Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 24 - 30, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 42

Savage Love

Cock in a Box

New Column!

Wisdom from Whiskers

I, Anonymous


I Am Love: Bugs, Plants, Sunlight, Bodies, Streets, Foods

Knight and Day: Wait—Tom Cruise Is Awesome?

Daddy Longlegs: Family Is a Prison


Holy Rollers: Innocence Lost

Everyone's a Hero, Everyone's a Villain

The Empathy-Rich Comedy of Nicole Holofcener

Art House

9500 Liberty


Why Do People Hate CocoRosie?

An Examination in Six Parts

Kill Me Now

A Musical-Theater Queen Listens to the Billboard Top 10

Harmonies to Heartbeats

New Buffalo Becomes Sally Seltmann

Fucking in the Streets

Matmos, So Percussion, and a Cactus Gun

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

New Singles from Katy Perry, Tom Petty, and Altered Natives

Data Breaker

Solvent, Relcad, and Marc Smith Electrify Electric Tea Garden

My Philosophy

Tooting One's Own Vuvuzela

Poster of the Week

Poster by Madeline Macomber

Party Crasher

Up in the Columbia Center


Bend-It Is Your New Best Friend This Pride Weekend


Theater Review Revue

Modern-Art Fail, Orphanage Win

Learning and Growing in a Nuclear Accident

Lanford Wilson's Angels Fall

Visual Art

Change We Can Believe In

Spreading Rot, Catching Disease, and Living Toward Death at Western Bridge

In Art News

Four Artists Being Released into the Atmosphere


(Not So) Young, (Not So) Beautiful, (Not So) Free

Bret Easton Ellis Comes with a Lot of Baggage

A Word About Gunk Punk

Davidson's History Is Dead-On

Constant Reader

What Will Become of David Foster Wallace?

Food & Drink

At Sea

Has Blueacre Seafood Found Its Sea Legs?

This Is Not a Review of Sullivan's Steakhouse

Reflections on the Incredible Seattle Debut of a Texas Steak House Chain

Chow Bio

Amadis Langi from the Turf

The Happiest Hour

Chungee's Drink 'n Eat


New Money in the Gay Ghetto

Queer Youth Space Gets a Fat Grant to Set Up Shop on Capitol Hill

Standing Up To the State

City Council Moves to Get Its Share of the Tunnel Money

So Over the Rainbow

A Guide to Pride Organizer Drama 2010

Police Beat

The Crime of Barking

Lesbian Meth Heads

Drug Treatment Finally Targets an Invisible Population



Illustrated Comment of the Week

Dear Science

Female Circumcision

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

The Saturday Morning Shenanigan Locomotive


'The A-Team'


Columbia City Theater's Grand Reopening

Mini-Golf Art Course

NWFF Poster Sale

Trouble Dicso Boat Cruise

'Please Give'

'Lonesome Cowboys'

Last Days

The Week in Review


Seattle Might Get Aggressive About Phone Books

Youth Pastor Watch

A Cul-de-Sac...

Drunk Passenger Steals Cab

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Teens, Tar, and Nefarious Fruit

A Belated Response from 34th District Candidate Mike Heavey

Dave Segal on Nighttime Bad Breath, Lady Gaga's Unmanageable Footwear, and Lindy West Explains Her Seven-Year Long Head Trauma!

Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism

Can't "Wet" Be A Noun Too?

Supremes Knock Down Local Gun Bans

Lunchtime Quickie: Don't You Wish ANY of Your Babysitters Had Been This Cool

Lunchtime Quickie: Half Naked 10-Year Old "Hero"

Washington Republicans: This They Believe

Larry Mizell, Jr. on Afterburner and the Debut of Seattle Raps TV!

Tea Party Cancels National Convention For Want of Conventioneers

Dems Bless Pot, Condemn Liquor

Christopher Frizzelle, Kelly O, and Adrian Ryan on Last Night's Big Gay Boatride, New Animal Collective Video, and David Schmader and Brendan Kiley on the One-Year Anniversary of MJ's Death

Want to See Where Justin Bieber Was Born?

County and State Promise $50 Million to Replace South Park Bridge

At 7pm Today, the South Park Bridge for Close Forever

Krugman: A Man on Fire

Headline of the Day

Hutcherson's Rainbow Connection, Explained

This Weekend Is Gay Pride

An Excerpt from a Single, Seven-Page Sentence...

