Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 3 - 9, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 39

Savage Love

Religious Reason

New Column!

Everything Is Still Fucked!


A STIFF Kick in the Pants

Here's What STIFF Should Do to Make Us Care

Fucking It Up

Sex and Marriage in A Rational Solution


Get Him to the Greek

The Dirty Truth

An Interview with Hugh Hefner

I, Anonymous

Ms. Misogynist


Slow Dazzle

A Nonchalant Survey of Tortoise's Greatest Non-Hits

Ahead to the Past

Delorean's Vintage House Echoes

Who Is It?

Original Space Neighbor Specs One's gRAPhics

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Highlights from the Sasquatch! Festival

My Philosophy

JFK's Inaugural Address

It's a Hit

Updating the "Hardcore Continuum"

Data Breaker

Deru, Free the Robots

Poster of the Week

Poster by Jonathan Horn

Party Crasher

The Secret to Great Photography


Hollow Earth Radio Needs Your Help

Visual Art

The Meaning of Trees

A Giant Wooden Kite That Can't Fly

In Art News

Art and Reality TV, Sitting in a Tree


A Four-Ring Family Circus

You'll Want to Marry The Lonely Polygamist

Constant Reader

Hey Kids—Depressing, Serious Comics!

Food & Drink

Killer Barracuda

South of the Border on the Edge of Belltown

Bar Exam

The Resurrection of the Admiral Benbow

Chow Bio

Seamus MacKenzie, Sous-Chef at Luc

The Happiest Hour

The Living Room at Capitol Hill


Dino Rossi’s Baggage

He’s Back—This Time Running Against Patty Murray for U.S. Senate—
and He’s Dragging Around More Junk in His Trunks Than Ever Before

What'choo Talkin' 'Bout, Everyone

The Short and Angry Life of Gary Coleman

Worst Popes Ever

A Brief and Completely True History of the Catholic Church


Is It Actually Green?

A Proposed Biomass Incinerator Next to Puget Sound Is Being Promoted as "Carbon Neutral," but the EPA Isn't So Sure

My Daughter, Her Hair, and the Seattle School District

A Few Thoughts About My Daughter Getting Ejected from Her Class at Thurgood Marshall Elementary Last Week

Trying to Have It Both Ways on the Gays

Swing-District Congressman Dave Reichert Casts Conflicting Votes on Gays in the Military

Police Beat

The Human Condition



Illustrated Comment of the Week

Drunk of the Week


Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

I Love Television

Gay in That Way


'20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' with Stephin Merritt

Tracy Morgan

Cassandra Wilson


NW New Works

'Mugabe and the White African'

'The Architect and the Urn'

Delorean, Teengirl Fantasy, Big Spider's Back

Last Days

The Week in Review


Your First Look at Seattle's Police Chief Finalists

Gary Coleman: Was It MURDER???

Twitter Update

Week in Review

SL Letter of the Day: Product Placement (Hint: Place Product Directly Under Your Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent)

A Rossi Bump Since Declaring?

Emails Like This...

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Nefarious Turds

In Tomorrow's Paper

This Is a Great Idea for a Series of Books

Golden Girls' Rue McClanahan Dies

SIFF Review: Countdown to Zero

One More Reason the Newspaper Industry Is Dying

7-Word Sounders Match Review

Apple Announces iPhone 4

Every Child A Wanted Child

McGinn Calls for a Parking Tax Hike

Dino Rossi's Web Site: Still No Issues.

The Morning News: The Oil Cap Is On (and It Appears to Be Working... Kind Of), Joran van der Sloot Has Been Arrested for Murder, and the "Barefoot Bandit" Has Been Offered $50k to Surrender

Not Depressed Enough Yet?

Coming Soon To Joni Balter's Column

Would You Like One of These Men to Make You a Drink?

Reading Tonight: Islam and Zines

Borderline, Feels Like I'm Going to Lose My Mind...

That's Captain America, All Right

Baseball bottoms and tops. . .

The Blagojevich Trial Begins

Who Dun it?

