Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 29 - Jul. 5, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 41

Savage Love

Sexy Mamas, Kiddie Porn

New Column!


James Horner Must Die

The Ultimate Disaster Rips Through a Film

Simply Gorgeous

Pretty (Dangerous), Simple Film

Stretched Thin

Snakes, Funerals, and False Promises

Crush Freaks

New Trends in Porn

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This Week on TV

Movie Times


Nothing Less Than Everything

The Earnest Romanticism of Carissa's Wierd

Club Directory

Honky Tonkin'

A New Use for Country Music: Black Youth Repellent

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More Up & Coming

More Music Listings

Up & Coming

All Ages Action



The Despair, Like the Setting, is a Little Rusty

Theater Listings

Visual Art

Blues for Whitey

Garage Punk: The Last Underground


The Art of Politics

WTO Memories Live on, Oddly, in Seattle Art Spaces

Visual Arts Listings


Things as They Might Become

Harper's Editor Lewis Lapham on Satire, Losing Money, and Hope

Readings Listings

Food & Drink

Mama Lou's

Mexican on a Yuppie Budget


The Crystal Cockroach

Police Keep Cracking Down on the Ingredients Used to Make Meth, But They're Only Pushing the Drug in More Dangerous Directions. Just ask Lauren.

Captain Americas of the World!

Experience Monorail Project

Judy Nicastro Wants to Build a Monorail For Paul Allen

Killing the Messenger

From Working to Fired in Under an Hour, Nosy Employment Contract Screws Kozmo Workers

Sidran Says He's Sorry

Nicastro Calls Bullshit on City Attorney for His Behavior in Council Chambers and Elevator

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Pigeon Killer

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I Love Television

Sure, I'd Do It!

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