In A Season of Batshit Campaign Ads...

The Fish that Wouldn't Die

Excommunicate Me: The End?

Your Prayers Are Needed

Sex and the Single Holocaust Victim

God Doesn't Want Your Money, PETA

Who Needs to Stick It to the Seattle Times?

Flickr Photo of the Day

Meanwhile In Toronto

Truth in Labeling

Mayor McGinn Is Announcing the New Police Chief Right Now

SPD Launches New Interactive Crime Map

On Taking E-Books Out of the Library

Can You Name That "Music Festival" Yesterday?

Does Pride Have a 2010 Theme Song?

Los Angeles vs. Metro Transit Assassins

Today in Awesome*

The Longest Tennis Match in History

The Great Red Wall of Capitol Hill

A Sex Scene Between a Spotted Owl and a Barred Owl, Written by Jonathan Raban

The Morning News: The Death of Robert Byrd, the Supreme Court on Gun Rights, and What the Homosexuals of Seattle Really Need

Rossi's Final Real Estate Seminar: Cancelled!

I Went to the VIP Party for the Opening of Sullivan's Steakhouse Downtown...

Gay Porn Stars Stuff Words, Cock In God's Mouth

Overheard in the Office

Airpocalypse on America's Got Talent!!!

I Skipped the Parade Yesterday—Did I Miss Anything?

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Edition

Slow and Steady: Kitten Rides Tortoise

What Environmentalism Needs Is Peer Pressure

Evil Knows No Age

Gov to Skip Viaduct Replacement Groundbreaking Today

Re: Right to the City

I Just Bought Some Fruit from a Man Across the Street

Morning News: The Gay Agenda, Gambling with Welfare, and Abortions Don't Hurt (But Selling Your Baby at Walmart Might)

Bristol Palin: A Star Is Born!

Volunteer Park Cafe Is an Illegal Terror Squat That Is Tearing at the Fabric of Capitol Hill

Local Bookstore to Give Out Money, Space to Writers

The Pot Business

This Week in Film: Knight and Day

McGinn Blows It: Appoints Diaz Police Chief

Let Prince Charles Be Prince Charles

The Future of the White Race?

The Queer Logic of Gary Randall

A Democratic Vacancy in the Senate

One Year Ago Today, Michael Jackson Stopped Living

Trent Moorman Interviews Longtime Seattle DJ Riz Rollins

General McChrystal Canned

A Book for People Who Love Book Covers

I Pray That the Pope Stands Trial

Right to the City

Go To Matt Browning's Art Talk After U.S.-Ghana Tomorrow

Yes, This Shirt I Am Wearing Was Being Worn By Roger Levesque Less than 24 Hours Ago

City Refuses to Issue Hempfest Permit

Bumbershoot Comedy Lineup Announced!

How Much Did BP Spend Researching How to Clean Up an Oil Spill?

This Week in Film: Holy Rollers

Mayor Hires Expert to Probe Tunnel Risks

Calling I-1082, Getting the BIAW

Republicans I Have Fucked: The Nixon Supporter by Edmund White

Rossi's Categories for Voters: Saints, Sinners, and the Saved

Museum of History and Innuendo

There's a Washington State Liquor Store A Block From My Office

Are We LiveSlogging the World Cup This Weekend? Yes!

Week in Review

Today in Anonymous Responses to Garbled Comments Directed at Men with Lizards

Reading Tonight: It's 80s Night!

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

In Case You Didn't Get Enough Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Gay Pride Over the Weekend

Sea Turtles Being Burned Alive

Republicans I Have Fucked: The Catholic Schoolgirl by Kate Preusser and The Military Men by Christopher Frizzelle

Al Gore, a Portland Massage Therapist, and a Sexual Assualt Claim

Pot Activists: Not All Mellow. (Or, a Nomination for Me as a Dumb Motherfucker.)

Still No Bike Racks Outside Safeco Field

World's Strongest Sexy Grandpa

Oh, What the Hell, Let's Crank Up the Liveslog Machine for the Second Half of Mexico vs. Argentina

Currently Hanging: Michael Alm, Jody Joldersma, and Zoë Williams

Republicans I Have Fucked: The Trophy Wife by Gina Young

Lunchtime Quickie: Stephen Has Some Problems with Laughter, Gymnastics, Faggots, and Leotards...

