Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 15 - 21, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 45

Savage Love

Employee Manual

I, Anonymous


This Is What Love's About, Ain't It So?

Triphop Innovators Pigeonhed's Righteous Return Flight

Good to Go

Yelawolf, Coming Straight Outta Alabama

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Carissa's Wierd, Reunited at the Showbox

It's a Hit

Three Singles Featuring 3OH!3

Data Breaker

Broken Figures and Harbour's Brooding Hiphop Weirdness

My Philosophy

Breaking: Summer Is Hot and Dungeon Family Still Got It

Poster of the Week

Poster by Jim Mazza

Sound Check

Smoosh, Eels, and Fake Poo


Play the Kings of Leon Match-Up Game!

Party Crasher

How to Party While Not Falling off a Roof

The Homosexual Agenda

Noddy and All About Evil


The Red Badge of Simply Existing

Life During Wartime in Ruined, Small-Town Murder in The Laramie Project


SHINE: A Burlesque Musical Is Only Remarkable for How Unremarkable It Is

Visual Art

Flying off the Walls

Isaac Layman's Best Images Are Impossible to Apprehend

In Art News

Naked Wraiths, a Spouting Crucifix, and an Ill-Fitting Garment at Ghost Gallery


Constant Reader

A Travelogue of Grief and Heartbreak

Black and White and Read All Over

Love, Death, and Gallows Humor at a Newspaper in Rome

Food & Drink

Burning Beast III: The Beastening

A Report from the World's Best Feast in a Field

The Happiest Hour

Saba Ethiopian Cuisine


We Saw You

(Even Though You Thought No One Was Watching)


Elections Have Consequences—For Nightlife

The Mayor Has a Plan to Let You Drink Later, Get Home Safer, and Punish the Rowdy Dickheads Who Ruin Bars for Everyone

Tunnel Trouble

Two More Problems Arise for Promoters of Seattle's Big Dig

Who's Our Daddy?

Regarding the Tunnel Brawl, Seattle's Congressman Says It's Not Him

Police Beat

Seattle Ebonics

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overiew of the Stranger


Control Tower

Turn on the Red Smite

I Love Television

Get Out of My Brain, Mother!!

Last Days

The Week in Review


Seattle Looks at Urban Farms, More Chickens... and Conlin Comes Out Swinging for Cocks

Today in Science: ACK!

The Last Word On Monogamy, Non-monogamy, Sex at Dawn, Early-Morning, Mid-Morning, Late-Morning, Lunchtime, Teatime, Dinnertime, Bedtime, Etc.

Straight Couples Don't Have to Be Monogamous to Be Married or Married to Be Monogamous...

On "Straight Bears"

Name That Tune

Reading Tonight: Editing, Cartooning, and Historianing

Give The Woman Back Her Job

Nothing Racist About That

Facebook Friends with Benefits

Which Stranger "Employee" Was It?

Joe's Case for the Race

Don't Visit Beautiful Palm Springs

Where Can You Find The Happily Monogamous?

Dept. of Mad World

Mr. Laundrieu, Tear Down This Wall

Sex at Dawn: Average Copulation Duration

Sarah Palin Is Not Like Shakespeare

Ecstasy May Help Treat People Suffering From PTSD

Freaky Pastor Tries to Scare Gays Straight!

NW Golf Courses Hobbled by Homophobia?

Traffic Report

Get Your Ass off the Couch

Youth Pastor Watch

Former Clients Accuse Ex-Gay "Life Coach" of Sexual Misconduct

Hey Look! A Person Who Doesn't Think We Totally Suck!

A Mess In Texas

I Just Got a Bloody Funnel in the Mail.

Cal Anderson Park Surveillance Cameras Might Finally Go

Get Out of the City

You Got a Better Idea for Balancing Washington's Budget?

The Arizona Judge Who Could Block 1070

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Cars, Man, Succumb to the Heat

Got a Question for the Speaker of the House?

Curio Confections Re-Opens Tomorrow

It Takes a Village to Run a Slog; or, Look at the Hot New Senator!

How Much Did Dino Rossi Earn for Those Real Estate Seminars?

Today in SCREAM!!!

Discovery Park Gains New Residents, Meadow

Where Have You Been All My Life, Garbage-Mouthed Fox Anchor?

Conlin Doesn't Want Transportation Decisions Made Before the Options Are Studied—Okay?

Kitchen Mysteries: Solved!

More Queer Youth Space?

Can You Guess Which Congressional Candidate Brought a Gun to The Stranger Offices Today?

It Looks Like We're Getting a Chihuly Museum

City Consultant Says "Unprecedented" Tunnel Width Creates High Risk, Says Soil Conditions "Can't Get Any Worse," and Warns Project Unlikely to Come In on Time or on Budget

The Same Old Song with Book and E-Book Sales

Muni League Tells You Who's Qualified for Office

Is Apple Going After Nintendo?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch!

You Thought Unemployment Insurance Was Being Extended Today?

