Print Edition for the week of
May. 20 - 26, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 37

Savage Love

Bearded Lady

New Column!

Whoa, The Horror


180° South: The Joy Is in the Journey and the Barf Is in My Mouth

Shrek Forever After: Ogre Midlife Crises Are Just as Boring as Human Ones


An SNL Movie That Won't Make You Want to Throw Yourself Off a Freeway Overpass

False Hope

The Systemically Anti-Choice Mother and Child

I, Anonymous


What Does Genius Sound Like?

The Stranger Genius Awards Recognize Music—at Last

Heaven Ain't Happening

The Secular Spiritualism of Pearly Gate Music

Caffeine Buzz Band

Head Like a Kite Roast to the Occasion

It's a Hit

New Singles from RuPaul, Northern Portrait, and Distance

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Block Party Rumors and Penetration at the Unicorn

Data Breaker

A Story of Rats' Tailspin Drones

My Philosophy

New Releases from the Physics, Avatar Young Blaze, and Canary Sing

The Score

Chopin Is Better Than You Knew

Poster of the Week

Poster by DNA Designlab

Party Crasher

The Sexiest Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Party Ever


News, New Records, and Something for Headbangers


Money Talks

In Modern Literature, Are Bankruptcy Woes the New Sex Scene?

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

Lust at Fonté

Seattle's Sandwich District

Is Pioneer Square Big Enough for Salumi, Tat's, and Delicatus?


Cops in the Newsroom

More Q13 Employees Claim That Station Executives Are Shaping News Coverage to Appease Seattle Police

Flirting with Change

Mayor McGinn's Best Candidate for Seattle's Next Police Chief Isn't from Seattle

Onward Christian Censors

A New Conservatism in the Seattle Archdiocese Has Catholic High-School Teachers Scared

Police Beat

Good Writing Means Good Police Work

I Love Television

System-Wide Shutdown

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Last Days

The Week in Review


Happy Earth Day!

The Penultimate LOST Discussion Group... COMMENCE!

Lindsay Lohan Continues to Distinguish Herself

The Morning News: Scientists Create Synthetic Life, Rand Paul Still a Jackass

Was There a Back-Room Deal in the 46th?

What's Twisting Maggie Gallagher's Panties Today?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

McGinn Says Legal Opinions Prove His Point

The Morning News: Chinese Suicides, Racist Bones, and the Last Lost Video You Ever Need to Watch

Cops in the Newsroom

A World Without Rape...

LOST: The Casting Tapes

Public Safety Tax Measure Appears Dead

Who Is Pastor Jeff Owens?

I Really Only Have One Thing to Say About Lost.

Youth Pastor Watch

BREAKING: Free Pillow and Some Other Crap

Oopsie! Who Peed the Bed?

Urgent Question! Help!

Headline of the Day

The Winner Inside Me

Unleash the Beastesses

The Twittered End

ACLU Calls to Remove Surveillance Cameras in Cal Anderson Park

More On Criminalizing HIV Transmission

Police Refuse to Arrest Protesters

I, Anonymous: Fuck You, Bike to Work Day People!

Rally Today for Canadian Targeted for Politics

Whatever Lifts Your Luggage, Cato Institute

If You Like Cheap Books...

New G.O.P. Election Site Built with Help of Microsoft

Overheard in the Office

"If I'm going along a street without a bike lane should I ride in the parking lane or always stay to the right in the travel lane?"

The German Soul Kitchen

"A Commercial for Abortion"

White House Admits What Everyone Else Already Knows

A Reminder to Stop at the Bookstore Before You Head Home

More Resident Evil Than Resident Evil, More Silent Hill Than Silent Hill

Traffic Report

LOST: Discuss

Reading Today: War, Bleak Short Stories, and a Brilliant Cartoonist

Britain to Malawi: Free Those Men Or Risk Losing Aid

A Religious Education

"Communism Theory."

Lusty Haiku

My New Favorite Porn Site

Going Rogue: Palin Tweets for Didier

Re: A World Without Rape...

Lunchtime Quickie: Fun with Tattoos!

O'Brien Threatens to Vote Against the Downtown Tunnel Contract

Currently Hanging: The De La Torre Brothers

Live: Town Hall on Pot

Wear Clown Shoes. Get the Giggles. Blow Come Out Your Nose. Just Be Careful You Don't Look At All Dignified When You're Having Sex.

Week in Review

Lust at Fonté: "I've had several threesomes," the lady said.

R.I.P., Cursive

New Pioneer Square Blog: La La La La La It Can't Hear You!

What's Patty Murray's Message Now?

Tonight: Free Pot at Town Hall!

Constance McMillen Update: Constance Is Out, Westboro Is In, Mayor Is Clueless

Another Way to Criticize the Critic

Chicken Run

The Morning News

City Attorney on Tunnel Cost Overruns: "The City Cannot Be Forced to Pay"

Who Peed the Bed?

"Gulf Oil Leaks Could Gush for Years"

Burning Beast 2010 Tickets on Sale Now!