Extinguishing Camel Toe

Meanwhile in Venezuela

Africa Is Built for Misery

Rainy Day Art for Looking At

Cast Announced for Stephen Gyllenhaal's Grant Cogswell Biopic

Selfish Lovers Are Better Sex

City Council Announces Police Chief Confirmation Hearing

Thank the Space Needle

Photos From Yesterday's Pride Parade...

Overheard in the Office

Some Big Endorsements in the 34th

In Other Celebrity Bar Hosting News This Evening...

Transit Services Set to Increase Over 520 Bridge

The Morning News: Wrong Refs, Roaches, and an Alleged Femme Fatale

It's Meat Week!

Dino Rossi (Finally) Has Issues

Best Attended Slog Happy Ever?

Morning News: It's Finally Summer in Seattle

The Dems Need To Make Sure Every African-American Voter Hears About...

Pot Won't Be Sold in Liquor Stores Until Goldy Is Older than Yoda

The Morning News

I Miss Living in a City That Has Real Weather...

The Longest Tennis Match in History

Group Denounces State Liquor Initiatives as Major Threats to Public Safety

Let Your Kids Play in Oil and Toxic Dispersants!

Do You Need Another Social Networking Site?

Product Placement

The High Art of I Am Love

Slate Endorses Cutting Back The Clits of Little Girls, Vibrating What's Left

UPDATE: ACLU Steps In To Protect Amazon Users' Personal Information

Has Blueacre Seafood Found Its Sea Legs?

The Spy Who Breast Fed Me

Woody Allen's Best of Woody Allen

Fire At 3rd Ave and Seneca St

Anti-Gay Bigots Will Argue to Keep Hiding Names of R-71 Signers

Gay Rights: Three Symbolic Victories

Larry King Is Retiring

The Seattle Conspirators

Reuv on a Razor Scooter

A Phone Call from the Prayer Warrior

In Sarah Palin's Defense

An Email from Lindy West

The Morning News: Dangerous, Naked, and Historic

Why Doesn't The Word "Rape" Appear In This Story?

Chris Brown Cannot Win

This Weekend: The Things Your Mouth Wants You to Do

The Future of Life

R-71 Case: Supreme Court Rules Petitions Are Public

Lunchtime Quickie: Why Are Filipino Trannies So Insane?

Star Wars Extravaganza: The Force Will Be With You, Always!

Chicago Pride Parade

James Franco's First Solo Art Show Opens

Required Viewing

Attention, Nerds with Bad Taste in Movies!*

Rossi vs. Murray on Extending Unemployment Insurance

Lazy Photo Editors Run With Crumpled Butt

Detroit: The Spectacle of Decay

I Went on the Pre-Pride Boat Cruise Last Night...

Seattle Saw Spike in Violent and Property Crimes in 2009

Algerian Soccer Loser Slaps Female Reporter

Rossi Gets an Extension on Disclosing His Personal Finances

Glenn Beckwatch: He Has a Dream

Speaking Only For Myself...

This Week Only: Ask the Gays in Questionland!

The Trouble Dicso Pre-Pride Boat Party is ALMOST SOLD-OUT!

Lindy West Pours a Mean Drink

DEA Serves Search Warrants on San Diego Chargers

A Smoked Salmon Vodka and OJ for Me, Please!

McGinn's Press Conference on the Tunnel Cost Overrun Issue

Civic Pride

Harmony Korine: The Stranger Interview

Youth Pastor Watch

For The Record

Happy Birthday, Gary Busey!

A Good Omen for Gay Marriage?

SL Letter of the Day: Bonus Letter!

"Potty-Mouth Pigs or Hogwash?"

Ideology of Meat

Also Reading Tonight: Karen Finneyfrock and The Stranger's Cienna Madrid

The Future of the Kindle Might Not Be on the Kindle

The Blow It Up Caucus Gains a Prominent New Member

Liveslogging USA vs. Ghana

Has the Zombie Invasion Finally Begun?

Okay, Police Chief Diaz, Here's Your Chance

The Ketchup Controversy

Fuck the Republican Party by Dan Savage—Plus, David Schmader Takes Us on a Tour Through the Republican Hypocrites Hall of Fame!

