Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 17 - 23, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 41

Savage Love

Boat Party

I, Anonymous

Dog the Virgin Hunter


Demonic for the People

Rangda: A Three-Headed Psych-Noise Beast

Jimmy and Me

A Degrassi Superfan's Guide to Drake, Lil Wayne, and Irony

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Dumb Eyes and Sleepy Eyes

It's a Hit

Seriously, Pop Culture, No More Robots

Data Breaker

Matmos and So Percussion's Outlandish Exotica

My Philosophy

Dyme Def's New YUK Clothing Label

Poster of the Week

Poster by C. M. Ruiz

Party Crasher

Fighting Authority, Liberating Chickens


Videotapes Hanging in Trees Killed the Press Release


Get Off My Lawn!

An Early Morning Chat with Bill Cosby While He Takes a Break from Writing a Eulogy for His High-School Basketball Coach

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

A Quartet of Plays About the Banality of Evildoers

Burlesque Box

Jo Boobs and Deflowered Brides

Visual Art

Trashed, Burned, Abandoned

The Olympic Sculpture Park Finally Comes Alive


The Curse of Dorothy Parker

Sloane Crosley Is More Than Just a Hilarious Lady

Constant Reader

Seattle Public Library Needs New Leadership

Food & Drink

Blue-Ribbon Batter

The Allen Brothers Bring Some Serious Golden-Fried Deliciousness to Rainier Valley

Bar Exam

The Sounders Guest-Bartend at Post

Chow Bio

George Coromilas of Fatty's Corner Pizzeria

The Happiest Hour

Blue C Sushi in Fremont


What's wrong with art in Seattle? Our art schools, according to SAM's outgoing contemporary curator.

Michael Darling Schools the Schools

What Are You Doing?: The Innovators

The Stranger Walks In On an Inventor, a Paleontologist, an Underwater Explorer, and a Comic Artist Who Went Viral

What Do All These Drunk of the Week Photos Have in Common?

A Preview of Kelly O's Photography Show That Opens at Easy Street Records in West Seattle This Week


Ballot Boxing

Pissed at Lawmakers in Olympia, Washington Residents File a Record Number of Initiatives—Some Good, Some Terrifying, and Some Just Batshitcrazy

The Insufferable Neighborhood Activists

NIMBYs Have United Across the City to Defend the Worst Town Houses

Police Beat

Cone Heads

Control Tower

Spanks a Lot: BDSM Without Sex

I Love Television

Ten Reasons to Dislike Miley Cyrus

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Last Days

The Week in Review


Reading Tonight: You Should Feel Totally Overwhelmed

Top Republican Apologizes to BP for Obama's Action

Holmes Charges Jaywalker Involved in Cop-Punch Incident

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

The Weather Could Be Worse...

Second-Most Attractive Obama Cabinet Official Leaving White House

Up In The Air

There's a Silent Reading Party Tonight

The Thing I Didn't Mention in My Review of Harmony Korine's New Movie "Trash Humpers"...

Reagan, Objectively, Ruined This Country...

SL Letter of the Day: Lying Low

Lunchtime Quickie: The Breakfast Club XXX Remake

SL Letter of the Day: Sucks To Be You?

It's Going To Be Beautiful Tomorrow Night...

Bill Cosby on His Stranger Interview

To the Person or People Giving the Squirrel Nuts: Please Stop

The Continuing Tragedy of Boy A

It's a Fine Day for a Fro-Turd*

Female Genital Mutilation at Cornell University

Last Night's "Work of Art" on Bravo


The Punched Jaywalker Apologizes

Until The Sexbots Come Along...

My Head Has Exploded

Headline of the Day

Shamwow + Eminem, Hanson Fans Riot!!!, a Nicolas Cage Cartoon, Norse Horse, Another Worst Song of 2010 (So Far), an HOLY SHIT JEN GRAVES MAKES A LINE OUT POST.

19-Year-Old Attacked For Being Directionless

Fangirl Elena Kagan Backs "Religious Liberty" Over Anti-Discrimination Laws

More Than This

Shamwow! + Eminem!

Eminem Comes Out...

A Little Good News

The Artist's Statement of a Subway Sandwich

Straight Parents Never Have Threeways

World Cupdate: Their Long, Gallic Nightmare Is Finally Over

"Significant Announcement" Coming Regarding South Park Bridge

Seattle Cop Punch Goes Worldwide

Finally, a Suitable Replacement for the Vuvuzela

Youth Pastor Watch

The Spaceman Across the Street Still Haunts Me

What UW Students Need to Know About Drugs

The Ultimate Gun Lover

More Jaywalker Punch Fallout: Police Guild Throws Tantrum at City Attorney

More Bad Music!

