Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 8 - 14, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 44

Savage Love

Sex at Dawn


Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky: The Original Modern Woman

Predators: Dreadlocks, Beasties, and Adequate Thrills

The Girl Who Played with Fire: Sophomore Slump

Women Without Men: Back to the Garden


REC 2: Dear Barcelona SWAT Team: I Quit

Art House


I, Anonymous

The Company We Keep


The End Is the Best Part

Saying Good-bye to Carissa's Wierd One More Time

For Repeat's Sake

Wow... Just Wow: Nice Nice Are Doubly Awesome

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Barbecue Jams

It's a Hit

New Singles from Madvillain and Drake

Data Breaker

Four New Instant Classics

My Philosophy

Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Neema, and Sol

Poster of the Week

Posters by Christine Ogborn and Vivian Hua


A Free Summer Celebration—That Doesn't Suck!

The Homosexual Agenda

Rumpshaking, Penetration, and Heartbreak

Sound Check

A Q&A with Bon Jovi's Pyrotechnic Specialist


The Burlesque Shoah

Three Nights, Four Shows, Forty-Four Tits, Two Dozen Satin Opera-Length Gloves, and One Pair of Bedazzled Granny Panties

Visual Art

Magical Thinking

Or, What's the Difference Between Art and Magic?

On Women Without Men: Q&A with Shirin Neshat


Glow-in-the-Dark Vampires or Runaway Jews

How Do You Want to Spend Your Summer Vacation?

The Crystals of Capital

Books to Keep You from Being Stupid This Summer

Food & Drink


The Chef in the Hat's New Venture Fails to Knock the Socks Off


Dino Rossi's Unemployment Line

What the Senate Wannabe's Latest Attack on Patty Murray Gets Wrong



Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

I Got Fan Mail!

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Let's Talk Twilight!


Amina Foxdye, Joshua James, Danielle Rodeo Warhola



Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube

TBTL Summer Slam

Pulled-Pork Sandwich

Storm Large

'Singin' in the Rain'

Last Days

The Week in Review


FINAL UPDATE! The World Cup: Where to Watch in 3-D

We've All Been There, Aaron

I Saw Glenn Beck Down at the Barnes & Noble

Lunchtime Quickie: It's Too Hot to Eat Lunch

Re: Game Over: Colton Harris-Moore Arrested in Bahamas

The Weed We Should Worry About


The Old and Ornate Ceiling Returns to King Street Station

You Can Unlock the Bonus West Seattle Level by Going North, West, South, and then West

How to Write a Follow-Up Letter About Your Internship Application that I Accidentally Ignored

Brace Yourselves For November, Kids

Missing Missy

They're Trying to Get Him Killed

Reading Tonight: Hooters Out of Joint

It's Not Exactly "Brand New," But...

Overheard in Our Current Endorsement Interview

Here's An Idea

My New Celebrity Crush, Cont.

I Would Like to Nominate the Huntsman Spider the Spider of the CENTURY

The Offense of Marriage Act

SL Letter of the Day: More Advice From Sex At Dawn Coauthor Christopher Ryan

SL Letter of the Day: Confronting the Young Closet Case

Stop Robosexual Marriage!


A Theory on Why Dino Rossi Won't Answer Basic Questions About Iraq and Afghanistan

Mike Lindblom on the Risks of a Tunnel

Currently Hanging: Jay Clark

The Morning News

Richard Conlin's Megaproject Flip-Flop

Republicans Have No Shame

Headline of the Day

Oh Yeah, the National League Won the MLB All-Star Game for the First Time Since 1996

Dive Bar Time Machine

Turning the Lemons of Incestuous Child Rape into the Lemonade of Pro-Life Anecdotes

Week in Review

Time (Travel) Machine

For Those of You Who Have Never Tried Reading a Redacted Police Report

The Morning News: Iranian Scientist Resurfaces, George Steinbrenner Dies, BP at it Again, Michael Kundu Resigns

Seattle's Favorite Plein-Air Painter at WTC

This Isn't the Worst Case Scenario

Gallagher: Bonus Jokes!

Tonight! West Seattle Middle Schooler Storms Jeopardy

Morning News: Monkeys with Guns, Castro Blowing Kisses, Barefoot Bandit Caught

The Museums Are All Open on Wednesdays Now

This Week in Film: REC2

Megan Seling on Tooling Around Seattle with John Roderick

Are You Ready for a New Tommy Wiseau Joint?

DADT: Segregation Forever!

RE: More From Grassroots

Jukeboxes on the Moon

Reading Tonight: Old Faithful

Reading Last Night: Aimee Bender Talks About Process, Lipless Soldiers and Finless Mermaids

Speaking of Incestuous Child Rapeā€¦

Draft Nancy Pearl

Undead Alive

Another Tunnel Bidder Drops Out—Only Two Remain

If Your Dad's Getting Handjobs From His Masseuse* and Your Mom Doesn't Mind—Or Even Approves—She Probably Isn't Going to Tell You About It

Myspace to Quit Streaming Free Music?

