Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 22 - 28, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 46

Savage Love

Did I Ruin Your Life?

I, Anonymous

Thanks But No Thanks


Time to Stop Pretending

MGMT and the "Difficult" Second Album

Let's Intensify

!!! and the Liberating Politics of Dancing

Capitol Hill Block Party 2010

A Few Words About Every Single Band Playing This Year's Festival

Fucking in the Streets

It's a Hit

French House and Its Outliers

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Data Breaker

Beats Au Naturel at the Photosynthesis Fest

My Philosophy


Your Best All-Ages Options at Capitol Hill Block Party

Poster of the Week

Poster by John Vogl

The Homosexual Agenda

Square! and Inferno

Party Crasher

Butts and Ice Cream Trucks on a Sunny Day

Sound Check

Truckasauras: Half-Inch Tape and Dildos


Virginity Is Overrated

A High-Spirited Much Ado About Nothing

Two Girls, One Dress

A New Not-So-Solo Show by Ben DeLaCreme

Burlesque Box

Visual Art

Skulls, Sculptures, and Syringes

The Stuff the Henry's Been Keeping in the Dark


Black Boyfriend by Brad Adkins


I Think It's Me

A Personal History of Belinda Carlisle's Personal History

Farming Is So Gay

From Drag Queen to Gentleman Farmer in One Book

Constant Reader

Short Stories About Angels, Sea Cucumbers, and Hateful Botanists

Food & Drink

Fifty Bucks in Little Saigon

The Amazing Stuff You Can Afford at Your New Favorite Grocery Store

Bar Exam

Hello, Big Mario

The Happiest Hour


Chow Bio

Marta Vega of El Pilon


In Defense of the Columbia Center

A Positive View of a Troubled Building

Who's Behind Tim Eyman's Big New Tax Initiative?

A little company called BP. Yeah, that BP. Perhaps you're familiar with their work?


The State Is Lying About the Tunnel

And the Project Hasn't Even Started Yet

Tunnel Update!

An Abridged Guide to Everything You're Missing on Slog, The Stranger's 24-Hour Tunneling Blog

Aiming at an Activist Judge

The Biggest Race You've Never Heard Of— Featuring an Anti-Gay Justice and the Future of the State Supreme Court—Will Be Decided on August 17


Illustrated Comment of the Week

Drunk of the Week

What Do You Do?

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

My Rejected Mad Men Script


'A Commonplace Book of Pie'

The Twilight Exit

Summer Shuffle


Block Party!


The Greatest Hits and the Knast

'Much Ado About Nothing'

Last Days

The Week in Review


Formal Pet Photos

Poll: Most Would Reject City Council Members Who Approve Current Tunnel Contract

From the Mailbox

Reading Today: Try a Funny Book

State Study: Tunnel Would Put More Traffic on Downtown Streets Than Existing Viaduct, Risk Damaging Historic Buildings, Increase Carbon Emissions

Tron Sneakers: Condemn or Allow?

HUMP!'s Got a Brand New Website

Omitted Rossi: "I think we should"

Photographs in Public Places: What Are Your Rights?

The Kids Are All Right But The Adults Are All Doing It

A Brief and (ONLY SEMI-) Dramatized Transcript of the Conversation I Just Had with My Bank

Slog, Seattle's Only Beekeeping Blog

The Seattle City Council vs. The City of Seattle

Everything About Capitol Hill Block Party That You Ever Wanted to Think About!!!

Endless Battle of the Screaming Muscle-Men

Last Chance to Publicly Complain About Police Chief John Diaz

Reading Today: Live Music with Toy Instruments

The Morning News

Clip Art of the Day

A Headline That Might Get the GOP To Reconsider Its Opposition to Cap & Trade, Alternative Fuels, Large Federal Investments in Solar and Wind Power, Etc.

SL Letter of the Day: Always Be Disclosing

The Biggest Race You've Never Heard Of— Featuring an Anti-Gay Justice and the Future of the State Supreme Court—Will Be Decided on August 17

Black Leaders Protest Chief Diaz Appointment

Music to Listen to Whilst Losing Your Mind!

Feeling A Little Nostalgic...

A Sharrowing Conversation

The View From Here

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Kid(d)s!

Jon Stewart's Goatee

Murray Earmarks Three Million to Replace South Park Bridge

Required Viewing: Maddow Rips Fox News

If Ted Haggard Can Have a Church...

Not Sure What This Means Exactly...

Santorum May Be Running...

As Promised, Democrats Begin to Make Rossi Pay for Those Foreclosure Seminars

The National Organization for Marriage's Summer Tour Continues

Today in Local Quarterly Reports

The Symbolic Death of South Park

What We Should Do for Bikes in Seattle

Regarding Tom Hardy, My Boyfriend™

O'Brien's Advice on How to Opt Out of Phone Book Delivery

Obama Coming to Seattle to Help Murray

"Where in town has the best pupusas?"

The March of the Bedbugs

I've Always Wondered

RIP, Silver Lake Walking Man!

