Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 10 - 16, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 40

Savage Love

The Bad Husband

I, Anonymous

How to Ruin Everything


A Filmmaker Named Linas

Mechanics and Alpacas and Truth and Fiction in Bass Ackwards

The Best Laid Plans

The A-Team Gets a B-Minus


Taking a Marmadump

Art House

Imani's Black Bodies, Black Faces, Black Slums


Coming Clean

Meet Seattle's Next Big Musical Export

Uzi and the Banshees

Goth Damage: Indian Jewelry's Totaled

Oh, Buoyant

Baths' Soft-Focus "Emotronica"

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Festival Lineups, Partman Parthorse, and Why KEXP at Seattle Center?

It's a Hit

New Singles from Sleigh Bells, Tape, Saadi, and More

Data Breaker

Seattle Techno Icon Jerry Abstract Goes Out with a Bangkok

My Philosophy

Ladies Night 2.0

Party Crasher

Toasting with a One-Time Sexy Tampon

Poster of the Week

Poster by Chelsea Conboy


Noise for the Needy Raises Money for the Kids


High Wire

Northwest New Works Festival vs. Cirque du Soleil

It's a Miracle!

A Solo Show About Cancer That's Actually Good

Visual Art

In Art News

Amazon, Please Do Right By These Artists

Everywhere and Spreading

Art, Disaster, Formlessness, and the Oil Spill


Middle Class, Meet Middle East

An American Woman Becomes Muslim in The Butterfly Mosque

Constant Reader

We Sold Ourselves to Outer Space

Food & Drink

Getting Smarter, Drunker, Cheesier, and Happier

A Demystifying Trip to Questionland

Bar Exam

The Grizzled Wizard

Chow Bio

Interview with a Pupusa

The Happiest Hour

Lava Lounge in Belltown


Veni Vidi Veni

Inside the Lusty Lady, Seattle's Most Famous Peep Show, During Its Last Month on Earth


McGinn and Conlin Debate Tunnel Cost Overruns

Wealthy Plastic Lobby May Fight Bag Ban

City Council Considers Bag-Ban Bill for Summer

Police Beat

The Decline of Police Transparency

The House of No



Illustrated Comment of the Week

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

What Do You Do?

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

That's MY Opinion!


Table Française à Cafe Presse


The Lusty Lady

'Get Him to the Greek'


Partman Parthorse, Mash Hall, Scraps

Happenings at the Sculpture Park!

'An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein'

Last Days

The Week in Review


City Council Will Introduce Ban on Plastic Bags This Summer; Plastic Lobby Considers Challenge

Overheard in the Office

R-71 Decision Coming Soon

Week in Review

Weekend Agenda

Pat Robertson's Advice for Wives

Rep. Aaron Schock's Belt Is...

The Nuclear Option

Got To The Greek

Reading Tonight: A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

How the Deepwater Horizon Spill Will End

There Will Be a Worldwide Protest of BP Tomorrow

Last Call for Pinball

Today in KILL IT!! KILL IT DEAD!!!

More Heartbreaking Somehow Than All Those Oily Pelicans

The Morning News: The World Cup, the Oil Numbers, and a Baby Orca in Puget Sound

Gay Pride Kick-Off Boat Party

You Wouldn't Jail A Child Abuser in a Day Care, You Wouldn't Put an Animal Abuser in a Zoo.

Jaywalking Is Not a Crime

Dean Fawkes Submits New Candidate for Worst Song of the Year (So Far), Adrian Ryan Blabs About a Sexy Librarian, New Arcade Fire, Devo & Jamiroquai Pimp Their Shit with Cats and Cup Noodles Respectively, Jimmy Dean Before Sausage!!!!

Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Patty Murray Set to Enter a New Plea Tomorrow

Headline of the Day?

SL Letter of the Day: When Do You Know You're Ready?

Implied Violence Needs Your Help

Missing Almost Live

No Background Needed: Get Your YouTube Video Shown at the Guggenheims

"Teenager Friendly Places to Watch the World Cup?"

About Braziel Running Away From the Police Chief Job

Maybe Tablets Will Save the Media?

These "Students" Are Obviously Total Douchebags

Christopher Frizzelle Gets All Weird About Some Grafitti!!!

Take Note, Yogurt Enthusiasts

Lunchtime Quickie: Stuff White People Like, Part III

A Review of Bravo's "Work of Art": "I'm Really into Lilies Right Now."

The Stranger Presents a Pride Kick-off Boat Party

What Is This World Cup Coming To?


Lunchtime Quickie: Reason #237 Why I Don't Go to the Zoo

Want to Make Suggestions for the City of Music Commission's First Meeting?