The New M.I.A. Album Is Streaming Right Now

Sex At Dawn Coauthor Jumps Into Comments

Reefer Madness

The Fucking Magic of Editing

Make Conlin Pay Tunnel Cost Overruns Himself

The Beer "Garden" At Ballard SeafoodFest Was Half Empty

Excuse Me, But WTF?

Government Drops Charges Against Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo

This Week in Film: Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

Come to the First Ever Slog Happy Spelling Bee Tonight!

The United States Spy-Swapping Gentleman's Agreement with Russia

Morning News: Showering with Gays, Stupidity without Boarders, and the Saddest Happy Ending You'll Read All Week

Another Great Marriage Equality Ad From Argentina

On Hating a Fictional Character

The New Nightlife Plan Being Released Tonight

Bondage Fans All Over the World Could Save a Family Farm Right Here In Washington State

This Has It *All*

Overheard in the Office

Tomorrow's Suggests: We Fucked Up.

Chris Fowler: Africa Is for All African Apes

LIVE: Council Discussing the Deep Bore Tunnel

Fat and Not Happy?

Terrified by the Prospect of a Palin Presidency?

Seattle Cops Could Wear Cameras By Next Year

Currently Sticking

Reading Tonight: A Floating Bridge You Can Trust

Ron Paul Endorses Clint Didier

SL Letter of the Day: Career Counseling

Replacing "Alejandro" with "You're a Homo"

My Just-In-Time Contribution to Councilman Mike O'Brien's Phone Book Collection

ACLU To UW: Stop Spying on Student Activists

Dear Washington Post: Your Hottest World Cup Athletes List Is Missing Someone

World Cup Final! Spain vs. The Netherlands!

Water Floods Tunnel in Nevada Being Built by One of the Two Bidders Remaining for Seattle Tunnel

What the Mayor's New Nightlife Proposal is Missing

The Great Patrick Holderfield, Coming Out of Hiding—Sort Of

The Sarah Palin/Levi Johnston Peace Deal

Seattle Ducks Stay Afloat While "Ride the Ducks" Operations Are Suspended Nationwide

Tanning Bed Users Attacked With Dogs, Water Hoses, 10% Tax...

David Schmader and Larry Mizell Jr. on Courtney Love!!!

Reading Tonight: Mutants with a Chance of Teabaggers

The Big Brains of a Marysville School Board Member

Overheard Outside the Office

Um... What?

This is How We Look When We Die: The Carissa's Wierd Reunion Show

Lunchtime Quickie: Don't Drink Yourself Fat

Tom Rasmussen, 2003-2010

Flickr Photo of the Day

Dominic Holden on What They're Not Telling You about the Deep-Bore Tunnel

Shots Fired Inside Biltmore Apts.

The Teeny Awards: What the Kids Are Into These Days

Is It Too Soon...

George Steinbrenner

Gee, You Think You Could've Picked a Better Name?

Women Without Men: Seattle Premiere

Federal Judge Declares DOMA to Be Illegal

Nelson Mandela Autopsy Painting Condemned

Game Over: Colton Harris-Moore Arrested in Bahamas

Sushi Time!

"Sign ideas for Mariners game?"

Youth Pastor Watch

The Morning News

SL Letter of the Day: Fit Girlfriend, Fat Porn

Murderer Flees to the Woods

Oil Tanker In LA Leaking...

SL Letter of the Day: Raped Twice

World's Most Beautiful Humans Wed

Re: Headline of the Year?

My Name Is Julius C.

Famous Capitol Hill Bookstore Reopens...

Zoe Strauss On the Beach

How Do We Clean All That Thick, Sticky Freedom Off Those Poor Pelicans?

The Continuing Rise of Rainbow Fletcher and the Can Can Castaways

Headline of the Year?

Reading Tonight: Mudede!

Where Is Jim McDermott on the Tunnel Debate?

Mike Nipper and His Musical Time Machine Make a Stop in 2010!!!

Ideology Today: Boy kills Baby With a Gun

Spider of the Day: Huntsman Spider

Anthony Bourdain on Harvey Pekar

The Pit and the Pendulum of Public Opinion

Storm Large: Fair Warning

The Return of Avatar

Reading Today: On Traveling

Stunned to Death

'Soccer Fans Shun Hookers for Art's Sake'

SarahPAC: Where the Money's Going in Washington

The 1970s Were Strange

Public Meeting at the Seattle Center Tonight

Everybody Vs. Chihuly at Last Night's Meeting Over Seattle Center's Fun Forest Site

It's Not the Kids' Fault They're Fat

Currently Hanging and You Really Need to See It and It Closes Saturday: Tauba Auerbach

Are You Sick of the Heat? Go See Despicable Me!