In Order to Love, You Have to Lie

Josh the Bounty Hunter (Or: In Response to My Offer of a $33 Reward, Someone Gets Rossi on the Record About War Funding)

Why It's Probably Not a Good Idea to Masturbate

Lost and Found

I Hope You'll Come to Verse Chapter Verse on Monday, August 2nd

What Could Possibly Go Wrong....

Another Poll! To Drink or Not to Drink: Cheap Red Wine and Diet Coke

The Morning News: More Officers Charged in Post-Katrina Shootings, the Tea Party Is Racist, and BP Delays

The Morning News: Vatican Pretends to Get Tough on Touching, Arizona in Court, Twilight Exit Will Buy You Dinner to Quit Chase Bank, and 18th Century Ship Found Under WTC Site

Big Mario's Is Open

Currently Hanging: The Wide World of the Henry's Collection

Wind Machines: The Angels of Clean Energy

1933 Map of the Seattle Streetcar

Because Creative Dissent Is Really About Surprise

Trust But Verify

Study Video and Performance with Wynne Greenwood: Paraeducation Is the New Black

A Paradise Island of Garbage

iPhone 4: Reception is Perception

Newsflash: Racist Teabagger Says Racist Things

Star Wars Cereal?!? ME WANTEE!!

State Audit Finds City Botched Finance Reporting

Battle of the Bummer Songs!

State Knew Tunnel Bidder Wasn't Working on Project But Lied to City

Gay Marriage Legalized in Argentina

We Saw You—Even Though You Didn't Think Anyone Was Watching

Is Your Bullshit Detector in Proper Working Order?

Party at the Swedish Divers' Place—Free Champagne!

Dick Cheney's Heart

Feel Safer?

Mike Nipper and His Musical Time Machine Will Deejay Your Wedding For Free!

Shirtless Handsome Man Makes Great Case for Libraries

The Art of Frances Bean

The Morning News: Muslims, Earthquakes, and Money

Opening at Pun(c)tuation Tonight

Obama: "Stop blocking emergency relief for Americans who are out of work."

Tim Eyman, All Up in Your Ballot Once Again

Nice to See You, Part II: Christian Marclay

I Was Kinda Sick of Avatar Before It Was Over

All Roads Lead to Meat

How Africans Look When They Are Impressed and Not Impressed

Hey Everybody, the Deepwater Horizon Leak Is Stopped (for Now), So It's Totally Okay to Let Your Kids Play on the Beach Again!

City Council Misrepresents Its Role in Tunnel Contract

City Council Grills Police Chief John Diaz Tomorrow. (Again.)

Lunchtime Quickie: If Oksana Doesn't Kill Mel's Career, The Internet Will

The Limits Of Identity Politics

Income Tax Initiative Will Be on the Ballot

The Fastest Eater in the World Is Coming to Seattle Tomorrow

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva's Strange-Ass Music Video!!!

Forever 21 is Officially the Trashiest Store in the Mall

FunFaktz™: Scott Pilgrim Edition

Secretary of State Investigating Possible Fraud on Income Tax Initiative Signature Sheets

Dog People

Christian Activists Back to Fed Court Over R-71 Signatures

So How Do You Feel About Showering With Gay Men?

Guess Which Justin Bieber Fan Art Wm™ Steven Humphrey Drawed!!!

All About Eve

Patty Murray's First Commercial

Glenn Beckwatch: Jesus the Conqueror

The Risk of Uprecedented Engineering

SPD Responds to Target Practice in White Center

Overheard in the Office

Council May Chew Out Exhibit of People Jerky

In Praise of Famous Women (Artists): Tonight!

Free Bumper or Complete Refund offered for iPhone 4 Issue

The Morning News

A Profile in Courage

Yap Yap With the Mayor

The Streets of San Francisco

Books Are an Inbred Business

SL Letter of the Day: Haven't You Done Enough?

The Dirty Dozen One Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Four

City Draft Tunnel Agreement: Seattle "Cannot Be Held Responsible for Any or All Cost Overruns"

Will We Ever See New Work from Kafka?

Reading Tonight: A Whirlwind Tour

OMG! Justin Bieber Fan Art, Jewel, M.I.A., Kid Rock, Lil' Kim, and Ace of Base!!1!!!

Lunchtime Quickie: Japanese Razors, YAY-YAY-YAY!!

A Funny Thing I Never Knew about Morris Graves

Every Child Deserves (To Be Abducted By) a Mother and a Father

Beef Tacos: Eric Grandy Gets Accosted by a George Clooney Wanna-Be at the Fremont Taco Truck!!!

The Morning News: Everything You Need to Know About What Happened Yesterday

Condiment-Related Incidents!!!

Bellingham's Airport Is All That

'During a root canal, I wanted to watch the process with a mirror and was asked if I was either a scientist or an artist.'

Reading Today: Northwesterners Who Are Vegetarians, Rejoice!

Voter Registration Deadline

All Those Millions from the Mormon Church and This Is the Best the National Organization for Marriage Can Do?