Morning News

In My Mailbox This Morning

Meh: A New Book by a Seattle Museum Director About Digital Photography

Who Needs "Dude Science" Anyway?

Reading Tonight: The Spit Heard Round the World

Sex and the City 2: A Poll

Headline of the Day: Up with Grumps!

Britta Johnson: The Art of Holding Something in Your Hand Right Before It's Trash

The Bunker Under City Hall

It's Primary Day

Facebook Picks Downtown for Seattle Office

All the Bad Novels You'll Ever Desire, for Free

Another Day, Another Animal Rant

SL Letter of the Day: Should a Squirter Pay for a New Mattress?

Gay Couple Reunited

"Where do drag queens get that lipstick?"

Library Board President Will Not Seek Reappointment

Reading Tonight: Brother of Zach

Tim Killian Will Handle Council Relations for Mayor

Today in the Basic Care and Handling of Baby's Faces

The Savage Love iPhone App

The Sound of Summer and the New Gallery at the Henry

Re: The Savage Love iPhone App

How Not to Win Sympathy for Israel

Seattle Seahawks Rookie Caught Stealing Top Pot Doughnuts

The Capitol Hill Block Party Line Up Announcement

Wednesday Comics Is Awesome

Lunch Date: One Day

If There's Anything Better Than Drag Queens Competing Against Each Other....


Reading Tonight: Be More Irrational

I Don't Smoke Crack in Your Toilet—Please Don't Poop in My Alley!

The Bilderberg Group Is Real

Morning Music, Some New and Some Old, and the Gayest Thing Happening in Town Tonight

Ladies and Gentlemen, There Is Now a Drink Special at the Reading Party

Groups Blast City Council for Scuttling Tunnel Cost Overrun Debate

Enough With the Foot-Sex, Already!

Get Your Ass off The Couch (And Then Fall on Some Ice)

Discrimination Is Always Wrong

Prepping for the Exit Interview with Michael Darling

Jupiter, the Protector of Life Near the Core of the Solar System

Bomb de Terre

Listen Up to the Sherpas!

Meanwhile In California


Man Jumped in Lincoln Park for Bus Fare

Do The Piss Freaks...

SIFF Review: Leaves of Grass

For Those of You Who Are Annoyed That You Can't Read the Complete Works of Ron Paul on the Kindle:

Ladies' Night: Whitman, Fiorina, Lincoln, Haley, and Angle Win Their Primaries

Fucking Crows

Fucking Evil

The Most Diplomatic Seattle Artist Ever

Good Samaritan Law Goes Into Effect Next Thursday

Seattle Artist Nko Seriously Injured in Bike Accident

On Extending Unemployment Benefits, Rossi Takes a Walk

The Morning News: Wikileaker Is Turned in By a Former Hacker, Oil Is Gushing at a Faster Rate Than Ever, and Obama Talks About Kicking BP's Ass

SL Letter of the Day: The Non-Monogamously Inclined

The Name of the Next Ship Headed for Gaza?

One Last Word on Sasquatch, Courtesy of Lindy West

Study: Teenagers Are Having Sex, Using Condoms

Third Season of Whale Wars Starts Tonight!

Amazon Europe Forces Used Booksellers to Play Ball

Overly Fishy Reasoning

Also Reading Tonight: Bill Ayers

Lady Gaga Deep-Throats a Rosary

I Never Trusted You, Falkor!

In Case You Missed George W. Bush

The Future of Death in Seattle

James Joyce Is Too Dirty for the iPad

On Finishing One Day

Morning News

SL Letter of the Day: Engaging Question

Indulging A Giant Woman Fetish

Gee... I Wonder...

Lunchtime Quickie: Sex In The City 2's Biggest Fan

Why Isn't This Man In Prison?

Russell Brand & Jonah Hill: The Stranger Interview

The World's Worst Industrial Accident

Landlords Grouse About New Housing-Inspection Law

Reading Tonight: A Night for Downers

Elton John, Rush Limbaugh, Trading Your E-mail for a Black Mountain Song, Lesbian Tacos, Lady Gaga, and Having the Word "Indian" in Your Band Name

Sarah Palin: Who's To Blame For Oil Spill In Gulf?