More From Grassroots

Artists on Teevee

What Plants Think About and Remember

Germany Is Out

Regarding Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock's Possible Hunger for Cock

Reading Today: Spit and You'll Spit on an Author

Attention Paul Constant: What Kind of Vulvas Have You Been Looking At?

Seattle Cartoonist on Radical Muslim Hit List

I Have Nothing Against Sexy Czech Ladies (Or Calendars)

What's in a Name

The Birds

Bars with Outdoor Seating! Also: A/C and Ice Cream

Confidential to SF-Based Employees of Williams-Sonoma

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Amazing Mark Driscoll

A Texting Proposal for Movie Theaters

Take a Trip on the Jackson Street Streetcar

Dear Seattle, Your Citizenship Could Be Revoked

Animated David Harvey

Hate Registration: I Am a Student at Glenn Beck University

Mystery Yearbook Photo

Pam Roach Won Her Lawsuit! Send Flowers?

Public Health Pays a Visit to Club Z

Trying to Make Murray Worry

Murray Raises $1.6 Million

Early Sunday Morning Hangover Song

Mel Gibson Is Mentally Ill

William Powhida, Regina Hackett, and Mira Schor: There's Only You and Me and We Just Disagree, Part 7,000*

John Lennon Describes His First Acid Trip!

There's A Beaver Vagina Situation in Minnesota.

Jay Leno Actually Manages...

What He Said

Flickr Photo of the Day

Overheard Discussing Colton Harris-Moore

The Next War on Terror: Somalia

Rossi Raises $1.4 Million

Bach and the British Savages

Two Things You May or May Not Want to Know About Prince

The Philosophers

Flickr Photo of the Day

Council May Try to Block Referendum by Declaring Tunnel an "Emergency"

Lunchtime Quickie: You, Your Kids, and Your Johnson

Washington Senate Race Mystery: Where Is Dino Rossi on America's Two Wars, and the Funding for Them?

"It's very hard for her; it's her third summer in which she is just waiting..."

Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong!

Harvey Pekar

Bomb Scare at Seattle Asian Art Museum This Afternoon?

Glenn Beckwatch: Glenn for President

Pop Quiz

A Book Trailer I Actually Enjoyed (and a Save the Date, Too)

What "Nietzsche The Musical" Should Have Been

Tune in Tomorrow Morning for the World Cup Final

Lunchtime Quickie: Giant Penis Clams of the Pacific Northwest

Slog Happy! Tomorrow! With AIR CONDITIONING!

Lotsa Women Comin' Together To Make Sure Their Children and Grandchildren...

A Very Incomplete List of Books That Are Coming to Slog Happy

McGinn Prepares to Kick Off Seattle Nightlife Initiative

Is There Video?

Don't You See? The Gulf of Mexico Is Our Deadly Ground!

People in Seattle Art Keep Getting in Very Bad Bike Accidents

A Girl Can Dream

He Fights Like a Hornet That's Green

Mike Nipper Flexes His Giant Music-Brain!

"And why does everyone who's 'broke' always have money for beer?"

Uruguay vs. Germany Open Thread

Bounty Offered for Rossi's War Answer!

Dave Segal on the Best and Worst Beatles and Velvet Underground Songs

It's Geek Week on Questionland!

About to Be Hanging: Joseph Patrick Gray

Cooling Center

Banning Children Pooping at the Farmers Market Versus "Accepting Our Natural Bodies"

You Want to Write? Prove You Can Read

The Morning News: Uganda Bombings, BP Blunders, Polanski Freed, and Barefoot Bandit Jailed

Happy Birthday, Bill Cosby!

People Are Getting Mad...

Traffic Report

So What You're Saying Is That No One Should Be Monogamous?

Lunchtime Quickie: It's Hot Outside, Dontcha Wish You Could Go to a Resort?

I Do Not Care for The Sherwin-Williams Logo

Glenn Beckwatch: Glenn Beck Is a Servant of the Devil

Superclogger: Another Way to Do Public Art

I'm Just Asking: Did Glenn Beck Steal My Credit Card Number and Give It to the Russians?

Groups Threaten Referendum to Block Tunnel

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

The Seattle City Council is about to give the state permission to dig the world's largest deep-bore tunnel under downtown Seattle. Here's what the city council doesn't want you to know before they vote.

Nothing Has Ever Gone Right

The Alaskan Way Viaduct Has a History of Cost Overruns, Complications, and Deceit

That Was Then

Council President Richard Conlin's Megaproject Flip-Flop