Finance-Overhaul Vote Possible Today

An Asian Girl With a Blond Doll Found Wandering the Streets of Vancouver

Nerd Quote of the Day

Washington Poll: Murray (Just Barely) Beats Rossi

SIFF Picks of the Day: The Actresses, Air Doll, Mount St. Elias

A Last Word On My Daughter

One Day, This Will Help Explain Our Culture to the People of the Future

The App Bubble Cometh

Paging Richard Conlin: The Mayor Is in. Town Hall Is In. We're In. Are You Coming to Your Debate?

Drug Task Force Seizes Pot Petitions

What's Going on at QFC?

The War Is Making You Poor Act

Do You Love Wine and/or Cheese?

Bill the Butcher Responds, Sort Of

The E-book Wars, in Convenient Puppet Form

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill from Outer Space

Making Star Wars Even More Retro

The Pocket Altar Boy

Joni Balter Gets It Wrong

Dan Savage Is Answering Your Questions Now!

And Bristol Palin Shall Lead Them

New Restaurant and Brewery to Open at Pike & 10th in Eight Months or So

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Coyotes, Car Theft, and Naked Death Threats

Take a Drink...

Today in Dumb Ideas: Atheist Superhero Edition

Reading Tonight: Classical Music and Almond with a Side of Rock

Flickr Photo of the Day

What's for Lunch?

Future Youth Pastor Watch Inductee?

Female Politicians Don't Have Sex Scandals...

Lindsey Lohan's Drinking Problem

Flickr Photo of the Day

Killer Commute

Enter Artificial Life

"I'm trying to remember an absurdly specific and long word." (Or: Questionland is the smartest place on the planet.)

The First-Ever World Poutine Eating Competition, or: BARF

Good News for Books, Great News for E-Books

Reading Tonight: Pavement and Land

Rossi Launches His Campaign to "Restore the Dream"

Lunchtime Quickie: 7-Year Olds Dance to My Boyfriend's Back

Neoliberalism and Ideology

LOST: The Return of Evil Ben

Game Changer: An Accomplsihed Athlete with a Vagina

Tea Dummies

Greenwood Woman Robbed of Everything But Her Dignity

For One Shining Moment, Stranger Commenters Cared More About Music than Sex

Human Centipede: The Game

Who Should McGinn Pick for the Next Police Chief?

Overheard on the Bainbridge Ferry

The Next Battle in the Great West Coast Newspaper War: June 11 at the California Court of Appeals.

Haley Blogger/Banger: Out With It Already, Dude

Do You Want to See the Long Winters for Free?

"You Better Get Out of Here Before I Cut Your Dick Off."

The Morning News: Pollution, Draw Mohammed Day, and Rand Paul

SL Letter of the Day: A Timely Inquiry

Reading Today: Two Big Book Events and a Reading

There Is No Morality Without Religion

Another Prom Story

The Guns of Kingston

Lunchtime Quickie: And They Will Teach the Bears Marital Martial Arts

BREAKING: Chefs Smoke Pot, Pot Makes Food Taste Better

Look, if You Don't Know How to Spell "Banana," Just Admit It.

Justin Bieber Walks Into Glass Door! EEEEE!! HAHAHA! EEEEE!!!

County Inaction on Tax Measure Would Cause Layoffs of 82 in Sheriff's Office, 36 Full-Time Prosecutors, and Add Costs

A Crash Involving a Bee Truck

Kids These Days

Tom Carr Appointed City Attorney of Boulder

Slog Babies 1, Asshole Spider, 0

The Great C.H.U.D. Siege of 2010: Day 2

Bear Man Fined for Feeding Bears

SIFF Picks of the Day: The Freebie, The Oath, Mugabe and the White African

The End of Our Planet

Council Fails to Override Veto

Life in the Walled Garden

Sitka & Spruce Reopens in One Week!

This Week in The Stranger

Here Is a Video of a Baby Otter Learning How to Swim

There Will Be a Small-Press Fair This Weekend

"Where is the best Lost finale watching party going to be in Seattle on Sunday?"

SL Letter of the Day: A Straight Mess, a Gay Mess, Or Just A Mess Mess?

Some Thoughts on Time and the 19th Century

Broadway Grill Likely to Get New Owners

Lunchtime Quickie: Are Brains Sexy Enough to Sell Cars?

Pac Man on Google!

Overrated, Underrated, or Rated: Handjobs

The Morning News: Gushing Sludge, Magic Islands, and Dead Boobz

Dino's Dodging Days Are Over

The Winner Inside Me...

Traffic Report

"Can you recommend a book for my mother?"

Rand Paul Distances Himself From Rand Paul

Currently Hanging

How Do You Make a Competitive Eater?

