekend: The Things Your Mouth Wants You to Do

The Uncertain Future for Gasoline?

Dutch Rush Hour

The Burial Ground That Is 'Kurt' at SAM, Part 4

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Britons Spending More Time Online?

Free Pizza in Georgetown

Pretty, Educational

Reading Today: The Big Cheese

Overseen in the Office

Currently Hanging: The Burial Ground That Is 'Kurt' at SAM, Part 2

Seattle Residents Oppose Arizona Boycott

Seattle Is Full of Hills...

Playing It Straight

Olympia Man Charged With Making 1,500 Obscene Phone Calls

It Is Allergy Season

I Am Moving to Alabama

Update on My Excommunication

Reading Tonight: Dead Poets, Talking Dogs, and Vietnam

Megalomaniacal Dictators Bearing Arks

How Did You Find Me Here?

Lunchtime Quickie: Is This Worst Wedding DJ Ever?

Reading Tonight: I Can't Be Impartial

Name This Band!: Special REname This Band Edition!

Should Gregoire Take the Solicitor General Job?

Sex Slavery Running Rampant in Portland!

The Sun Won't Come Out Tomorrow

Insanity: For the Record

Seattle Senator Ken Jacobsen Is Retiring

Wait, Guns Do Kill People

I Was Drawn In by the USA Today Headline

Good Dick?

Currently Hanging: The Burial Ground That Is 'Kurt' at SAM, Part I

Get Your Face and Book Back

More Google Jobs in Seattle

A Thought Experiment...

Currently Hanging: Warhol


Morning News: Violence, Opium, And Your Mother's Gluten Allergy

Save Kiana Firouz

Journalism Think Tank Asks if Q13 Was "Too Cozy with Police."

Profile in Hypocrisy: Clint Didier

Hooray for Ellen Forney!

Lunchtime Quickie: Japanese Boob Rice

Are You a Musician Who's Looking for Some Good Advice?

Police Beating and Q13 Mocking, the T-Shirts!

The Don't-Show-Me State

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Argentina Tries to Fall In Love With Books Again

Latino Community Leaders Demand Stronger Punishment for SPD Officers

Three On the Great Oil Catastrophe

Mac Gaming Gets a Little Less Lame Today

Today in Cheap Culinary Miracles

Me on Too Beautiful to Live Today

The Morning News

Raging Against Rossi

SL Letter of the Day: Whatever Lifts Your Luggage

I (Heart) La Casa del Mojito

News From India

Conservatives Mad at Tax Cuts, for Once

Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack of the Day: Meg Jones of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Portugal Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Capitol Hill Block Party Adds Third Day

What Happened In Pennsylvania Yesterday

Gov. Gregoire May Replace Kagan as Solicitor General

Marxism and Insects: Slave-Making Ants

"Ex-Gay Freeze Tag"

Where's the Beef (From)?

It's Syttende Mai! Have You Hugged Your Favorite Norwegian Today?

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Today in the Harrowing Adventures of Suburbia

City Considers Stronger Rental Housing Inspection Program

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Bathtub Stolen, Urn Returned, Middle School Sleepover Totally Ruined

Today in Marquee ZINGS!

Meanwhile in Thailand

Urban Images

It's Bike Week in Questionland!

Does Mayor McGinn Have Confidence in the Way Interim Chief Diaz is Handling the Apparent Assault of a Latino Man by SPD Officers?

The Morning News: Primaries, Foreign Unrest, and Websites from the Past

ACLU Calls for Videotaped SPD Officer to Be Investigated for Hate Crime

I Hope You'll Come to See Cory Doctorow and Pillow Army at the Sunset Tomorrow

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Homeless Deaths in Anchorage

Do You Like Vampire Weekend?

Required Reading: Americablog Rips Apart Obama's Gay Rights "Accomplishments"

The Logical Conclusion of Birthers

Illustrated Comment of the Week