Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 1 - 7, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 43

Savage Love

Daddy Issues

New Column!

Ask the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

I, Anonymous


Cum On Phil the Noize

A Spector Haunts Garage-Rock Charmers Golden Triangle

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Summer Songs

It's a Hit

A Brief History of the 7-Inch and 12-Inch Single

Data Breaker

ECC Hail the Mischief, James Holden Gets Deeply Eclectic

My Philosophy

Getting Over Juneuary

Poster of the Week

Poster by Shawn Bishop


Late Nights at the EMP with No-Fi Soul Rebellion

The Homosexual Agenda

Mobilize, queer party warriors! These are your marching orders!

Hey Ladies

A Complete Herstory of Women in Music


Gallagher Is a Paranoid, Right-Wing, Watermelon-Smashing Maniac

The Decline and Fall of a Comedy Legend

Take Your Mother

A Tepid Farce About Feminism

Visual Art

Immigration Reform

The Haunted Old INS Building Becomes a New Art Space


Constant Reader

John Olson Lets His Monster Out to Play

Food & Drink

The Beat/Meat Theory

The Democratic Sublimity of a Good Chinese Duck

The Happiest Hour

Virginia Inn


Every week, the Can Can Cabaret tricks Seattle into watching modern dance.

They do it with a little stripping, a lot of pop music, and the occasional unicorn butthole.


What We Should Replace the Fun Forest With

Hint: It's Not a Dale Chihuly Glass Museum

Building a Better Cash Cow

I-1082: The Sneaky Right-Wing Initiative Everyone's Ignoring

Police Beat

Hit by a Smooth Criminal



Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

Turning Dominatrix Ain't Easy

I Love Television

With 100 Percent Patriotic Content


'Freaks and Geeks' TV Party

'The Cider House Rules, Part One'


Chain & the Gang

The Bran Flakes, the Evolution Control Committee, Erik Blood

'Toy Story 3'


Robert Rich

Last Days

The Week in Review


Your One Chance to Publicly Weigh in on Chihuly Museum and Other Proposals

Where Are Seattle's Houses of Domstitution?

This Weekend: The Things Your Mouth Wants You to Do

Week in Review

Visit Beautiful Dangerous Arizona!

Traded in My Ride

Looking at Bookshelves Is Weirdly Calming

ArtWalk Is Heeer.

Reading Tonight This One's for the Fuck-Ups

The Saddest Sight at the Pride Parade...

This Is Going To Be Fun

Happy Fourth of July, from Dino Rossi

How I Celebrated Freedom Over the Weekend

The Cinema of Bear Gall Bladders

Reason, the State, and the Faith Healing Nonsense in Oregon

The Beat/Meat Theory

More Than This Universe?

What I Ate to Celebrate Freedom

Would You Like to Go Inside the Haunted Old INS Building?

The Morning News: Re-Used, Re-Opened, and Closed

All You Need to Know About This Female Circumcision Nonsense

Jen Graves on Today's Best Hip-Hop Lyrics Ever!

We Really Do Live in a Horrible World

Obama's Global Magic Tour 2010!

The Turf Is NOT Closing

Kagan Asked About Gay Marriage

Currently Hanging: Garric Simonsen

Daughters For Sale

How I Celebrated Freedom Over the Weekend

Rose Man Pepper Sprayed in Pioneer Square

Ride the Broadway Streetcar

The Emerging Cinema of Obama

Seattle Symphony Orchestra Names Its New Music Director

Kin: Gone Too Soon

Required Viewing

What We Ate and Drank to Celebrate FREEDOM

How I Celebrated Freedom Over the Weekend

SL Letter of the Day: Cam Bore

Faux Farmers Market

Ever Heard of Susannah Frame?

iPhone 4 Woes Not as Bad as They Seem?

Google to Sell Books Through Independent Booksellers

You Know that Story About the Japanese Soldiers who Hid in the Caves of Iwo Jima for Years Because They Thought WWII Was Still Happening?

Did You Know the Mike Nipper Doesn't Listen to Any Music Recorded After 1989?

SL Letter of the Day: More Advice for "Concerned Father"

The Morning News

It's Craft Week in Questionland!

