Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 27 - Aug. 2, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 45

Savage Love

Blue-Collar Loser

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Sinner's Cinema

Local Shorts Don't Preach to the Converted

Local Service

The Politics of Small-Town Filmmaking

The Crimeless Victim

The World of Beauty as Received Through Five Senses

Arbeit Macht Frei

A Children's Film Espouses the Virtues of Labor

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Movie Times

This Week on TV


Metamusic vs. Biotech Beats

The Future of Hiphop

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Outside the Box

Charlie Hunter Lets Jazz Loose on the World

Up & Coming

Dear Seattle

By the Time You Read These Lines, I'll Be Gone

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All Ages Action


Holy Politics!

A Playwright Takes a Working Vacation


Not Much to Say about This Show...

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Visual Art

A Nice, Middle-Class Gangbanger

The Stranger Interview with Annabel Chong


Visual Arts Listings


American Master, Lite

With His New Novel, Denis Johnson Does What He's Never Done Before: Disappoints

Readings Listings

Food & Drink

White Center Breakfasts

Greasy Spoon Heaven



The Only Thing Worse Than a Disintegrating Tooth Is Having It Yanked by a Sliding-Scale Dentist

Chief Letdown

Public Shortchanged by Superficial Selection Process

Shelter Shock

Nordstrom Battles IRS to Maintain Tax Loopholes

Good Job, Bad Job

Disgruntled Employee Sues School District Over Racism and Retaliation

The Monorail Proposals

The Only Thing We've Ever Cared About: Part 13

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Police Beat

The Vicious Cycle

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

Culture Wars

It Was a Goddam Joke!

I Love Television

Bring Out Your Dead!

It's My Party

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It's All True

Celebrity Criminals