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Feb. 12 - 25, 2020

Vol. 29, No. 13
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Jessica Stein

Savage Love

The Girls

Free Will Astrology

February 12–18

Visual Art

The Latest MadArt Exhibit Transports You to Another Space Entirely

Jacob Riis's Pioneering Photojournalism

The turn-of-the-century Danish American photographer documented the urban poor.

Food & Drink

The Wait Is Over: Musang Is Here

The onetime pop-up has finally opened its brick-and-mortar on Beacon Hill.


Do Shit Alone

Having no one to go to a show or gallery or movie with isn't a good excuse to not do it.

Beware of Volcanoes, Avoid Serial Killers, and Other Advice for People New to Seattle

Plus, how to take a road trip without a car, where to explore in South Seattle, and who has the most power around here.

How You're Going to Die

Seattle is a beautiful and healthy city. It's also a ticking time bomb.

Welcome to the Land of Megaflora

Seattle has some of the biggest plants in the country.

Seattle's Most Powerful Politicians

Who's got the clout?

Scarecrow Is a National Treasure

And three rare films that require a trip to the video store.

Seattle's Comfort Food

The local tradition around teriyaki.

A Road Trip Where You Don't Have to Drive

Going on a rural-transit adventure is pretty easy. Pacific Northwest Transit Daddy showed me the way.

Welcome to Seattle—You're Surrounded by Violent Volcanoes

A few things you should know about Mount Rainier, Glacier Peak, and Mount Baker.

Exploring South Seattle

A brief history of Seattle's traditionally black and Asian neighborhoods.

Nikki Kuhnhausen Was Killed by Transphobia

Now her community fights for her legacy.

Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: Something's Fishy