Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 31 - Aug. 13, 2019

Vol. 28, No. 25
Studio Ashleen

Savage Love

Hard Truths


Drag and Wrestling Are Sister Sports

From suicide dives to death drops, Cassandro the Exotico! showcases the long history of luchadors and drag.

Succession Is a Brilliant Comedy About the Second Most Loathsome Family in America

Free Will Astrology

July 31-August 6


Seattle Opera Revisits Rigoletto in the #MeToo Era

Director Lindy Hume on when nothing happens to bad men.

Visual Art

What to See at the 2019 Seattle Art Fair

There's face-in-bread smashing and pretty glass galore.


Seattle Isn't Dying, and My Proof Is Seattle Walk Report

Our streets are filled with treasures. Suck it, Tucker Carlson.

We Can’t Help But Root for the Drug Addict Go-Getters in Simon Hanselmann’s Bad Gateway

Food & Drink


The Comedian Who Shreds Gender Stereotypes

Erin Ingle isn't just funny. She's creating more space for women's voices in comedy.

Powerful, Unprecedented, and Pregnant

The only two citywide Seattle City Council seats are held by expecting mothers.

The Mountain Climber Who Became an Abortion Provider

"I realized that if I felt so strongly that women should have this access, I should actually be providing abortions myself."

With Pelosi on One Side and "the Squad" on the Other, Jayapal Keeps Her Focus on the Long Game

How Pramila Jayapal wields power in Congress.

Now That Megan Rapinoe Has Your Attention...

Here's what Seattle's soccer sensation is fighting for.

Her Majesty of the Seattle Food Scene

Forget about Tom Douglas. Renee Erickson is the restaurateur you need to know.

A Gallerist Who's Shattering Assumptions

Sarah Traver, director of Traver Gallery, wants to change the way people think about glass art.

Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: The Invisible Man


The Woman Who Runs Weed Policy in Washington State

Vicki Christophersen is the most powerful person in the legal pot industry.

Hemp’s Legal Now, But CBD Still Faces an Uphill Battle


Where's the Men in Power Issue?