God Isn't the First Fictional Character...

Apple is the New Mantracker

Yes We Can (Barely Meet the Minimum Requirement to Stay in the World Cup)!

How to Ruin A City

This Week in Film: Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

If His Son Is Happy...

Nice Day...

Super Dave's Super Sushi Is Coming to Capitol Hill

This Week in Questionland: Gays!

More Bad News From/For The Gulf

Throwing a Pride Party?

Re: Female Genital Mutilation at Cornell University

Where Bad Books Come to Die

I Never Even Knew This Song Existed

"Burqavaganza": Satire Banned in Pakistan

Tunnel Graffiti

World Cup: USA vs. Algeria

Closing Arguments in the Prop 8 Trial

On Abortion, Many Questions That Dino Rossi Still Won't Answer

Week in Review

Yes? No?

The Ick Factor

The Historic INS Building Wakes Up Again

Nature Abhors a Vacuum: The Design Commission Entertains Temporary Proposals for Vacant Places

The World Cup Matches We'll Be Covering on Slog This Week

Viagra Doesn't Increase Desire

What Did You Dream About Last Night?

Flames At Sea

Morning News: Taiwan Faces Baby Deficit; Novelist Wakes up Illiterate; and the Ocean is Still Broke but BP Isn't (Yet)

Morning News: The Brain in God's Neck; Seal Pups Aren't Your Play Things; Water Takes Its Revenge

Belltown Residents, Business Owners Skeptical of SPD's Plan to Improve Nightlife

The Didier Bubble, as Inflated by Didier

Man Robbed of $1,375 at ATM

The Man and Amanda Knox

What Is the Worst Song EVER?

What's That Stench?!

Lunchtime Quickie: Salma Hayek's Boo, I Mean, Bugs

In Case You Missed It...

Capitol Hill Acquires a New Park

Joe Barton Would Like to Apologize To...

What Song Is In Your Head Today?

iOS 4 Update

David Mamet on The Colbert Report: "Is Theater a Creep Magnet?"

Art Fight: Are Seattle's Art Schools Good Enough?

It's the New Trailer for The Smurfs, Guys! (What Do You Mean, 'You Don't Care'?)

The USA Is Playing in the World Cup Tomorrow Morning at 7 am...

Greek Active Macbeth

The Night Museum

Hey, Your Mom's Getting Drunk in the Park, and It Ain't Pretty

In Case You Were Doing Some Ralph Macchio Research But Having Trouble Pronouncing "Ralph Macchio"

In the 34th, a Clash of Generations and Endorsements


Saddlebacking in the News

SL Letter of the Day: Don't Hate the Player...

I Have Been to the New Olympic Sculpture Park, and the New Olympic Sculpture Park Is Good

Not The Onion

Discovering How Enormous Your Interior Is

Last Call

Liquor-Law Backers Ready to Turn In Petitions

Maybe We Should Offer BP A Tax Break To Drill & Spill In Lake Union

Shadow School Board Votes No Confidence in Seattle Public School Superintendant

Lunchtime Quickie: Rocket Tooth

Uh-Oh, Marie Callender's

Morning News: It's Father's Day, Civil Unions Slated for Hawaii, and Rwanda Gets an Ice Cream Shop.

A Exciting Note About Two Useful Words

The Progressive Slate for the Primary Election

Upskirt Update

SL Letter of the Day: One From the Archives...

The Texan Taliban

Clean Energy Legislation, Made Simple

Hardware Retailer Exposes Gays to Temptations of Home Improvement

K-Strass on His Dark Past

The Best Sentence I Have Read All Year

All Apologies

Mayor Won't Re-Open Seattle Police Chief Search

Convincing People to Drink Less Soda

Currently Hanging: Bad Renoirs

Anthony Bourdain's Nasty Bits

Morning News

Visualizing the Drug War

The Art of the City

Lunchtime Quickie: Khloe Kardashian's Hairy Situation

Death Threats Aren't Helpful

Lawn Care in Los Angeles

Guns Today

Dino Rossi's Web Site: Still No Issues.

Liveslogging France vs. Mexico (with Grant Cogswell) at Cafe Presse, Where the Lady Next to Me Just Yelled "It's Too Loud in Here!"