Hot Tip from Someone Who Thought She Wanted to Be a Millionaire But Changed Her Mind

Sue, Shirley, Sue!

The Gods of Freeway Park

Due Date: Another Funny Thing with Zach Galifianakis!

Reading Tonight: Remember the Summer of Love?

Never Enough Pythons in Your Cheese Threads

A Very Important Question (Regarding Candy)

Christopher Frizzelle on Jason Biggs, the Absence of Lauren Ambrose, and the Grassroots Film Party at VitaminWater™ Social Club

SL Letter of the Day: Barely Conscious

Currently Hanging: Isaac Layman

The Insect (AND SPIDER!!) Clouds of Summer

BP Says No New Oil is Flowing into Gulf

Reading Today: Local Author Gets Book Deal, Celebrates With Reading

The World's Most Famous Feet

Pop Quiz: What Exactly Are You Looking At Here?

Go East

It Looks Like a Road Runner Cartoon...

Hulk Look Rumpled, Give Shy Smile, Make Ladies Go Wild!

Darwin's Daughter and Those Penis Mushrooms

The Ground of Sperm

Regarding Pepper Jack Cheese

A Dream About Cows

Poll: Two-Thirds of City Agrees With Mayor on Tunnel Costs; 58 Percent Want Public Vote

That Difficult Letter

Does Ancient History Say Mayor Can Block So-Called "Emergency" Laws?

Wall Street Reform Passes U.S. Senate

Re: A Funny Thing I Never Knew About Morris Graves

Morning News

Confidential to the Tween in Beard's Clothing Working in the Mayor's Office

Give It Up for the Corgi

Our Brand Is Fake Crisis Management

Who Do You Write Like?

A Star Wars Morning

O'Brien: 40 Percent Chance Tunnel Will Run Over Budget

Ross Hunter's War on Paper

Um... What?

Glenn Beckwatch: Is Glenn Beck Going Blind?

Currently Sticking: Destroyed Mariner Life


O'Brien Will Introduce Four Tunnel Amendments

Fools and Their Money

Louisiana Fishing Families: Now Eating Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Taco Bell

SL Letter of the Day: Dance, PWD, DANCE!

SL Letter of the Day: Do All Porn Viewers Eventually Wind Up Watching Kiddie Porn?

Whales and Produce and Sculpture

New Periodic Tables

Dare We Utter the "P" Word?

Amazon Kindles Are Selling Like Hotcakes

Nice to See You, Part I: Louise Bourgeois

Which Congressional Candidate Brought a Gun to The Stranger Yesterday? Let's Go to the Videotape.

Currently Hanging: Brad Adkins

"Amanda Knox reveals she cut her hair in ‘rebellion’ and finds it hard to accept ‘Meredith is dead’"

Top Secret America: Where to Send Your Resume

This Weekend: The Found Footage Festival Returns

Today in Stupid Comment Wrangling Ideas

Reading Tonight: There's Only One Reading You Need to Know About

The National Endowment for the Arts Is Going to Pay So You Can Bike the Earth Works!

Geek Week's Answer of the Week!

Reading Tonight: Going Local

SL Letter of the Day: Three Questions

Dino Rossi's Burmese Support

'Kurt' Tonight: How to Unlodge the Bullet After You Fail to Dodge It

Adding $20 to Your Car Tabs

Comic Book Movies Are a Bubble

Another Boat Chase

Tunnel's Bullshit "Emergency" Clause Is Dead

Lunchtime Quickie: When You Can't Afford a Babysitter...

Meanwhile in Argentina

Transit Leaders Chide Council for Freezing Budget

There Is No Street Art in Seattle

Lunchtime Quickie: Big Mario's New York Style Pizza

Top Secret America

City Council Bans Bodies

Paywalls Will Not Save Journalism

The Long Walk

Spider of the Day: Daddy Long-Legs

"What is the best geek album of all time?"

The Sharktopus Trailer: Eight Arms and a Killer Overbite

This Chart Has Appeared on 250,000,000 Other Blogs

The Stranger Has Requested the Tunnel's Draft Impact Statement

My Problem with the Tunnel

On the BookLiberator

Psychic Sea Monkeys

Mayor, Mother, Murderer, Dog Lover

Name This Band!: The Tough Shit Edition!

Who Said It?

The Morning News: All the Information You Need to Prepare for July 19, 2010

Currently Hanging: The Howard House Bunch

A Very Special "Savage Lovecast"

Wash That Man Right Out of Your Hair


Hornswaggled! By a Love for AC/DC

They Blow Up Buses, Don't They?

Regarding American Cheese

Don't Get Pregnant until 2014, Says Obama

Pair Bonding and Birds

Amazon and Choice


The Need, Bangs, C Average, Thrones

Vendela Vida


Jimmy John's Freaky Fast Sandwich Making and Eating Contest

'Pink Flamingos'

Lynne Woods Turner

'Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky'