Print Edition for the week of
May. 27 - Jun. 2, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 38

Savage Love

La Cage

New Column!


Burkas and Birkins

I Watched 146 Minutes of Sex and the City 2 and All I Got Was This Religious Fundamentalism


Chesty Jake

Even Jake Gyllenhaal's Abs Can't Save Prince of Persia

Art House

Susan Sontag's Promised Lands

I, Anonymous


The Stranger's Encyclopedic Guide to the Sasquatch! Festival

Everything You Need to Know About Sasquatch!, from A-Trak to Z-Trip

Let's Go Swimming

Caribou's Sweetly Surprising New Dance Record

Careful with That Ax, Ezra

Psych Rockers Citay Attain Escapist Velocity

Up & Coming

It's a Hit

Redeeming Journey and "Don't Stop Believin'"

Data Breaker

Lou-Lou's Otherworldly Electro Miniatures

My Philosophy

Renaissance, Reflection Eternal, and Folklife

The Score

Coda: Departure

Party Crasher

Italian Poets Congregate in a Basement Speakeasy

Poster of the Week

Posters by Nat Damm and Chelsea Conboy


(Melody) Day & Night

An Extended Interview with Dan Snaith of Caribou


Losing Their Religion

Intiman's Documentary Drama About Seattle and God

Burlesque Box

The Hip-Punching Fuchsia FoXXX

Visual Art

If a Spotlight Is a Black Hole

The Séance for Kurt Cobain at Seattle Art Museum


Cartoon City

Three Local Cartoonists Find Seattle in Strange Places

Food & Drink

All Pig, No Punches

The Scene at Cochon 555—Five Pigs, Five Chefs, Five Winemakers—Last Weekend

The Happiest Hour

Genghis Khan Restaurant


SIFF Notes 2010

Full Schedule! Tons of Reviews! The Only Guide You Need!

Things I Remember About Detroit

Five Years of Abandoned Factories, Talking Cats, and Cars on Fire

SIFF 2010: The Reviews

Every Damn Review We Wrote, All on One Really Long Page


Swiping a Seat

Redistricting Will Likely Give Washington a New Seat in Congress

A Chicken or a Dick?

City Council President Richard Conlin Refuses to Talk About How to Keep Seattle from Paying for Tunnel Cost Overruns

Shocking Robberies

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Last Days

The Week in Review


The Burial Ground That Is 'Kurt' at SAM, Part 5

Booze Everywhere

Still Wondering Who Peed the Bed?

Dept. of Unsubstantiated Rumors

America's Tolerance of Rape

The Five New Stadiums for the World Cup

Lunchtime Quickie: Bear Week Continues

Gulf of Mexico: Obama's Speech

The Morning News: Top Kill, Hammer Kill, Train Kill, Kill, Kill, KILL!

Entering the Twilight of American Christianity

Currently Hanging: Isabel Samaras

The Morning News: The Oil Leak Still Isn't Fixed, Sarah Palin Wants to Know If You Get It, and Bounty Hunters Are Looking for That Local Kid Who Stole Rich People's Stuff

No Nyucks for Oil

Giant C.H.U.D. Hole Found in Guatemala

Flickr Photo of the Day

Teen Pregnancies Drop In Canada

Bad News For Bottoms

Mr. Coleman

Forecast: Hurricanes of Oil

Touche, Lindy!

Another Gay Couple Arrested

"What's Your Favorite Cheap Wine?"

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

Need Some Expert Advice About Your Pet?

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Rossi: "Our country's in trouble."

Traffic Report

Louise Bourgeois Is Dead

Tuesday at 8 pm

Full Charge Ahead

Lunchtime Quickie: Bear Week, Part III

Chihuahua Mauls, Kills Toddler

Today in Vegan

Boycott BP

To Quote My Mother...

House to Vote on Repealing DADT

The Morning News

What He Said

Today in "Ways to be Cool"

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Dear Holden Caulfield: Please Don't Ever Read The Fountainhead. Love, Me

Prescription Heroin

Gored Matador

Maps Are Cool

Book Expo America, Over the Years

Seattle Art Museum Cuts 15 Positions, Announces 2011 Furlough

Better Know a District

Police Beat: Falling Down Stairs

Grey Gallery to Close Current Location

Oil Board Director Co-Chairs Oil Spill Oversight

Hankering for a Cup of Shrek's Minty Jizz?

"Plug The Damn Hole!"

Dave Reichert: Anti-Gay Bigot

Drill, Rossi, Drill

Illinois Republican Outed

It's Not the Dog, It's the Owners...

Field Guide to November Days and the Regressors

Re: Booze Everywhere

Marco Roth Reviews David Shields

Groin-Punching is Unhealthy

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Dear Local Retail Establishments,

So Much Dead Pig, You Can't Even Believe It

Have You Read Kelly O's Piece About Detroit Yet?

Ideology Today: Boyz II Death

The Morning News: The Top Kill Didn't Work, Germany's President Has Resigned, and Salt Companies Try to Re-Invent Their Product by Using Terms Like "Briny Kiss"

SIFF Review: Splice

One Way to Ruin a Sexy Getup?