An Eye For Life on Earth

A Nighttime Request

Council Changing Its Position on the Tunnel?

Currently Hanging: Martha Colburn

Today in Making Light of Ongoing Tragedies for Fun and Profit

Dueling Booze Initiatives Could Each Cost the State Millions

Dems to Force Vote on Stricter Campaign Financing

Shockingly, a Woman is Mistaken for Justin Bieber

Twittered to Death

China Shows Confidence in Obama

Anything Is Possible Through God

Morning News: Mike Huckabee Makes a Joke.

It Takes a Big Man to Hilariously Mock a Teenage Girl

New Taxes Save State Budget

The GOP's Misconstrued Misconstruction

Bias Attacks in Seattle Target Racial Minorities, Gays

Got a Question for the Gays?

Today in Sentences That Will Send Your Hat Flying Upwards from Your Head in Surprise

Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offense, it is not resentful...

Morning News

I'm Feeling Sexually Attracted to Ted Danson Today. How Are You?

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Dog-Hating A-Holes, Creeps With Goatees, Carnival Queers

Screw the World Cup and Happy Father's Day!

Obama to Back Family Leave for Gays

New Seattle Nightlife Safety Plan Puts 20 More Officers on Patrol Downtown

Lunchtime Quickie: Everybody Loves a Lesbian

Sarah Palin Doesn't Want Pot Smokers Arrested

Liveslogging Slovenia vs USA at The 5 Point an Undisclosed Location Where We're Late and the Internet Hates Us

This Food is Terrible! And Such Small Portions!

Mayor Picks Ex-Judge as New Civilian Police Auditor

Right Said Red Dead Redemption

Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. Puts Playwrights on the Payroll

Today's Agenda

Space Shuttle May Be Entombed in Seattle

"La Toya Jackson + Bubbles the Chimp = Holy Shiiii..."

GOAL!: Argentina Futbol Club Is A Movie You Will Love

Youthful Pastor Watch

Recreation Minister Watch

"The Spectacle" Is Coming Tomorrow

The Many Uses of Twitter

Georgetown, Belltown Residents Confront Cops on Recent Neighborhood Shootings

Jamaican Drug Lord Is Captured

County Officials Dispute Information in Unflattering State Audit

All Vuvuzela, All the Time

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Today in Appropriate Penis Mutilation

What's for Lunch?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

June 18 Memorial Service for Fremont Fire Victims

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

Whoever Let Me Go an Entire Day Without Hearing This Story Is BEYOND FIRED.

Graffiti and Tubs!!!

McKenna Backs "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal

Possible Graffiti = 911 Emergency

American Press Stressing that BP Is a British Company

And Another Thing About Rossi v. Murray

Chloe Sevigny's Summer Plans

This Shit Is Really Getting To Me

American Fucking Meets American Breastfeeding

What I Learned at Dino Rossi's Second Financial Seminar

Nothing Can Make Female Genital Mutilation at Cornell University Less Horrifying

Strap-On Tools

Who Do These Sounders Like to Win the World Cup?

Blacks and BP

Could A Democrat...

"Human Rights Are Gay Rights and Gay Rights Are Human Rights"

Florida Less Hot on Drilling Somehow

The New UK Is an Ugly UK

Uh-Oh, SpaghettiOs

Morning News: Dino Rossi, Rat Poison, Tony Hayward, Golf Clubs, and Other Assaults on Decency

SL Letter of the Day: Big Lies, Small Dick


Why The Stranger Accepted the Ad on Page 15 of This Week's Paper

New Microsoft Office Kinda Weird


Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You the Tongue

This Week in Film: The City of Your Final Destination

Palin: Government Not Solving Your Oil Spill Problems? Try God!

Mariners v. Cubs

First They Came For Our Salt Shakers

Totally SFW Pin-Ups!

Geek Love

Morning News

Wayne Rooney

Dedicated Cycle Tracks Proposed for Dexter Avenue North

FBI Destroyed Hiphop!, Schoolly D's Birthday, and the Chemical Brothers' "Where Do I Begin?" Revisited

McChrystal's Out


'Save Face'

Matmos and So Percussion

'Paved Paradise: Redux'

Matt Browning, Andrew Dadson, Peter Sutherland

Beer & Bingo

Mamma's Rock & Roll Circus


Colson Whitehead

Drunk of the Week

Rachel Sips What?