SPD Expands Public Services to Online Reporting

A Tale of Two Talks: Matt Browning and Isaac Layman

Making Rooms: Group Show at the OK Hotel, Zach Rockhill, and Tarkovsky's Stalker

Holy Cock-Gobblers, Popeman!

"You Are Not a LOLcat"

Afternoon Time-Killers: Flash Fiction Edition

Seattle Public Library Considers Raising Overdue Fees

Taylor Momsen Owns a Vibrator

Brostitute: The Mockumentary

Amazing Art I Saw on My Vacation: Pt. 1

The Morning News: With No Added Sweeteners

Meet the Convicted Rape-by-Deceptionist

This Should Take the Heat Off Molly Norris

Mariners. . . just pitiful

Headline of the Day

People Hate Me on Slog

State's Impact Study on the Tunnel

Meet the Gay and Lesbian Couples Who Are Suing the State of Montana


The Happening at Seven: Charles Mudede & Leonard Schwartz on Hegel

LIVE: Council Chambers Packed for Tunnel Meeting

Reading Tonight: The Author Named King from Maine

Yank Eyman's Johnson

Ken Hutcherson Goes Crazy in a Whole New Way!

Here Comes Foreskin Man

In Case You Were Wondering What Mosquito Hawks Eat

Top Ten and Counting!

Is A Party Bus A Sovereign Nation?

When Critics Knew How to Criticize (Part One in a Series)

How a Great Writer Reads

RIP George the Roving Cat of Broadway

Atlas Shrugged Adaptation Full of Compromises

Palin Tries to "Moneyblast" Didier

The Food at the Elliott Bay Books Cafe Cafe is Consistently Excellent

Crazed Pro-Life Democrat Ejected From Mayoral Debate For Bringing a Date

Council May Attempt to Foil Public Vote on Tunnel

We Have Free Tickets For You!

Currently Magnetizing: Nola Avienne

Black News Consumers Have Exposed Themselves, Over and Over Again, as Having a Deep-Seated Hatred of White People, Or the White Culture

Computer Animation I Can Get Behind

Edmonds Church Leaders Fail To Report Abuse

Yesterday On The Vegas Strip

How Is Terry Radjaw of the Infamous Mad Rad Preparing For His Upcoming Performance at Block Party?

One Way to Become an Archbishop

SL Letter of the Day: First Timer

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Local Farmers Markets

Reading Tonight: Finally Got a Piece of the Pie

Dan Choi Was Officially Discharged Today

No Homo Cupcakes

More Block Party Logistics!

The City Attorney's Weekend

I'll Bring This Up at My Next Meeting With Mr. Keck

Have You Ever Wanted to See a Police Officer Jump Rope?

Is the City Council Plotting to Rebuild the Viaduct?

Pabst Blue Ribbon: In China, It's as Expensive as Unicorn Blood

A Creepy Interlude: Numbers Stations and Wooing the Sun

Drive Like an Eagle

LIVE: The Council's New Plan on the Tunnel: Delay Contract, Block Referendum

Bumper Sticker of the Weekend

O'Reilly to Obama: Stop Enforcing DADT

This Feels Like the Beginning of a Beautiful Anonymous Friendship

"Take care of THIS."

Council Press Conference on Tunnel

When Critics Knew How to Criticize (For Chicago Fan)

Longer Rossi: Repeal Health Care Reform and Financial Reform, and Replace Them With... ???

The Tea Party Goes Legit

Reading Tonight: Video Games Don't Suck

This Guy Has Been Sitting Across the Street All Day

Word of the Day—See If You Can Spot It!

Evangelical Preacher Cheating On His Wife With Another Evangelical Preacher

Look Out for That Pervy Inspirational Book!

Apple Removes Erotica from iBookstore Bestseller Charts

How Does That Work Exactly?

Inside the Entourage

$98 Million Pledged to Replace South Park Bridge

Locksmithery Fail

More to Eat on the Street

A Major Santorum Leak

Besides the Fact That She Is a Sexless Robot Only Capable of Simulating Weirdness

In Case You're Into Bad TV

Amazing Art I Saw on My Vacation: Pt. 2

Today in Bad Tattoos: Patriotic Illiteracy Edition

The Morning News: The Internet Has Revealed the Secrets of the Afghanistan War

The Council's Tunnel Flip-Flop

Mayor's Press Conference

Sarah Palin in a Taiwanese CGI Nutshell

Dear Reporter: You're Off the Skateboarding Beat

Don't Even Step to Hank Today, You Guys.

Follow The Long Walk!

SL Letter of the Day: Enjoy

Vitaminwater ≠ Vitamins + Water

BP's New CEO Is An American

The Morning News: Money, Racism, and Turbulence

Guess Where This Picture Is From

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Block Party and a Few Other Stuff!!!!

Daniel Schorr

Religion For Dummies

When Freedom of Religion Is Child Abuse

US Senate Candidate Alvin Green: The Plot Thickens....with Rap!