Hope They Put a Towel Down First...

It's Gallagher Day! Mr. Gallagher Hijacks His Opening Act

The iPhone 4 Mess Is Still Going

Get Your Ass off the Couch

What Do You Think When You See the Words "Uganda Evangelist"?

It Could've Been Worse, Maple Valley

Marijuana Arrests Spike in 2010

A Theory Concerning the Human Love For Little Things

Meat Week Continues on Questionland!

End Your Day With a Deep-Fried Oreo

Income Tax Initiative Turns in Its Signatures

Reading Tonight: It's a Book Report, Charlie Brown!

State Supreme Court: City Can Challenge McKenna's Health-Care Lawsuit

Hawaii Governor Must Veto, Sign, Or Let Civil Unions Become Law Without Her Signature Today

What We Ate and Drank to Celebrate Freedom

Greenpeace vs. Costco

Little Emily vs. Big Dino

Marijuana Measure Won't Make the Ballot

Eyman Turns in His Anti-Tax Signatures

The Slightly Late, Day-After-the-Explosive-Holiday Morning News

Glenn Beckwatch: I Got a Degree in Weepery

World Cup Not Enough? Tonight: I Speak Soccer

SPD Breaks

Hank Is Happy!

Overheard in the Office

Barack Obama Has Been President Since October of 2001

This Week's Answer of the Week


How I Celebrated Freedom Over the Weekend

Clip Art of the Day

Free Books! Free Cake!

SL Letter of the Day: The Wronged Party

1:10 of Mental Refreshment

You Must Pay Much More for an American Passport

That McChrystal Article Was Just Michael Hastings's Opening Salvo

The Morning News

Tee Hee, Reality TV "Shock" Art Has to Be Bleeped and Fuzzed Over

The Morning News: Netherlands! (And Some Other Things.)

More Patriotic than You: Alligators

The Morning News

Fun Game!

Spongebob Sums It Up

Dem Rep: Don't Expect Action On ENDA Until 2015

Happy Early Fourth of July!

Alabama Goddam

Tax Cuts Killed the Stimulus

Liz Phair Does a Rap!

How to Be a Smug Atheist

Seattle To Revisit Body Cameras For Cops

Making the Case...

Forgotten: Items Found in Used Books

Didier or Rossi? The Farm Bureau Can't Decide

Abortion, Gay Marriage, Immigration, Health Care, The Oil Spill

For The Record

My New Celebrity Crush, Cont.

Uruguay vs. Ghana

The Age of Absolute Greed

Today in "I Hate Death"

How Open Platform Proposes to Pay for Itself

What's the Building Industry Association of Washington Doing with I-1082? Building a Better Cash Cow.

Re: Christians Protesting At Pride

Cantwell Switches Vote on Finance Reform

Okay, Now It's Getting Creepy

Dino Rossi’s Unemployment Line (Or, What His Latest Attack on Patty Murray Gets Wrong)

The Law of the Animals: A Violent Dog and Sad Elephants

Tea Party Jesus

Lunchtime Quickie: Soccer, Sodomy, and Satanism

New Restaurants and Bars: SO. MANY.

Root root root for the home team . . .

There Is No Street Art in Seattle, City Report Finds

Slog Happy Is Thursday! With the First Ever Slog Happy Spelling Bee!

A Chicago Fail for Dan

My New Celebrity Crush

What Does Megan Fox See in Brian Austin Green, Anyway?

Lunch Date: Suck It, Wonder Woman!

Hempfest Gives Up on Adding Third Day

Lunchtime Quickie: Double Rainbows: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

A Couple of Other Things Tom Coburn Opposes

Pot Initiative Set to Turn in (Some) Signatures

Breaking News From the Grassroots People

Reading Tonight: The Most Patriotic Book Ever

Dutch Soccer Star Wesley Sneijder NAKED! Exclusive PHOTO!

An Interview with the Writer of the Worst First Sentence in the World (2010 Edition)

The Stranger: Now Available at 4,926 Feet

New Superhero Alert: Spider-Nerd

The 24 Types of Libertarian

As Jobless Claims Rise, So Do the Stakes in the Rossi-Murray Debate Over Unemployment Insurance

What Murray Wants: Less Spilled Oil, and More Cooperative Republicans

Only the Heartless Blocked Unemployment Insurance for a Million Americans

Thanks, Faggot

Do You Like Religion with Your Ping Pong?