SL Letter of the Day: Fuck Some Sense Into That Boy

Liveslogging Sounders vs. Philadelphia Union! Why Not? Soccer Sunday!!

More Fallout From McGinn's Poor Pick for Chief

This Week in Film: I Am Love

SL Letter of the Day: Avoiding Early-Onset Lesbian Bed Death

No, Mr. Big-Shot Hollywood Marketing Guy, Maybe It Is Tom Cruise's Fault

Meanwhile in Mexico

McGinn Will Transmit Tunnel Contract This Morning

I'm Totally Registering

Republicans I Have Fucked: The Nazi by Eli Sanders

The Gay, Gay News!

Today in Seeing Something and Saying Something

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Reading Tonight: Stabb & Wolff, Authors at Large

Immigration Protesters Charged With Pedestrian Interference

You Want to Know What's Going on Tonight and This Weekend?

I-1100: First to the Ballot?

A Life of Robbery

Meanwhile In Utah

After the Pride Comes the Heartbreak

This Picture of Bill Clinton With U.S. Team's Carlos Bocanegra Is Freaking Me Out

Here We Go: Tropical Storm Potentially Headed Toward Deepwater Horizon

The International Male Rule...

Volunteer Park Cafe Faces Closure Due to Neighbor Complaint

Lunchtime Quickie: Grandpa Gets His Gaga On!

Liveslogging England vs. Germany on the Sad Morning after the USA's Elimination from the World Cup

Dump Your Phone Books at City Hall!

American League is just superior

This Is a Good Song

Dear Everyone with Feet

Useless Books I Have Gotten in the Mail, Part 22: Historical Tweets

Sen. Robert Byrd

And the Psychic Octopus Says... Germany.

The Most Disturbing Thing About Human Centipede Is That I Am No Longer Disturbed by Human Centipede.

This Week in Questionland: Gays!

Native Americans Are Just Like Other People, According to the Hot Dark-Haired Guy from Twilight

Big Diet vs. Big Food

Youth Pastor Watch

Republicans I Have Fucked: The Guy with a Condo in Bellevue by Patrick Tesh and the Former Governor of Alaska by Susie Bright

SL Letter of the Day: Feminism For Dummies

Is It Raining Oil In Louisiana?

Sex Tips For People Who Don't Have Sex

SL Question of the Day: Some Bonus Advice For SFTSLAFI

Solomon Georgio on Fucking a Pastor in Renton and Jesse Vernon on a Tranny in Florida Who's Fucking with Conservatives

SL Letter of the Day: Bonus Holes!

Interview with the Venerable Riz Rollins, Steve Martin's Tour Rider, and Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1991 Press Kit Video (A Must-see)

Climate Change Hoax Exposed!

Does This Car Make Me Look Fat?

Reading Tonight: We've Got the Reading for You

Both Ways Dave

Homeless Angry With Tom Douglas's Salmon Bake

"Canada's economy is suddenly the envy of the world"

The Shame of Barking

Republicans I Have Fucked

The Stranger's 2010 Queer Issue

The Nixon Supporter

What I Remember About My First Republican Fuck

The Trophy Wife

To Say Nothing of the Woman in a Fur Coat at Bush's Inauguration, the Smirking NYU Student, and the Sexiest Girl in Third Grade

The Nazi

To Say Nothing of the Log Cabin Republican and the Bossy Anesthesiologist

The Catholic Schoolgirl

I Know I Was Supposed to Be Worshipping Jesus, but I Could Never Take My Eyes Off Mary

The Military Men

What Is It with the Navy and Me?

The Tea Party Tranny

How Donna Milo Is Fucking with Conservatives in Florida—and Why I'm All for It

The Guy with a Condo in Bellevue

I Didn't Really Understand What Was Different About Him Until I Wandered into His Living Room After Sex

The Former Governor of Alaska

A Fantasy

The Pastor from Renton

It Was All Well and Good Until Someone Walked In On Us

I Have Never Fucked a Republican

...Even Though I Grew Up in the South

Fuck the Republican Party

How to Win the War They're Waging on Us

The Republican Hypocrites Hall of Fame

A Field Guide to Conservative Closet Cases—Plus, Who's Next?!

The Homosexual Agenda

Everything Happening in Seattle for Pride Week— Even Weird Stuff! And Rugby Stuff! And Sex-Club Stuff!