Liveslogging South Africa vs. Uruguay at the Bottleneck Lounge with Lindy West and Cienna Madrid

SL Letter of the Day: "Mostly Straight"

Amazon Deletes Super-Positive Reviews Given by a Public Relations Professional

What's Missing from the Chihuly Museum Proposal

A New Front In The War On Straight Rights

Saudi Arabia: When You're Here, You're Family (Drink Up)

The Morning News: BP's Blunders, Good News about Jobs, and the Cell Phone Law That Goes into Effect Today

From the "Huh. Who Knew?" Department

Liveslogging the World Cup—France v. Uruguay—from Noted French Restaurant Cafe Presse

Dino Rossi's First Press Conference (Or, Seven Minutes in Vancouver)

Liveblogging Italy vs. Paraguay at the Spitfire, Where I Just Ordered Blackened Shrimp Tacos

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: It's Armageddon Up in Here

Jonathan Wolken, a Founder of the Popular and Controversial Dance Company Pilobolus, Dies at 60

A Modern Rashomon in Georgetown

But Can They Keep Their Virtual Jobs?

World Cup LiveSlogs!

The Return of (a Weirdly Slurring) George W.

Don't Judge a Soccer Mom by Her Rust Spots

Man Behind Wheel of Car that Killed Teens Also Perpetrator of Those Fucking Pop-Under Ads

Comic Sans Speaks Out

For Lindy: The Worst Alcoholic

Gay Seniors Crowned Prom King and Queen at High School That Blocked Gay Prom Queen Just Two Years Ago


The Chief: Now What the Fuck Are We Going to Do?

Nigeria V. Argentina at the Historical 5 Point

Douchebag Congressman Sorry About Assaulting Douchebag Videographer

The Cat and the Necktie

Northwest Noir: Cops Vs. Cons

Have Seattle Cops Become More Ethical?

The Tunnel Cost Overrun Debate

How Can We Trust a Chihuly Museum?

Holding Two Opposing Thoughts

I Know it's Already Halftime...

The Truth About Austerity

"I'm Keepin' Mah Baybay..."

Reading Tonight: Facebook and Dead Russians

New: Wavves (Bummer or Burner?), Against Me!, Damien Jurado; Also, Internet Conspiracy Theories, Stories from Last Night, Book of Black Earth Interview, and King Kahn & BBQ Break Up!!!

Lunchtime Quickie: Bacon Necks and a Hitler Stache?

Election Shenanigans in South Carolina?

Would a Straight Guy Wear That Belt?

SL Letter of the Day: Losing It Ugly

Morning News

Liveslogging Spain vs. Switzerland at the 5 Point While Bacon Sizzles in the Kitchen and It Rains Outside

Without He-Man, There Would Be No Obama

Reading Today: Three Good Ones

Some Nifty Books Are Coming to Slog Happy

Time to Hang Up the Phone Book

Alki > Gasworks Park > Madison Beach

Flickr Photo of the Day

SPD Assigns Additional Training to Officer Who Punched Jaywalker

Currently Hanging: Syed Iskandar

What He Said

Jive and Jibe—A Note on Usage

A Question for Dino Rossi on Abortion and the Relative Value of Souls

No Major Oil Company Is Prepared for a Major Spill: The True Nature of Capitalist Innovation

More Animals on the Cover This Week

A Letter to Amazon About Art

Reading Tonight: Godly Lunatics

Charles Alan Wilson Pleads Guilty to Threatening Patty Murray (And Calling Her a "Fucking Pike Street Whore")

Today in Completely Air-Tight Teabagger Logic, BP Edition

Liveblogging Algeria vs. Slovenia Over Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, and Hashbrowns at the Scenic 5 Point

Gay Pride Kick-Off Boat Party

Hari Kondabolu: In Town, Doing Stuff!

Teabaggers Protest a Mosque at Ground Zero

Marines Beat Gay Winker

God Destroys Graven Image

The Art of Indian Mumbo Jumbo

"What's your favorite first line from a book?"

Lindsay Lohan and the Lessons of SCRAM

Porn Actors Aren't As Pretty as TV Actors

How Progressive Is Gael Tarleton?

The Cops Should've Busted These Guys For Their Hair Alone

Soccer Comes Out

A Message from the Homosexuals to the Denizens on the Gulf

Tonight's Hockey Game Might Be the Last Hockey Game We Can Watch Until October

What I Meant to Say Was, "I Love 'Work of Art'"

Liveblogging the First World Cup Game—South Africa vs. Mexico

It's Happy Hour O'Clock!

Today in Oh My God, Are You Serious?

Florida Teacher Fired For Fornication

Newspapers Are the Greatest History Books

What Is the Worst Song of 2010 (So Far)?

Chihuly Comments: Hipster Mustaches Drinking PBR While Riding Fixies vs. "the Tchotkes of a One Eyed Loon"

USA! vs. England

The Relevant Question

On Jaywalking and Police Brutality

I Love a Funeral Home with a Sense of Humor

Did Apple or AT&T Unintentionally Leak iPad 3G Owner Information?