Owens Family Values

DADT: Meetings at the White House, Promise from Pelosi, And What You Can Do To Help

SL Letter of the Day: Feelings

Four Teabaggers on the King County Council

Deepwater Horizon Progression

Neither Rain Nor Gloom of Afternoon Will Keep These Democrats from Hitting Rossi

Google TV

Council Won't Overturn Mayor's Veto

Shelton Residents Take On Wood-Burning Power Plant Slated for Their Town

One For The Sales Department

Re: Today the Stranger Suggests Full Tilt Ice Cream

The Most Influential Twitterers

The Language of Cuts

Your Money Is No Good at the Apple Store

Rand Paul: The Fresh New Face of the Right White Wing

Flickr Photo of the Day

Conlin Refuses to Debate McGinn on Tunnel Cost Overruns

A Fine, Gory Start to Your SIFF

Overheard at the Dinner Table

Constance McMillen vs. The Lying Douchebags Who Run Her Former High School

Meanwhile in Georgia

It's True: Brasa Is Closed

BP, Coast Guard Accused of Blocking Press

Winning the War on Drugs

McGinn Foresees Tax-Hike Measure

LOST: It's Almost Over!

KOMO: Rossi to Announce This Week That He's Running Against Murray.

The Walmart iPhone: A Deal with the Devil?

"When are people going to stop getting fired?"

Match Book: So You've Given Up Cable

Another "Family Values" Politician Flames Out

Immigration Rally: A Sign of Victory or Defeat?

Weekend Calendar: No Stuff, Free Stuff, Cheap Stuff

Gay Couple From Washington State Victims of Probable Hate Crime in Oklahoma

Today's Washington Poll: What We Think About Gays, Arizona, Taxing the Rich, and More.

Regarding Mark Twain

Will There Be a Color Kindle?

Seattle's Latest Fancy Restaurant Casualty: Union

A French Thriller for Sunday

Lunchtime Quickie: Insert Blonde Joke Here...

Victim Foils Robbery By Shaming Suspect

Sorry, LOST! Mr. Belvedere Wins Again.

Twice-Divorced, Four Children By Two Different Women...

Idiots and Guns

SPD Opens Investigation into Allegations That Officers Colluded With Q13 to Suppress "Mexican Piss" Video

The Spilling Trend

The Trans Community Will Understand...

Black Hair and White Racism

Just a Picture of a Baby Humboldt Penguin, That's All

Sex Sells Hollywood

A Criminal HIV Transmission

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Cocks in the Yard, Dicks in the Field

Cantwell's Dissent

A Tiny Increase in Independent Bookstores

The Morning News: Fighting Gays, Evil Beavers, and Lying Mayors

Because You Can't Spell "SIFF" Without...T

Does Conlin Accept McGinn's Debate Challenge?

Cliff Mass TLDR

Whatever Lifts Your Luggage, Boys

Reading Tonight: Playing Rock and Roll and Playing Cards

The Morning News

Fergie's Downfall

Dino Rossi On Gay Rights

Learn Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Cheese

Is it a C.H.U.D., or Did We Open the Gate?

Who Should Win the First Annual Stranger Genius Award For Music?

What Percentage of the Electorate In Kentucky Is African-American?

SIFF Picks of the Day: Turtle: The Incredible Journey, Cyrus, Holy Rollers

A Possible Meaning of the Tesla and Toyota Deal

Today in Attempting to Render the Entire Gulf of Mexico Lifeless

Who's Afraid of Nancy Pelosi?

Unemployment Claims on the Rise Again

Savage Is Answering Your Questions Today in Questionland

Google Wants Your Face

Part One: Deception in the Animal Kingdom

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Gay Couple Enters Crass Win-Your-Dream-Wedding Contest...

Weather Report

SL Letter of the Day: A Referral

Gay Couple in Malawi Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison...

Would You Live with a Man Who Tracks His Bowel Movements?

LOST: As Summarized By Cats

Jeff Owens: I've Changed My Mind! Please Don't Kill The Gays!

Rally for Real Change Tonight in Pioneer Square

The Penitent Man Should Be Ashamed of Itself

Today in Things Tila Tequila Enjoys Snorting

Gulf of Mexico: Plan B Sounds Pretty Weak Too

Reichert: Voting for the Environment Only to Hold Swing District

Forty Protesters Downtown Are Trying to Be Arrested to Draw Support for Immigration Reform

Malawi Is Jailing Gays Who Want to Get Married, China Is Jailing Straights Who Want to...

Youth Pastor Watch

Brittany Murphy's Husband Is Now Also Dead

The Tea Baggers Are Patriots Concerned About Massive Federal Deficits...

A Good Look at Women in Sports

Things Are Looking Grim For Nikki Haley

What Are You Reading? And What Are You Doing After Work?

Gulf of Mexico: This Just Keeps Getting Better

Flickr Photo of the Day

SIFF Picks of the Day: Castaway on the Moon, Air Doll, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

One Day We'll Live In a World Where...

Reading Today: Marking Twain

The Stuff in Her Hair

Today in... GAHHHHH!!


'Into the Void: The Battle of the Martyr as Told by Ingres'

SIFF Opening Night

Shaun Scott

'The Freebie'

Full Tilt Ice Cream


'love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death'

Tim Johnston

Drunk of the Week

Who Peed the Bed?