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Nov. 8 - 14, 2007

Vol. 17, No. 9

Savage Love

Asshole Comes Easy

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A Walk in the Car Park

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Richard Kern vs. Sasha Grey

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I Anonymous

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Vera Completes Recording Studio

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Giorgio Moroder

Northwest Top Ten

Best Sellers at Local Independent Record Stores for the Week of November 1

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On The Rest Is Noise

Bug in the Bassbin

A Father of Techno Visits Seattle

People Talking and Talking

A Conversation with Dave Eggers and John Roderick

Party Crasher

The Partiest Week of the Year

Mad Selector

Drop the Lime Evens Out His Schizo Disco

Piano Boy

You Can't Appreciate Billy Joel as an Adult

Uh Oh, It's Magic

The Unlikely Inspirations for Sean Hayes's DIY Folk

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Cancer, Rat Droppings, and Doom

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Other Buildings, Decent People, Pink Ground

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Proust in the Central District

I Can't Believe I Can't Remember What Used to Be Across the Street

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Food Fight: The Happiest Hour—Round 2

The Best of Seattle's Hundreds of Happy Hours

Chow Bio

Kevin "Sensei 23" Sullivan

Budget Swank

Living Large on the Cheap

Hunting for Sport

Investigating the Sports-Bar Happy Hour


Happy Hours at Hot Spots

The $8 Experiment

How Happy Can You Get for Under 10 Bucks?

Frugal Exotica

Happy Hour Dim Sum and Sushi

Reader Review Revue!

Putting Stranger Readers' Favorite Happy Hours to the Test

No Food, Just Booze

Happy Hour Is for Drinking


Good Grub Under Ten Bucks

The Happiest Hour


Straight Acting

GOP state Rep. Richard Curtis resigned last week in the wake of a sex scandal involving a male prostitute, ladies' lingerie, and an alleged extortion plot. Dan Savage heads to Spokane to recreate Curtis's big gay adventure.


In the Hall

Transfer of Power

Police Beat

The New Categories

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Compromising Positions

Seattle Center Skatepark Screwed Again

Building Battle

Roosevelt Neighbors Fight Misplaced Development

Dear Science

Crossword Solution

Here's Your Fucking Crossword (November 8)

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John Roderick

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Kim Warnick

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview

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Celebration and Kill Me Tomorrow

'Franklin and Figaro'

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This Week's Puzzle

Here's Your Fucking Crossword (November 8)