That Gay McDonald's Ad

Attention, Sounders Fans

SPD Restricts Access to Incident Reports

Cats Are Not Dogs

The Pros and Cons of the Three Men Who Want to Be Police Chief

Man In T-Shirt

On Publishing Juvenilia

Reading Today: Soul of a Citizen Bicyclist

Murray vs. Rossi on Offshore Drilling: An Emerging Contrast

Artists to Show Their Ideas for the First Hill Streetcar Line

It's Candidate Filing Week!

Reading Today: Extreme, in More Ways Than One

Longer Helen Thomas

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Teen Werewolves

The Sims Meets Minority Report

County Transportation Chair Says County Won't Pay Cost Overruns on Tunnel

Today in "YEEEEEE-HAW!"

Seattle's Teachers: Not as Church-Mousey as You Think

Mandatory Retirement Ages

Pot Initiative Looks Dead, Backers Shoot Venom at Political Players

Books on the iPad Are Popular, More or Less

Police Guild Backs Off Endorsement of Out-of-Town Chief

Today In Delicious Gaming

Giant Magnet Hires Executive Director

How's That Hatey, Crazy Stuff Working Out For Ya?

Happy National Doughnut Day

Required Reading: Roger Ebert on White Racists and Whitewashed Murals

Flickr Photo of the Day

Tonight! Don't Stay Home! It's Filled with Spiders!

Big Art Weekend

American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi

Here's a STIFF Film You Should See

Robbery at Gun Point on East Madison Street

Reading Tonight: About Obama's Mom

Competing Bids Announced for the Seattle Center Site

Should You Donate Money to Help with Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts?

Contract Hit

Today in Dads Embarrassing Their Unwitting Sons on the Internet

U.S. Citizen Among the Gaza Flotilla Dead

GUYS! My Fave Hockey Announcer Ever, GUYS!

Overheard in the Office

Black Velvet. Weeping Jesus. Dream Catcher.

Instead of Chihuly Museum, How About Rightful Duwamish Takeback?

Seattle's Police Chief Finalist Ron Davis

Tonight! Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke

Alleged Parking Lot Gunfights and Devious Train Tracks

Reading Today: Book Reading Hell and Sexy Comics

Want to Earn Your Happy-Hour Booze the Unpleasant Way?

"Take This And Eat It"


Little Trigger Happy There, Kim Jong-il?

The Morning News: Ladies Prevail in Primaries in Arkansas and California, Barefoot Burglar Doesn't Want Your Money, and BP's Stock Price Tumbles Further

Dear Seattle Art Museum Leaders, Trustees, and Donors: Here's What Not to Do

Having a Bad Morning?

Currently Hanging: Stephen B. Nguyen

Lunchtime Quickie: The Best New Dance Move Ever Invented

"Fatigued Fister on the DL"

City's Top Judge Gets Lowest Rating

The Daily Show on South Carolina Governor's Race

A Book of Last Words, from Beginning to End

Bikes + Lake Union Streetcar Tracks = Lawsuit

The Seattle School District Responds

Mayor Won't Sign Loyalty Oath on Tunnel

Judge: Teachers Have a Right To Privacy

What Does the Next Chief Think About the SPD Restricting Access to Police Records?

Today in Anonymous Social Agony; or, The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions

Sandwich Immortality!

Today in Nerdgasms: Darth Vader Corsets

So Many Primaries!

SL Letter of the Day: Lots of Catholic Girls LOVE Sex

"Savage Love" vs. "Dear Abby"

A Troop of Mudedes

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Catholic Criticism, Predictable Chickens, Annoying Drunks

Via Tribunali: Going National


Councilman Seeks to Put Brakes on Transit Master Plan

Who Could've Predicted That the Founder of the Minutemen Was a Dangerous, Gun-Waving Maniac?

Meat, the Competition

Dino Rossi's Web Site: No Issues.

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

From Zoo to Doolymoog

Study: Lesbian Parents Raise Better Kids

Learn Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Recycling

Reading Today: Spice and Journalism

This Week's Cover

Are You Ready for Next Wednesday Night?