The New York Times Kills "Tweet"

Dino Rossi: Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Arrested and Prosecuted For Murder

Patty Murray: Golden Shoes and Pointed Comments

Liveslogging Japan v. Cameroon

Have You Guys Looked at Maakies This Week?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Re: Quit Fucking with My Mind, Potato Chips!


Get Your Ass Off the Couch

The Morning News

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Freedom to Marry

The Devil Is In the Details

Art To-Do List for Tonight.

Slog Happy Is Tonight!

Enter the Daughter Bubbles

A New Cover for Lolita

If You Wish To Understand How Deepwater Horizon Happened

A Question Rossi Will Answer: "Is now the time to buy a waterfront home?"

Star-Studded Opening and Art Talk Thursday Night

Currently Hanging: Andrew Dadson

Tonight at SIFF: The Dancer and the Thief

Penetration, Michael Jackson, a Picture of Racheal Flotard Molesting Someone, Dominic Holden Makes a Music Related Post, the Worst Song of the Year, and New Sleepy Eyes of Death

Youth Pastor Watch

Flickr Photo of the Day

Who's in Favor of Taxing the Rich?

Spinning the Recession

Same Old Song?

Wiener War in Westlake?

Reading Today: Blatant Favoritism

5,000 Words by Brendan Kiley—Plus a Dozen Naked Ladies!

SL Letter of the Day: Milk Made

Increase in WSLCB Activity?

A Message to Europe

And Now, Lightning and Fire in the Gulf

Holy Shit! Comics on Our Web Site—a Technological Breakthrough

Live: Ask the Mayor

National Soda Lobby Pours In $1 Million to Keep Washington Fat

Didier, Palin Around Again

Because People Keep Asking Me Why I Don't Ever Write About the Tony Awards

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

The Last Oyster Harvest

What Did You Do Last Night?

Reading Tonight: Stop Buying Stuff! (Buy My Book.)

Chihuly Museum Revamps Proposal to Include Children's Playground

Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent

The Morning News

From Hungary to The UK

Lunchtime Quickie: RIP Jimmy Dean, You Sausage Slinger You

And For the Defense

The Sad State of Hungary's Economy

Liveslogging Ivory Coast vs. Portugal Over Irish Coffees and Screwdrivers at the 5 Point

Republican Tax Proposal Would Screw Seattle

Since We're Stuck Here Together We Might As Well Have a Conversation...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Grows by 17%

Federal Court Rules No Special Rights for Bigots

SIFF Review: Get Low

Elephants Playing Football

Is Rossi's Tale About an Illegal Immigrant Rapist All Wrong?

North Korea vs. Brazil (or, Potentially the Weirdest Match of the World Cup)

Salma Hayek vs. Snake... ON WHOM DO YOU WAGER??

Stricter Cell-Phone Law Kicks In Today

Nelson Mandela's Great-Granddaughter Killed in a Car Crash

Q13 Fox News: Seattle Police Officer Assaults 17-Year-Old Jaywalker

Seattle City Council Throws Money at South Park Bridge

Police Chief Braziel Withdraws from Consideration for Seattle Chief Position

The End of the Hair Affair

Seattle Center Changes Course, Announces It Will Disclose Names of Chihuly Museum Jury

Meanwhile in the Civilized World

Germany vs. Australia

Mid-Year Budget Slashes Funding for Cops, Park Maintainence, Wading Pools, Library Staff

Bicyclist Struck By Scooter on Broadway and Pine

Obama's Oval Office Address on the Spill

Quit Fucking with My Mind, Potato Chips!

The Secret to Being a Republican Senate Candidate: Silence?

A Plug for Public School Teachers: Race and Music Class at Washington Middle School

Human Centipede: The Necklace

Morning News: Brought to You by Two Bloody Marys and a World Cup Game

The Pot Bloc

The Death of Neoliberalism and the Survival of AIG

Brief Interviews with Delicious Pupusas

Clip Art of the Day

Profiles In Discourage

Adrian Ryan On Elton John!

Lust on the Run

Jaywalking Enforcement Has Long History of Escalating to Violence

Art, Disaster, Formlessness, and the Oil Spill

Dino Rossi "Prefers Republican Party"

Today I Showed Remarkable Restraint...

Pioneer Square Makes Peace with Real Change

Because There's Apparently a Demand For it...

Mayor Announces City of Music Commission

PS: Western Bridge Is Closing Forever Spring 2012

Who Should Be the Chief?

Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel

Gay Sex = Domestic Terrorism

Too Cute to Be Cruel!

This Weekend's World Cup Coverage on Slog

Find Out What Your Dreams Really Mean (Finally!)

Afghanistan: There's Taliban (and Gold) in them There Hills

The Beautiful Game and Capitalism

Do Not Pass Go

The Secret Agenda of Gay Parents: First We Trick You Into Treating Us Like Human Beings...

Our National Discussion About Homosexuality

This Week's Answer of the Week

Last Call at The Lusty Lady

This Week in Concessions: Marmaduke

SL Letter of the Day: King For a Day

Open Letters