The Morning News: Banning Houseboats and Bullfighting; Exploring Our Nuanced Relationship with Pakistan

SL Letter of the Day: A Thank You Note

Do You Know What to Do If a Bear Attacks?

Why Didn't Anyone Think of That Before?

That Janis Joplin Biopic Is Finally Getting Made

Currently Hanging: Ryohei Tanaka

NOM's Final Solution

Vote For Your Favorite Capitol Hill Block Party Photo

Should Mel Gibson Be Allowed to Exist? Gawker Says: NO! EXTERMINATE HIM!

What the Devil Is This Place?

SL Letter of the Day: In a Word...

Today in Perhaps Too Adorable Bicycles

Looking for Something To Do Before Heading To the Block Party Today?

Today in !!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody Want To Dig Into This?

Meanwhile at Boylston and Mercer

The Injustices of Justice Jim Johnson

Big Mario's Is Good

New Google Image Search Reveals Inside of Humpy's Brain

Commenter Ben on Why Huge Banks Suck

Off Target

How Washington's 3rd Congressional District Fits Into the Democratic Plan to Hold the House

Adrian Piper's "Funk Lessons"

Amazon and Facebook, Up in a Tree

Poll: McGinn's Popularity Is Rising

Right Now in Things

Reading Tonight: It's a Mystery

Africans Thinking About Human Bipedlalism

A Not-Totally-Unified Council

Re: A Headline That Might Get the GOP To Reconsider Its Opposition to Cap & Trade, Etc.

I Love Jesus

Faulkner Explains It All

When Creativity and Sustainability Are "Creativity" and "Sustainability"

How to Get a "Scoop"

Moths Are Disgusting and Creepy

Reading Tonight: Local as You Wanna Be

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

Tear Down the Viaduct Now

The Leash Of Love

Federal Judge to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Your Ugly, Hateful State May Not Deny Equal Benefits to Gay State Employees

Trouble in Georgetown

On Pride, Gay Trash, and the Hands That Make the Beads

Flickr Photo of the Day

Today in Top Secret America: Top Secret Neighborhoods

Your Fondest Wish Is About to Be Realized

The State of Wisconsin: NOT Freedom of Speech's Bitch

Are You Going to the Capitol Hill Block Party?

A Consequence of the Universe's Godlessness

AG McKenna Doesn't Clear Up Tunnel Cost Overrun Debate

Shorter Rossi: Repeal Health Care Reform and Financial Reform

Hungary the Holocaust Holdout?

Quiz of the Morning: What Is Senior Day at Columbia Center?

No He Di'in't

Understatement of the Year Nominee

The Morning News: Congress Tries to Shoot the Messenger, BP Claims to Have a Conscience, and More

Some Ideas for Greening the Gay Pride Parade

Making Whoopie Pies

The Morning News

What Did Chopp Say About the Governor and the Tunnel Overrun Amendment?

Debunking E-Book Myths

Re: Charles Mudede Makes an Incomprehensible Post About Drinking at Block Party!!!

Mariners v. White Sox

9/11 Truthers Hate on WikiLeaks Founder

Should the Filibuster Die?

Who's Backing Tim Eyman's New Initiative?

I Can't Believe It's Taken This Long to Launch an iPad-Only Magazine

Week in Review

The Hidden Valley of Flavor Country

You Can Legally Unlock Your Phones

Madame K's in Ballard Will Close in October

Because We Are: Best Gay Art Show in Forever?

Urban Farming 101

The E-Book Fight Is Getting Messy

Charles Mudede Makes an Incomprehensible Post About Drinking at Block Party!!!

BP Using Prison Labor to Clean Up Beaches

What Makes A Great Stranger Cover, Or the Power of Context

For Those Who Live To See the Year 2181

White House Apologizes to Shirley Sherrod

Street Debris About Space Debris

How Many Traditional Marriages Were Saved or Strengthened When This Man Lost The Love of His Life and Then His Home?

Some Fags Like Faggy Guys

More News From a Godless Universe

Is It Just Me or Is There Something Very Goofy about the Stage Show for Jack White's Other Other Band?

Tuesday Afternoon Bear Blast!

"Animals Present" at the Swinery

State Considered Injunction to Block Release of Tunnel Study

Local Authors Will Write A Live Novel in October

Yesterday at Comic-Con: Superman Loves Fags, Helen Mirren's Got a Nice Set of Pekars, and More

Morning News

You Can Buy Books for Cheap in South Lake Union

The City Council Is Lying to You, Seattle

Ballots Are Being Mailed This Week

I Just Ate 24 Whoopie Pies

Just When You Thought You Couldn't Love Alan Grayson Any More...

New Things to Know About Block Party Logistics!!!

That Rape-By-Deception Case...

Don't Visit Beautiful Palm Springs (Until They Drop The Charges)

Mayor: Council Trying to Block Public Tunnel Vote

Who Should Dorsol Plants Run Against?

Cupcock Block