The Morning News: The Oil Leak Still Isn't Fixed, Jim Joyce Might've Changed Baseball Forever, and the Kid Suspected in the Disappearance of Natalee Holloway Is Now Suspected of Murdering a Different Woman

Pilot Cameras at Cal Anderson Park Seemingly Breed More, Unaccounted-for Cameras

KEXP Confirms Bid for Seattle Center Site

A BAN on Plastic Bags in Seattle

"Dan Savage's Wild Kingdom"

That Not-So-Fresh Feeling One Gets Sometimes

Today in Lady Gaga's Unoriginality!

Reading Today: The King of the World

Republican Senate Candidates Dodging Kitsap Forum

If You Have a Sense of Humor, Spend the Night with Matt Smith

What He Said

Reading Tonight: Bottled Water and Other Science Fiction

Slog Happy! Thursday!

Finally: Interim Police Chief John Diaz Speaks

Getting It Right in Germany, Getting It Wrong in Italy

Free Architectural Advice from a Stranger Genius!

Guns: An American Tragedy

Pop Life! At Hidmo!

First Same-Sex Marriage Performed in Portugal

That Wall Across the Street

Lunchtime Quickie: Stuff White People Like, Part II

Reading Tonight: That's a Bonobo Handshake, All Right

Rubbed the Wrong Way in Kirkland

Larry Craig On Last Night's Daily Show

Should Newspapers Show Pictures of Drag Queens?

Lunchtime Quickie: Stuff White People Like...

That's a Lot of Drugs

Seattle Police Unions Back Braziel as Seattle's Next Police Chief

Upon This Cock I Will Build My Church

Ken Griffey Jr...

Wait, Is That "Don't Tread on Me" Yellow That Rossi's Wearing?

The Transformation of Roy Ashburn

'Dying for Our Sins'

Reading Tonight: The Next James Bond (Writer)

A New Clip from Twilight: Eclipse AND Justin Bieber Shaking Hands with a Puppy! ARE WE IN HEAVEN OR WHAT???

Seattle Center Refuses to Release Names of People Judging Chihuly Museum

Flashback to a Flashback: Revisiting the Famous Artist in the Unmarked Grave

Laughter Is Contagious

The Best And Worst of Last Night's Police Chief Forum


It's Happy Hour O'Clock!

Currently Hanging: Claudia Fitch

Lusty Haiku of the Day

First Thursday Artwalk!

Under 40 Is the New Under 30

Reading Today: Economic Optimism, Ho!

School Muralists in Arizona Asked to Lighten the Skin Tone of Their Subjects

Reading Tonight: All God's Fishes Gotta Eat

Top Chef Sad Trombone

BREAKING: Gay Men Skinnier, Lesbians Heavier

Born, Live Three Weeks, Die in the Teeth of a Dog...

Lindy West on the Worst Popes Ever

How Does It Feel to Be an Olympic Star?

Summer Adult Art Class: A Puget Sound Art Dredging

" Jesus Christ. We broke the ocean."

Street Treats Coming to the Streets of Seattle This Afternoon

Fight the Gay Lifestyle...

The Gay Wedding Mafia in Malawi

Today In Christian Warriors

Lindsay Lohan's Clean Living

New Restaurants: Vegan, French, Fatty's, and Tons More!

The Final Get Loweded Is Tomorrow Night

Reading Tonight: Don't Think of Sarah Palin

Late Arrival: Control Tower

Morning News: Adult Breast Feeding, Jihad Tourism, and Humpback Whales (No Relation)

SIFF Review: Waiting for Superman

Dogs and Human Sociality

Victims of the Deepwater Horizon

SIFF Review: Centurion

Perfect Almost Perfect, or Holy Shit—More Baseball on Slog!

Republican Don Benton to Drop Out of Washington Senate Race?

Murder the Internet

Soccer Mayhem

Painter of Light Bankruptcy No Longer a Metaphor!

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

SIFF Review: Secrets of the Tribe

Barack Hussein Obama