Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 11 - 17, 2007

Vol. 17, No. 5

Savage Love

Shopping Spree


Dead Man Talking—Experimental Documentary About a Son Lets Kurt Cobain Deliver His Own Eulogy

As Rock Biographies Go, It's Way More Koyanisqaatsi Than Don't Look Back

Thinking Small

The Theme This Year Is Television

On Screen

This Week's New Releases


Chance Ascension


70s Satan Sleaze!


Hot Box

I, Anonymous

I Anonymous

What Next, Hot Chef?


This Must Be the Place

Throw Me the Statue Put Baskerville Hill on the Map


Old Men Can Still Rock

Up & Coming

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

Bug in the Bassbin

Soulico Take Israeli Parties Worldwide

Turn You On

The Pogues

Road Trip

Poster of the Week

Party Crasher

Ninja, Please

The Score

Keith Rowe and Treatise

Outside In

Patrick Wolf's Music Is a Reflection of His Persona. Or Maybe It's the Other Way Around.

Under the Influence

Dr. Dog Sound Like the Best Band Ever

Album Reviews

Fucking in the Streets

And Justice for All


The Last Laugh

Slasher-Movie Improv, a Sun Records Musical, and Cops in Love

Unabashedly Fucked Up

Bat Boy: The Musical at ArtsWest

Theater News

WET Suit

Visual Art

Hug, Heavy Clunky Things, White Weasels

Patricia Piccinini at the Frye, Matthew Offenbacher at Howard House, Ben Hirschkoff at 4Culture

In Art News

Who's Afraid of Jack Daws?


She Lives on Lake Union

But Lesley Hazleton's Mind Is in the Desert

New in Books

Jezebel: The Untold Story of the Bible's Harlot Queen

An Excerpt

Food & Drink

Supper Club

Art of the Table Means It

Chow Bio

Lateka and Trina

Bar Exam

Big-Ass Barrel

Eat & Tell

Where Will the Vegans Go?

The Happiest Hour


Good Grub Under Ten Bucks


Because He Was Right

The Long Campaign of Dennis Kucinich

And the Winners Are...

The West Coast's Biggest Amateur Porn Contest Blows Seattle Away


Bad Example

Prosecutor Chooses Shaky Case to Combat Gay Bashing

In the Hall

A Closer Look


Reading Rossi

Police Beat

Fathers and Sons

In Other News

Lord Help Them

The Religious Right Searches for a Candidate

Urban Diaspora

Skyrocketing Rents Ravage Seattle's Core

Without Your Support

KUOW Won't Tell Listeners About the Public Radio Station'sMillion-Dollar Surplus During Pledge Week. It Should.

Dear Science

Crossword Solution

40 Across Rhymes with 'Moid' (October 11)

Photo of the Week


David Della

Get Your War On

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

I Love Television

Women: Not Retarded!

Last Days

The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor


'Some Paintings by Derek Erdman'

'Japan Envisions the West'

'The Tenant'

'Twelfe Night'

'The Trials of Darryl Hunt'

'About a Son'

Black Lips

DJ Vadim

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

40 Across Rhymes with 'Moid' (October 11)