Wonder Woman: Now With 74.4% Less Wonder!

So Long, Kin

Turtles! Eating Things!

We Will Be Liveslogging Uruguay vs. Ghana at 11:30

You Want To Save Some "Serious Money," Lady?

Reading Tonight: Now That It's Nice, the Good Readings Come

If You Want to Read Quickly...

This Week in Concessions: Twilight: Eclipse

W.S. Merwin Named Poet Laureate

My New Celebrity Crush, Cont.

The 5 Spot POINT Continues To Deep Fry Things That Maybe Shouldn't Be Deep Fried

Confidential to Dan Who Used to Work at the Seattle Weekly

That's Money Well Spent

Petraeus's Position on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Liquor Distributors and Wannabes Pour Millions into Liquor Privatization

It's Time to Get Excited About Waterfront Development (Even Though Dirt Won't Be Flying for Years Yet)

Something For the Straight Boys

More Patriotic Than You: Babies

SL Letter of the Day: How Long Have I Been Writing "Savage Love"?

Heat Wave


Big Oil Backs Eyman's 2/3 Tax Initiative

Milking the Saints and the Sinners

Andrew Garfield Is the Next Movie Spider-Man

The Morning News: Red, White, and Booze

Overheard in the Office

Hawaii's Governor Vetoes Civil Unions Bill

Flickr Photo of the Day

Coast Guard Bans Reporters from Oil Spill Sites

Netherlands 1, Uruguay 1

The Most Important Question Ever Asked of Elena Kagan

The Global Crisis of Neoliberalism

Art Sitcom

Woman Sues Theater for Being Arrested for Recording Twilight

Re: Required Viewing

Overheard at the Bar

Reading Tonight: Both Ways Is the Way You'll Get It

While I'm Not Exactly a Fan of Pugs...

Hopefully a Reason to Visit Pioneer Square

Brazil vs. Netherlands

Spotted on the Way to Freedom

What's the Difference Between Literature and Journalism?

Did You Know that Gallagher Is a Paranoid, Delusional, Right-Wing Religious Nutjob?

Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack of the Day: Lauren C. Williams

In Case It Is Ever Hot in Seattle

Praying For Atheists

This Is Your New World Cup Open Thread

Netherlands vs. Uruguay

Rachel Maddow (Hearts) Batwoman

A Thing That Can Be Done

This P-I Article About How Much Sex We Have Here in Seattle Is Confusing Me

Yes, We Will Be Liveslogging the Brazil vs. Netherlands World Cup Quarterfinals Tomorrow Morning

Maria Bustillos at The Awl

SL Letter of the Day: Don't Wait For Me

Tonight Is the Last Silent Reading Party for a While

Christians Protesting At Pride

Stay Classy, Mel Gibson

Reading Tonight: Comic Books and Weenies!

Got Plans For Tomorrow Night?

90" in B Flat: The Vuvuzela

Acupuncturist Frees Convicted Rapists with Magical Ear Dot Defense

So Many 'Top Whatever' Lists, So Little Time...

Survey Says: Seattle's Weather Causes Less Sex

This Post About Why Bella Must Choose Edward Over Jacob...

Lunchtime Quickie: Happy 4th of July from Sidney

"I live in Maple Valley and it's like a war zone down here for days."

How I Celebrated Freedom Over the Weekend

Roses for the Red, Violence for the Blue

Just in Time for Your Three-Day Weekend

Flickr Photo of the Day

If You See Something, Say Something?

Reading Tonight: The Poet and the Architect

For the Record

We Will Be LiveSlogging Netherlands vs. Uruguay at 11:30 a.m.

Netherlands 3, Uruguay 2

Lunchtime Quickie: Adam Hood is NOT Gay, Okay?

Okay Fine, Tween Julia Stiles, You Know More About Hacking Than Me. HAPPY?

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone...

Hold On For One More Day

Help Me Out, Slog

The Sexual Assault That Refreshes!

Barack Hussein Obama