Frenemies Fight it Out at Dawn Using Teeth, High Heel

New Muppet Video

McDonald's Is So Gay

The Sinkholes Are Coming for Us

You See This Chair?

I Apologize For Posting About Female Genital Mutilation Before Noon

We Should Do this in Seattle

The Morning News

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Eight Nameless Meerkats, 30 Somali Protesters, and One Soggy Baby

Gay Republican Group...

High School Coach Fired After Sending "Lewd Video" to Student

The Shape of Things to Come

Gulf of Mexico: Today Is the Big Day! (Only it's Probably Not)

On Translating Bolano's Sex Scenes


How Is Your Sasquatch!?

Bumbershoot's 2010 Line-Up Announced


BP Is Attempting the Top Kill

The Race Is On for Miss Cougar America

Self-Publishing Just Got Even Easier

SL Letter of the Day: Dramatic Timing

This Is Probably Not the Future of Micropayments


House Votes to End "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

A Little Good News

Reading Tonight: Tolerance, Intolerance

Eastern Plays: Say It In Broken English

Rained Out

SL Letter of the Day: You're All Deputized!

On This Grey Day....

Census Vs. Island Rules

Guns and Testicles

What I Learned at Dino Rossi's Announcement Eve Financial Seminar

Currently Hanging: Name That Drag Queen!

The 2010 Stanley Cup Finals Start Saturday

Match Book: Tell Me a Scary Story

New Washington Poll: A Look at Our Very Own Tea Party

Seattle Is Cartoon City

Big Dog Now Little, Still Scary

Maybe Soldiers Should Be Armed Then?

Reading Today: Cooking in the Northwest


Wanna Read all the Stranger's Coverage of the Sasquatch! Festival in One Convenient Location?

Reading Tonight: Sexy Vampire Hunting

DADT Deal: The Beginning of the End

7-Word Sounders Match Review

"Heavy boots of lead/Fills his victims full of dread"

Howard House Is Closing

Woman Tracks Down Alleged Purse Thief to Taco Bell, Reclaims Purse

Seattle Meets Its Police Chief Finalists This Week

Apple Passes Microsoft to Become World's Most Valuable Technology Company

Calling All Illiterates

Reading Tonight: A Mystery and a Specious Argument

Trick Question!

Publishers Not Paying Attention at All

Nate Silver's Soccer Rankings

Rossi Attacks Via Twitter

What SIFF Movies Should You See This Year?

While Slog Was Dead...

The Morning News: Tropical Storm Agatha Hits Central America, BP Loses Billions in First Day of Trading Since the Top Kill Failed, and a New Vaccine "Could Eliminate" Breast Cancer

The Internet as a Force for Meaningful Change

The Roanoke Tavern May Be SAVED!!!

Reading Tonight: You've Got Three Good Options

Week in Review

Number of the Day: 30,000

Today in Stupid: Woman Sues Google After Getting Herself Runover

Youth Pastor Watch

Lest Memorial Day Pass By Unmentioned

U.S. Official on Israel: "We're the only ones who believe them"


A Brief History of Civil Disobedience and the Gay Rights Movement

Reported Murder-Suicide in Ballard

Thanks again Seattle!

Julie Taymor's Spider Man: A Flop in the Making

The Oil Disaster: Third World America

Dear A-Team: Stop Screaming at Me

Seattle Photographer Daniel Beltra Is in the Gulf

It's Not You, It's Us

Facebook Is Discussing Your Privacy Right Now

Technical Difficulties - Bot Attack

Sunken Koreas

Dennis Hopper...

Hugo House Cuts Belltown Writers-in-Residence Program

Only the Weird Die Old

Launching a Mosquito Fleet to South Park is Problematic, Says County

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

People Didn't Stop Drinking Booze During Prohibition...

Why Wall Street Fails

Pridemore Withdraws, Says Give 'Em Heck in WA-03

Reading Tonight: A Walker, a Novelist and a Native American Lawyer

The Morning News: Oily Tampons, Space Planes, and 25 Cents

Lindy Wins!

Overrated, Underrated, or Rated: Zoos

Al and Tipper Gore No More

Dennis Hopper's Screen Test

The Human Olive Centipede

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Reading Today: Do-It-Yourself Reading

Ten Random Thoughts From Chicago

The CEO of BP Wants Something

Live-Action Suicide Food

Advocacy Groups Work to Make South Park Walkable, Bikable Once Bridge Closes

Traffic Report

SPD Hits the "Mother Load" of Pot Farms

"Why Do They Water the Field at Sounders Games?"

Amanda Knox's New 'Do

But What's The W For?

Have You Read Lindy West's Review of Sex and the City 2 Yet?

Do All the Rossi Challengers Add Up to a Problem for Him?

Reading Today: Scaredy-Cat Authors

Dog in a Grocery

Lunchtime Quickie: UW "Librarians Do Gaga"

Reading Tonight: In Soviet Russia, Comics Read You!




'Nietzsche! The Musical'

Barça Ham Grab



Cheap Wine & Poetry

'The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle'

Dear Science

Oil-Spill Chemistry