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Sep. 11 - 24, 2019

Vol. 29, No. 2
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Daisy Patton

Savage Love

Open Wide

Free Will Astrology

September 11–17


A Bloody Funny Revenge Play About Literally Killing the Patriarchy

Is God Is puts a rock in a sock in the hands of two sisters on murderous mission.

Visual Art

Seattle Needs More Color!

Enough with the gray. Can Nikita Ares repaint our city?


What's the Difference Between You and a School Shooter?

In Bloomland, Seattle novelist John Englehardt examines the impacts of a shooting.


Riding 35th Avenue with Anti-Bike-Lane City Council Candidate Alex Pedersen

The Stranger cycles the "Durkan Speedway" with the District 4 candidate.


Two Doctors Weigh In on the Latest Vape Health Scare

Can vaping kill you?


Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: Old Town Rows

Art and Performance Fall 2019

The Star of The Eric Andre Show Keeps It Surreal, and Then Some

The stand-up comedian comes to Seattle on September 21 for his Legalize Everything Tour.

Perfume Genius and Kate Wallich Create an Otherworldly Collaboration

The Sun Still Burns Here is not for the children.

Meghan Daum's Problem with Everything

A liberal feminist writer grapples with the new culture wars and a bizarre new label.

The New Musical Factory

The 5th Avenue Theatre is producing three new musicals in a row this season: Austen's Pride, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Bliss.

Thriftease Is Chaotic and Sexy

It's a fashion show, a drag show, an auction, a market, and a striptease.

The Multiplicity of Zanele Muholi

A celebrated South African photographer and "visual activist" challenges racial stereotypes in a must-see exhibition.

Anatomy of a Samurai Warrior

This armor is on display at Seattle Art Museum through December 1.